28 : Jimin

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Dahyun smiled at him even though seeing some of his wounds and bruises worries her. She wanted to touch those, but she can't because they're separated by a glass wall. There's a small hole carved on the glass wall, so the visitor and the prisoner can hear each other.

"How have you been?" She asked him though the answer is that he's not okay.

Jimin gulped and was not able to answer right away. He's nervous and ashamed. He honestly thought that his mother was the one who visited him, but no. He also hoped that Mina would be the one who will check him, but it was Dahyun. The girl that she hated before though she has done nothing towards him but to like him. He was also uncomfortable because Taehyung is beside Dahyun. He will be able to hear their conversation.

"I'll give you guys some privacy." Taehyung said coldly and walked away from them. Jimin sighed in relief which made Dahyun giggle a bit. His eyes went to her and felt like he was hypnotized by that giggle.

"You were just waiting for my brother to go, right?" Dahyun jested. Jimin chuckled softly and nodded his head a bit. Dahyun's grin widened when she heard Jimin's cute and soft chuckle. It was the first time that she have seen and heard it up close.

Dahyun inserted her index finger through the hole, "Hi, I'm Kim Dahyun." Jimin chuckled for the second time and took her finger. They did a handshake.

"I'm Park Jimin." Dahyun sat properly and looked at him. "Why did you do that, by the way?"

"I just thought that we haven't introduced ourselves properly, so I said my name and asked for a handshake." Jimin found it cute, but he told to himself that Mina will be angrier if she would find out that he has a chance on liking Dahyun. He told himself that Mina will be the only girl that he'll ever love. He will not swerve on her. "What happened to your eye?" Dahyun pointed his black eye.

Jimin touched it right away and half-smiled, "I-It's nothing." Dahyun seemed unconvinced. She really wanted to cure his wounds, but she won't be able to do that. She wasn't allowed to.

They went silent after that. Jimin is hesitating if he will apologize to her for all of the misunderstandings and pain that he caused her. He is still guilty whenever he thinks about it, so he tried gathering all of his courage and sighed before bringing that topic up.

"Dahyun-ah," he called her and Dahyun stared at his eyes right away. She can hear her own heart beat getting louder and faster. "I-I just want to apologize."

"For what?" She asked, but she already know the reason why.

"B-Because I have always treated you badly." He uttered and she can feel how sincere Jimin is while apologizing. "I-I'm sorry for treating you in a way that you deserve. To be honest, you're really a good person, but I hated you because you're going to be the reason why Mina and I will break up." Dahyun is relieved to hear those words coming straight out from Jimin's mouth. This is what she wanted--to hear Jimin apologize and to see her as a good person. She doesn't want to be hated by a man that she likes.

She doesn't know if this is the opportunity for her to confess, so she didn't try. If she will say it now, maybe Jimin and her will be awkward forever. She doesn't want that, so she stayed silent.

Maybe I'll just say it another time. Dahyun told herself and kept silent.

"By the way," Jimin paused. "How's Mina? Did she go to school today? What did she eat for lunch? Is she okay?" He asked those questions quickly as if this is the only time to ask Dahyun.

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