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It's Tuesday today and classes were cut off due to the teachers' emergency meeting. Eunwoo and I have not talked yet. It's kind of awkward when we go out for lunch together. Though we want to go separately, we can't because my grandpa's bodyguard is secretly guarding me and him. He's probably making sure that we're dating each other.

But I was thinking why Jimin didn't go to school today. Yesterday, Mina told me that Jimin has to go to an urgent family meeting and he has to leave for lunch. That was kind of rude, though.

Eunwoo brought me to our house. I heard him sigh. I was about to get out of the car when he locked the car's doors. I faced him, "Open the door, Eunwoo."

He looked away and clenched his jaw, "I'm sorry for how I acted, Dahyun." He then looked at me and held my hand. "Honestly, I didn't want you to invite Hansol over--"

"You should've told me that, Eunwoo. It made you upset, as well." I lowered my head and sighed. "I'm sorry, too."

"Maybe we both faulted." He gave a me a half-smile and unlocked the car's door. "Friends?"

"Friends." I hugged him before hopping off. I waved my hand and closed the door. The guard opened the gates for me and I entered the house.

"You're home early." Joon oppa said and smiled.

"Classes were cut." I answered and noticed that he's still wearing his pajamas. It's already 1 PM, tho. "Are you not going to classes, oppa?"

"My next class is at 3 PM." He smiled and hugged me. "You're not the usual Dahyun." He held both of my shoulders. "Did something bad happen?" I shook my head. I honestly don't know why I'm not that hyped up this day. Maybe because I didn't get to see Jimin and Eunwoo and I are not really in good terms.

Usually, when I see Jimin inside the class, I get hyped up. Whenever I see him, I automatically smile and I feel like my day is already complete.

"I want to go to the sea." I said involuntarily. Joon oppa's brow raised from what I said. He must think that I am crazy for saying that. "Not here in Seoul."


"I just want to get out of Seoul." I answered and gave him a smile. "Never mind what I said, oppa."

"Taehyung!" Joon oppa suddenly called Tae oppa who is folding his shirt dress' sleeves.

"What?" Tae oppa glanced at me for 0.1 seconds and then looked at Joon oppa with his eyebrows crossed.

"You're going out of Seoul, right?" Tae oppa nodded and Joon oppa suddenly pulled me towards him and placed his hand on my shoulder. "Let Dahyun come with you." Tae oppa didn't say anything. I felt very scared. "She wants to see the sea."

"Okay." He said and put his coat on. Joon oppa gave me a thumbs up and patted my back.

"Be good, Dahyun-ssi." He said. I felt unsure of his decision. Tae oppa and I are not really that close, so I think it's gonna be awkward for the both of us.

Joon oppa took his wallet out and gave me ₩100,000.

"This is too much, oppa." I told him with eyes wide open. I'm shocked because the money that he gave me is really big. That's like my monthly allowance already when I was living by myself before.

"Speed up." I looked at Tae oppa who is already in the doorway. I bid my goodbye to Joon oppa and followed Tae oppa. I hopped in his car and he started the car's engine and drove us off.


It's really awkward. Real awkward. I can hear myself breathe because of the silence that is occupying the whole space.

I was looking outside the window because that's the only thing left to do inside the car. It would be so awkward if I ask Tae oppa questions, but he won't bother to even answer me.

But I saw someone laying on the road. I saw Jimin. It was Jimin who was lying on the road.

"O-Oppa!" I yelled and held Tae oppa's arm. "P-Please stop the car." I thought he's going to ignore me, but he put the car on hazard mode and stopped it. I hopped off and ran towards Jimin.

Every part of my body was trembling when I reached him. He was close to dying. His eyes are closed and his face are bruised and wounded. I believe that his arms are fractured. His clothes are all soiled. And there's blood on the ground.

"J-Jimin," I called him, but I heard clicks from guns. I noticed that there are ten individuals surrounding me and Jimin. They are all aiming at me. "P-Please don't shoot us." I pleaded them. I can feel that my tears are flowing on my cheeks. I am scared to death. Real scared.

"You have a great body, Miss." One smirked and put his gun down. He walked towards me, but he stopped. I looked up to him and there I was Tae oppa behind me.

"Don't bother them." He said using his low voice, but the men laughed at him.

"Who are you to say that?" Another man asked Tae oppa. I am scared for him--I am scared for the three of us.

"D-Dahyun..." I looked down on Jimin. He barely whispered my name. "D-Da...h-hyun..."


"I'm Kim Taehyung." Their faces went pale right after Tae oppa said that. They ran towards a warehouse. I was confused of what he is talking about. I wanted to ask him so many things, but I know that this is not the right time. I wanted to ask Jimin questions, as well.

Tae oppa carried Jimin and I followed him. I sat on the back seat with Jimin. I am super worried about him. What if he won't wake up? Tae oppa made a U-turn and drove us to the hospital. I looked down to examine Jimin's face more. I tried touching his busted lips, but he took my hand away from his face. He did it slowly. Super slowly.

It was a simple gesture from him, but my heart was stung. He doesn't want you to touch him. I sighed. "M-Mina..." he paused and tried to speak once more. "...t-those l-lips are...hers...only, s-so...don't touch...it." My heart hurted once more.

"What did I do to you to hate me this badly?" I whispered and just looked outside the window. I clearly don't understand Jimin. Why does he hate me? Did I do something wrong? As far as I know, I did not. We're not even talking.

We reached the hospital and Tae oppa called for a nurse and a stretcher. Jimin was laid down on the stretcher. I was about to follow him, but Tae oppa held my shoulder. It's like he's preventing me to go there.

"I'm going to call his parents and let them know about this." He said in a cold tone. "He's not our responsibility--"

"He is, oppa." I cut him. I gulped before continuing my sentence. "We found him lying on the street and it's our responsibility now." He took his hand off of my shoulder. "Excuse me, I have to see him."

"I'm coming."


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