06 : Eunwoo

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After the game, I was surprised to see Mina running towards me. I was petrified for a moment. It feels like Medusa looked at me and I became a stone.

She hugged me and kissed me on my cheek. She wrapped her hands around my neck and played with my left ear.

"You did well, baby." She answered and kissed my nose. I told her about the thing yesterday night. I told myself.

"D-Didn't you remember the thing that I told you last night?" She crossed her eyebrows.

"What thing?" She asked. "Maybe I was already asleep when you're talking. I'm sorry if I slept on you." She then played with my hair and I know what does that mean.

I hugged her. Good thing that she fell asleep at that time. "I love you, Mina."

"I love you, too, Jimin." She replied. "I'll come over tonight."

"My parents are leaving tonight. They have a business thing to do abroad." I told her and smirked. She gently slapped my cheek.

"Pervert." She whispered, but I totally heard it.

"Shouldn't you give me a price because my team won and I'm the MVP?" I tried to act cute infront of her. "Please." I gave her a peck on her lips. The other people started exiting the court and it was only me and Mina were left inside.

"Dahyun asked me about the hickey on my collar bone earlier." That name hurts my ear. I don't want to offend Dahyun, but her name really hurts my ear. She's the reason why I have to break up with Mina.

"What are you trying to say?" I asked her and held her waist, down to her sexy ass.

"Do you want to add another one?"

"Why not?" I kissed her for about five seconds. "C'mon." We started walking towards the locker room. I have no change my clothes and feel fresh anyway. I told her to wait for me in our classroom. The classes are dismissed anyway.



Eunwoo placed his head on my shoulder. Maybe he's getting sleepy because I can hear his cute little snore.

"You two are perfect." Chaeng said, whispering.

"Everybody says that." I said laughingly. "But we're not really dating. We're just friends."

"Friends? Your hands are interlocked and you two are so sweet!" She said. "Right, Somi?"

"Yeah," Somi answered. "It looks like the two of you are more than friends."

"Friends can't date each other." I told them. Eunwoo's head is falling on my shoulder, so I decided to go home.

"Do you want to go home?" I asked him and played his cheek. He hummed a yes, almost moaning because he's really sleepy. I faced the two. "He wants to go home already. I'm sorry, guys."

"We understand. Atleast I get to see you again, best friend." I helped Eunwoo stand up.

"Can you manage?" I asked him and he nodded. I took his hand and put it around my shoulder--in case he falls.

I bid my good bye to the two and we exited the restaurant. I was waiting in the bus stop and it started raining. We hardly can see a bus that goes in our destination. We were waiting when a car stopped infront of us. The window rolled down and it was Mina who was sitting on the passenger's seat.

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