27 : Hansol

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Dahyun noticed how silent Mina is during classes. Though she wanted to talk to her and apologize, she knows that she will not be forgiven this time. She thought she damaged Mina so bad and that damage isn't easy to repair, so she decided to stay silent on her seat. Eunwoo, on the other hand, has been constantly checking on both girls. He noticed how Dahyun look at Mina from time to time and how swollen Mina's eyes are.

He sighed and shook his head.

If Jimin just told the truth to his parents and to Mina early, maybe none of this would happen. If Jimin didn't join that illegal drug trading group, he won't be in jail. If Jimin's family not included in the deal, maybe he and Mina would still be together. How cruel life is for Jimin? Eunwoo pitied Jimin just by thinking of how cruel Jimin's destiny is.

Dahyun wanted to tell Mina that she'll visit Jimin in jail for tonight, but Mina might just breakdown or start a war between them.

Their lecturer entered the room with bad news. "Class," she paused and looked around. Her eyes were locked on Mina, but she didn't bother on asking her anymore. "Mr. Park Jimin won't be able to continue to go here because of some confidential reasons." Whispers can be heard all around the room.

Jimin's family kept their son's imprisonment as a secret. They're ashamed to have a criminal inside their family. For them, he's a disgrace.

At this moment, Dahyun's family and Eunwoo are the only ones that cares for him. Mina worries about his condition, too, but she's too mad at Jimin for lying.

Lunch went by and Dahyun invited Eunwoo to join her for lunch. They took a quick glance at Mina first before going. The atmosphere between the two are uncomortable. They're both hesitating if they should talk to one another.

They sat down on a table for two and Eunwoo, as a kind friend and a living chivalry, ordered food for the both of them. They were not talking. It's too awkward for them.

Hansol entered the school canteen and looked for Dahyun. He wanted to invite her for lunch and he's hoping that after exposing Jimin, it will change her perspective towards him--which, unfortunately, didn't happen.

He found Dahyun and so, he walked towards their table with a wide grin on his face and confidence on his entire body. What a shameless man.

"Hey, Dahyun," he greeted her and sat beside her without asking her permission. Eunwoo sighed and rolled his eyes. He found it rude. "Let's go out." He invited.

"Thanks, but no thanks, Hansol." She half-smiled and ignored him.

"C'mon, your grandpa's bodyguard is spying on us--"

"Didn't your parents tell you that they called the deal off?" She cut him. Hansol seemed confused from what he heard. Dahyun sighed once more, "I'm sorry, Hansol, but I can just treat you as a friend. If you want to eat, you can freely join me and Eunwoo, but if you want to date me, I would have to reject your offer. I'm sorry."

Eunwoo smirked sneakily. Burn, Hansol. Burn. He said.

Hansol was left dumbfounded. He was rejected frankly and it seems like he was embarrassed.

"Eunwoo, let's go." Dahyun and Eunwoo stood up and walked away from him, but Hansol stood up and yelled:

"You like Jimin, don't you?!"

It made almost all of the students stop from eating. They all looked at Hansol whose finger is pointed towards Dahyun's direction. Unfortunately, Mina was there too, eating with some of her friends.

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