The Proposal; rockjin by taespoonofsuga
The Proposal; rockjinby ASTRO? YES.
"Why are you naked?!" "Why are you wet!" Or where Jinwoo blackmails Minhyuk into marrying him. __ I do not own The Proposal. Started: 08/03/18 Ended:...
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PRINCE & PRINCE || binwoo by adorejunnie
2 boys needed to find a girl at the same party , but what happens if they find each other ? December 14 2017 -January 25 2018
  • binu
  • eunwoo
  • chaeunwoo
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runaway love / cha eunwoo astro by imrainebow
runaway love / cha eunwoo astroby de'light
In which Cha Eunwoo has to make Lee Eunbi fall in love with him, all over again. ASTRO Fanfiction; Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO), Lee Eunbi (OC) Date published: 12/09/17 Date compl...
  • jacob
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Closer » MoonBin - Astro [✔] by hyunjinicole
Closer » MoonBin - Astro [✔]by { hiatus }
This is my first story :) Bear(lol) with me on this ? Edit: omg my first story that is so cringy ashdkddkkffkkkdkkd. It was an experiment/improvement book to help me. I...
  • astromoonbin
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ASTRO Imagines (Complete) by jeon_hookie
ASTRO Imagines (Complete)by :)
This is just an ASTRO imagine book! Hope you enjoy this imagine book of our wonderful ASTRO boys!
  • jinjin
  • rocky
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Earphone ||  Astro Eunwoo by sanhabooty
Earphone || Astro Eunwooby polaris
"in which a cold guy bumped into a girl wearing earphones" ||chaeunwoo|| [ ] on going [✅] completed [✅] edited started - 30.12.16 ended - 29.4.17 -ayna✔️
  • lee
  • romance
  • astro
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Heartbeat ♡ Cha Eunwoo by scaredofsnakeuuu365
Heartbeat ♡ Cha Eunwooby Inseongs_ForeignRamen
"i wished i was given a moment to make my heart beat one more time just to see you smile at me the way you smile at her" Cha Eunwoo [ Astro ]
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PLAYBOY ➳ BINU.AU by lonelystarlights
PLAYBOY ➳ BINU.AUby escape
[COMPLETED] ... "It's sad that you have more dicc in your personality than in your pants." "You are what you eat." ...... In which the playboy, Eunwo...
  • moonbin
  • eunbin
  • eunwoo
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•Truth Or Dare• Binwoo || Astro by ChAhnyeoliee_Exo
•Truth Or Dare• Binwoo || Astroby •Jeon Yoongi•
"Truth or Dare.." "dare" "I dare you to.." --- It was supposed to be a Game. --- Cover Credit: Pandan05 My love for Binwoo made me create...
  • truth
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Astro's Princess | ASTRO 7th Member by tylergorawrz
Astro's Princess | ASTRO 7th Memberby | T Y |
Sae is Astro's only female member. In a group of playful boys, she fits right in with her own playful and innocent personality. Add in her "undeniable beauty"...
  • rocky
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Bittersweet 《A Cha Eunwoo Short Story》 by eggeutart
Bittersweet 《A Cha Eunwoo Short eggeutart
A boy moves next door and into my heart.
  • kpop
  • chaeunwoo
  • eunwoo
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La Vie en Rosé by Voustmevoyes
La Vie en Roséby voustmevoyes
Baca aja guys siapa tau ketagihan ... #nonbaku
  • krystal
  • yoona
  • seulgi
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Sleepovers||Astro X Reader|| A Smut Book by SweetSanha
Sleepovers||Astro X Reader|| A ASTRO
You've been friends with San Ha, Dongmin, Minhyuk, Jinwoo, Bin, and Myungjun for as long as you could remember. Every Friday, you all would head over to Myungjun's place...
  • jinwoo
  • rocky
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Trust Me I Will Never Let You Go (Binwoo) by astroarohaz
Trust Me I Will Never Let You Go ( 💖💖💖
In which eunwoo and moonbin meet by chance..and became friends...they fall for each other,they can't stay without each other but what will happen when moonbin left eunwo...
  • wattys2018
  • boyxboy
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Always You by hyuunun
Always Youby Trouble Maker
  • romance
  • moonbin
  • gay
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Official Astro Imagines[Requests Closed] by ChAhnyeoliee_Exo
Official Astro Imagines[Requests •Jeon Yoongi•
'....Wanna Be Your Star..'-ASTRO Cover by: @pandan05 Want a world full of imaginations? Add the story to your library and then Read. [If you are an Anti-Fan, Do Not, I...
  • rocky
  • astro
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Make you Smile (A Cha Eunwoo Fanfiction) by Kcolored
Make you Smile (A Cha Eunwoo Rocky’s
When I felt the finger touch my shoulder I jumped two feet and swung my arm around, striking the person in the face. "Ow!" He let out a yelp of pain and I cov...
  • kpop
  • chaeunwoo
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At Last,Together | MYG [SEQUEL] ⭕️  by shadow_pupx
At Last,Together | MYG [SEQUEL] ⭕️ by -egreya.exe
[THIS IS THE SEQUEL FOR "SUGAR DADDY"] Mina's ex-boyfriend is back,and her parents are too. What's in store for Yoongi and Mina as they prepare for their wedd...
  • together
  • minyoongi
  • jimin
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Astro Reactions, Preferences, and Imagines by Honeycomb_7
Astro Reactions, Preferences, Honey
Just a bunch of reactions and imagines I've made. ^^ REQUESTS ARE ALWAYS OPEN !!! temporarily on a hiatus !!!
  • oneshots
  • moonbin
  • imagines
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ASTRO Imagines by TonkineseKitty
ASTRO Imaginesby Jeddah Kokoro
I'm a lame person but I will do my best to give you satisfying Imagines about ASTRO. Thank you~
  • moonbin
  • sanha
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