21 : Hansol

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After three days of dating Hansol, Dahyun felt comfortable with his company. She's being cuddly towards Hansol--just like when she was dating Eunwoo before. It was her real personality. She's a cuddly and a person who likes hugs, so her actions, for her, doesn't mean anything.

Well, for Hansol, it has. He thinks he's doing a great job on making Dahyun fall for him.

The difference about Eunwoo and Hansol is that, Eunwoo is a bit awkward when Dahyun does something sweet to him, while Hansol feels very comfortable.

Whenever they go out, Hansol feels like Dahyun likes him back because of her gestures. Dahyun would sometimes pinch his cheeks and Hansol would pinch her nose back. People think that they're in a relationship because they are so sweet. They could be considered as the perfect couple.

Hansol doesn't know that she likes Jimin. He doesn't know that she have feelings for another man, and if he ever finds out, he will be devastated. He has been in relationships before, but what he feels for Dahyun is something more. It's not just a like. He thinks that he loves her already. Especially now because of how she acts.

It's a typical Saturday for Dahyun. She stayed inside her room to finish her homeworks, but her phone rang. Hansol is calling her.

"What's up?" She answered while calculating the answer for her Math assignment.

"Hey, Dubu." He thought of a nickname for her. He called her dubu, which is tofu in English, because of her white skin. She's the palest person he ever met. "Are you busy?"

"Kind of." She put her pen down and focused on talking with him. "Why?"

"Can I come over?" He asked, hoping that Dahyun would say yes. He seeks for her. He wants to see her. That is what he's feeling whenever he's not around her. "Is it okay for you?"

She hummed a yes, "Okay."

"Okay, then. I'll be seeing you in 10 minutes." Dahyun hung up and returned to answering her homeworks.

It was a 10 minute walk from Hansol's house to Dahyun's house. They live in the same neighborhood and so as Eunwoo, Mina and Jimin. It was like they are all destined to meet each other.

Dahyun opened the door for Hansol. He brought a bouquet of roses for her and she gladly took it.

"Come." Dahyun held his wrist and his heart skipped a beat. He was brought by Dahyun towards her room while his three brothers are staring at her. It was the first time that she brought a man inside her room and Hansol should be honored.

He noticed the workload on Dahyun's desk, so he felt guilty. He feels like he distraught Dahyun. She made him sat on her couch while she's getting a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for him.

"I'm sorry, this is the only food inside my room." Dahyun said shyly while putting it on the center table. Hansol found it cute. "I'll be back. I'll just finish my homeworks--"

"I'll help you." Hansol stood up and scratched his nape. "It's the only thing I could do for you since it looks like I disturbed you from studying."

Dahyun smacked his forehead gently, "No need, Mr. Perfect." She chuckled, but Hansol pouted. He did aegyo infront of her and it's very irresistable. She couldn't help it, but to agree on what he said.

She pinched her cheek, "Okay." Hansol smiled and hugged her. Dahyun hugged him back and started tickling him. Hansol laughed and laughed, to the point that Dahyun caught him off guard while she's tickling him.

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