60 : Jimin

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Five years later...

"Congratulations~ Congratulations~" my brothers sang after I went down from the stage. They hugged me and messed my hair. Wow, I can't believe that I finally graduated college! I feel so old now because I'm already 23 years old. Oh my god.

"Thank you so much, oppas!" I hugged all of them. They smiled before me. "Wait, where's dad?" I asked.

"Oh, he's at the company--"

"Did I miss my daughter's graduation?"

"Dad!" I ran into dad's arms when he showed up. We embraced each other very tightly. "I thought you'll pass this celebration!"

"I wouldn't ever do that to my one and only daughter." He cupped my cheeks and I showed him my eyesmile. He then pinched my cheeks. "I'm sorry for being late. I fixed something at the company."

"More important than me?"

"It's your future, dear. I assured you a position in our company already." My mouth went 'O' after hearing what dad said. I feel so excited to work! "Company secretary and I got you the best bodyguard as well."

"Wow, really?" He smiled and let my face go. It means that I'll be serving at our family's company as a secretary and I've got a personal bodyguard already. I'll be working with my brothers! Finally! "When will I start?"

"You can start by Monday. I'll let you rest for a few days, but we'll still hold an interview for you." I nodded and hugged him again. I thanked him for giving me such a nice and grand graduation gift.

"Where do you want to eat, Dahyun?" Tae oppa asked, grinning. I started thinking where should we go and eat. I can't think of any good restaurants since my family took me to all of the restaurants here.

"Let's just eat at home. I had the maids prepare some food." Dad suggested. We nodded and went home, but I suddenly remembered that this is a very special day.

Other than my graduation, today is the day where Jimin will go out from jail.

"Dad, let's make a U-turn. I have to see Jimin." I told him.

"Is today the day?" He asked, so I nodded. "Mr. Ahn, please make a U-turn." He told the driver. My heart is thumping, pumping, beating, pounding really fast! I'm so nervous and excited at the same time. I didn't know that five years will be just this fast.

We stopped at the court because Jimin is there, waiting for us. He told me yesterday to wait at the court after the judgement. He said that he'll be waiting here.

"Want us to go with you?" Tae oppa asked. I faced him and shook my head. He grinned and they watched me go.

My whole body is shaking. I will finally see him. I can finally hug him. I can finally kiss him. I can finally be with him. I can finally marry him. I've waited five years for this.

I entered the courtroom, but my shoulders fell when I saw nothing except for the janitor that is cleaning up. "Jimin," I called for him, but no one's responding. "Jimin!" I called out with a louder voice.

"Miss," I glanced at the janitor who stopped mopping the floor. "Everybody left already. The jurisdiction just finished an hour ago."

"An hour ago?" He nodded. "O-Okay, thank you." I stepped out of the courtroom with a blank mind. I don't know what's happening. I am completely zoned out right now. What just happened? Did he leave me? No, not at my graduation day. I don't want to think that he left me, but I can't help thinking of it. What if he really did, right?

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