53 : Seokjin & Mina

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Dad hired some stylists and made me wear this black dress. I don't know what is this dress called, but I think it costs so much money. It also smells expensive, tho. I noticed that they always make me wear black dresses during formal events. There are other colors, but why black?

"You look elegant with that black dress, Dahyunie." Namjoon oppa suddenly entered. I smiled at him and stood up from my dresser. He's also looking dashing wearing that black suit. "Eunwoo will surely like how you dressed tonight."

"He's got Doyeon, oppa." I giggled and he chuckled in reply. He walked towards me and just stared at me.

"He still likes you, tho." I half-smiled and asked him if we're going to go already. The dinner is at 7 PM and it's already 6:30 PM. I'm certain that it's traffic already since a lot of workers started going home at this kind of hour. "Yeah, but we can just take our time."

"Where's Taehyung oppa?" I asked as we both stepped out of my room. We went downstairs.

"He already left. Jin is at the hotel and dad said that the guests are coming." He explained. We heard a car's engine outside our house, so we both decided to get going. That's the family driver, I guess.

Once finished, we went outside the house and saw the driver waiting at the car's door. Actually, it's not just a car. It's a freaking luxurious kind of car that I've been seeing in movies and dramas. I never knew that I will be riding one right now.

"After you," Namjoon oppa said, so I smiled at him as a "thanks" and hopped in. He hopped in as well and we're on our way to dad's hotel right now.


It's already 7:15 PM and we're stuck on traffic. We're still 5 kilometers away from the hotel and dad will surely be disappointed if we're late at the celebration. This is very important for the family since Jin oppa is turning 22.

"How's Jimin? You visited him the other day, right?" I nodded and pouted. I wish Jimin could be right now, but 5 years is fast. I can wait for him.

"He's got some bruises around his face because he gets into a lot of fights recently, but if you're talking about our relationship, we're okay." I answered without pausing. I sighed. I really want Jimin to be by my side tonight. I bet he will be the most handsome of all if he'd come with me tonight and I will be the luckiest girl alive for having him in my life.

I suddenly wondered why Namjoon oppa isn't liking anyone. I have never heard something about his love life, so out of curiousity, I asked him:

"Oppa, what's with your love life?"

He chuckled and scratched his nape which made him extremely adorable and handsome at the same time. "My love life? Uhm, I had one, but it ended so soon."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I'm sure you know Chaeyoung."

"Of course, she's my best friend." I replied, nodding repeatedly.

"We had a secret relationship before, but we got caught and so, we had to remain as friends until now although there are times that it's still awkward between the two of us." I am shocked of what he confessed. I never knew that Chaeyoung had a boyfriend before. We're like so close to each other and I didn't know that she had a boyfriend and it's my brother! "After that, I just waited for the time to come that dad will introduce me to the one that I'm arranged with."

"Fixed marriage is such a big dilemma for two people." I sighed and he nodded in agreement.

"But Tae is still so hard-headed when it comes to those especially to Sana. Jin is actually liking Mina already." What? Jin oppa likes Mina? I'm surprised. Jin oppa likes Mina and it means that Mina could be really my sister-in-law. "Oh, we're here." I didn't notice that we're infront of the hotel already.

The drive opened the car's door for us and Joon oppa was the one who hoped out first, so he can escort me on our way to the grand hall.

He offered his hand, so I smilingly took it and we both headed to the venue. An employee welcomed us and lead us to the place. Once we reached the hall, we both thanked him and Joon oppa gave him some tip. Some tip--₩30,000.

"Wow." I whispered. Joon oppa smiled at him and he fled. We both knocked on the door and it opened from the inside. We saw all of the guests sitting on the long table and dad is in the middle. I guess we're the only people that is late for this event.

"We're sorry for being late." Namjoon oppa and offered me a seat beside Eunwoo. "It's kind of traffic outside."

"It's alright. Let's start the dinner." Dad smiled at the two of us, so we both sat down on our seats and the waiters started serving food infront of us. The place is really quiet because no one dared to talk. I guess it's somewhat awkward for some kids.

I noticed Doyeon sitting beside Eunwoo, so I smiled and waved at her a little and she did the same when she saw me.

"You look so pretty." Eunwoo whispered to me. 

I giggled, "Thanks, but Doyeon would like to hear something like that as well." He pouted and sat properly. Wow, is it just me or he doesn't like Doyeon? Why is Doyeon here anyway?

"I told Eunwoo to bring a date." Namjoon oppa whispered to me as if he just heard what was I saying inside my head.

A conversation between the elderly started, so us, kids, started talking to each other as well. The conversation is between me, Eunwoo, Doyeon, Mina and Tzuyu. I don't know who Tzuyu is, but I guess it's Tae oppa's date for tonight.

"Ah, I would like to present to you my sons and daughter, Kim Taehyung," dad suddenly said, so Tae oppa stood up and bowed formally to each of the families on the table. "Kim Namjoon," Namjoon oppa did the same. "And the birthday celebrant, Kim Seokjin." Jin oppa smiled as he bowed deeply to the elderlies. "Also, this is my beautiful daughter, Kim Dahyun." I smiled and did what my brothers did.

"You have such a wonderful family, Mr. Kim." A woman, ranging from 45-50 years old and looks a lot like Mina, complemented dad. They shared a laugh and the others started introducing their children as well.

"Who will inherit your business, Mr. Kim?" Mr. Cha asked.

"I will give them all of my properties once I leave this world and I have written that on my last will already." Dad answered and drank his wine.

"Don't say that, uncle. You will live a long life." Tzuyu unnie said which made the others agree except for Tae oppa. It seems like he's uninterested of her.

"Anyway, let's start giving our messages to our son before the cake is served." We nodded and dad started giving out his message. It's a long message, telling Jin oppa that he's grateful for having such a talented, hardworking and kind son like him. He gave him a few advices just like other dads would tell their sons.

Jin oppa sniffed and wiped his tears, "Thanks, dad." Dad smiled at him and the message-giving goes on and on until it reached Mina. I am curious of what she'll say, so I lend my ears.

"Happy birthday, Jin." She half-smiled. "Thank you for showing me your personality. Thank you for the things you've done for me. For a short span of time, you've already shown me who you are. Thank you for the kindness you've done for me. Happy birthday." She said and handed him his gift, but Jin oppa didn't take it. He stood up and walked towards her, which made us all anticipate what he's going to do.

They stared at each other and Jin oppa held her chin. Our eyes widened once their lips touched. Our parents started cheering for the two and that made Mina blush.


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