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Two days before Christmas and today is the day that Eunwoo, Doyeon, me and Chaeyoung will give these gifts to the orphanage. Sadly, Hansol can't come because he's at Los Angeles right now. Rich kid.

Eunwoo is currently driving the four of us to the orphanage. Doyeon is at the passenger's seat, beside Eunwoo. We actually forced her to sit there because we want to tease them after. She kept on rejecting us, but when Eunwoo said, "Sit with me.", she had no choice but to take a seat beside him. She really can't say no to him. Maybe it's because she likes him after all. Oh, well. I'm happy for the both of them if they'll ever be a real couple.

Chaeyoung is listening to music while sleeping with her mouth wide open. Any moment now, any insect will fly into her mouth if she won't shut it. Sighing, I closed her mouth slowly without waking her up. She yawned and turned her back on me. Aigoo, what a sleepy head.

I just looked outside the window while watching whatever's outside. I remembered my conversation with Jin oppa the other day. I met his mom, who is actually my mom's surgeon and the doctor who gave me and my mom's photo. If she's still alive, I want to thank her for doing that. I feel like I owe her a lot.

I suddenly wondered. What if she's still alive? What if mom didn't die? What if she's mad at mom for being dad's mistress? What if my brothers are treating me bad? Will any of these still happen? I have a lot more questions, but they're too many. I'm actually happy of what's happening in my life right now, but I can't stop thinking of the "what-if's" in my life. I keep on overthinking things. Maybe I should stop thinking very complicatedly, so that my head won't ache.

"We're here." Eunwoo pulled the break and faced me. "You better wake up your friend." I smiled and nodded. I tapped Chaeyoung's shoulder gently, but she's not waking up. I tried my best to wake her up in the calmest way, but she's still not waking up. Her snore is too loud, my gosh.

So I took my phone and raised the volume up to the maximum setting. I neared it to her ear and played a very loud song. She flinched and looked at me unbelievably.

"Dahyun-ah!!!" She yelled. I laughed a little.

"Wake up, you sleepy head! We're already here!" I yelled back and hopped off the car. We waited for her to get off as we take the gifts from the compartment. We helped each other carry the gifts and after settling everything, we walked towards the gate of the orphanage.

To be honest, we didn't inform anyone that we'll give them gifts. Even the caretaker of the orphans do not know that we'll reach out to them. We wanted to be like Santa Claus this time.

"I'll break in." Eunwoo whispered and stretched his muscles, as if he's showing off. Doyeon rolled her eyes while me and Chaeyoung just chuckled shortly.

Eunwoo started climbing on the gate and we waited for him to open the gate for us. Once he successfully opened the gate, he let us in and helped Doyeon to carry the gifts. I guess he becomes a gentleman whenever Doyeon is around.

We sneakily broke inside the house. We saw a Christmas tree on the living room, so we placed the gifts under that tree. I took a card and placed it ontop of the gifts.

"I hope they'll like it." Doyeon grinned.

"They will like it, don't worry." Eunwoo answered and then they started staring at each other. I'm cringing, to be honest.

"C'mon. The caretaker will come anytime." I told them and we exited the orphanage. Before going to our own homes, we decided to eat breakfast at a local breakfast house. Me and Chaeyoung chose this cheap restaurant where we eat most of the time before. Doyeon and Eunwok seemed like they're not used to going places like this, but we still forced them to. They're living too wealthy. They should taste the food of the locals.


I'm inside my room right now. I don't have anything to do, so I just laid on my bed and stared at this mochi stuff toy that I'll be giving to Jimin on the Christmas eve. I'm imagining that I'm staring at his cute face right now.

"You're so cute." I pinched the toy's cheek and hugged it afterwards. "But you're too lonely." I pouted and looked at it for a split second. "You should be happy because Christmas is here." I was talking to my toy when Namjoon oppa suddenly opened my door.

"Dahyunie," I hummed a yes and sat down on my bed. "Have you seen Taehyung?"

"No, why?" I shook my head sideways. He then sighed. What is wrong? They should be celebrating because an occasion is coming!

"We have a gig tonight at the plaza. I can't find him." He again sighed in frustration. He looks at his phone from time to time, probably waiting for Tae oppa's phone call. "We've called him for several times already, but he's not answering any of our calls."

"Where could he be? Did you search for him in his unit? Can you track his location?" I asked.

"Jin said that he's not in his unit." He placed his phone back to his pants' pocket. "Alright, I'll try tracking him." Before he can even turn his back on me, I asked him:

"Can I come to your gig, oppa?" He faced me and nodded slightly. "Thanks. I'll get ready now." He hummed and then exited my room. I looked at Mochi, the stuff toy. "Hey, I'll just get ready. I'll be back." I smiled and kissed the toy as if I'm kissing Jimin.



"I should be with Jungkook right now." Sana whispered, but I still heard it. I closed my eyes and pulled her closer to me. I hugged her tighter. "Tae, you know that what we're doing is bad--"

"Ssh," I shushed her and placed my head on her head. "I can't seem to let you go at times like this." I whispered back.

"But he's been texting me over and over again." She reasoned out. I'm selfish when it comes to Sana, so I can't just let her go. "And your brother is calling you many times already." She snaked her hand to my waist, hugging me and placed her head on my naked chest. I touched her shoulder and caressed it with my cold and bare hands.

"This might be the last time I'm seeing you, so I can't let you go." I opened my eyes and then I caught her gazing at me. "Sana, why didn't you tell me?" She gulped and lowered her eyes, sighing. "You're engaged."

"I am." She whispered. Why would she go with me if she knows that she's already engaged? Didn't she think that I'll get hurt again? Is she that inconsiderate for my feelings? I felt something wet on my chest and then I realized that she's starting to release little tears. "I-I don't know what to do anymore. I love Jungkook, I really do." My ears were hurt after hearing her statement. "But...you appeared."

"I'll wait for you to make up your mind." I paused. "But you already chose a lifetime with him. I can't do anything anymore." I sighed and stood up. I wore my boxers and grabbed my robe. "Last night is our last night." I leaned over her and kissed her forehead, but she pulled my robe and kissed me on my lips.

"Last kiss." She said in a very low voice, almost cracking. "I love you, too." She loves me and Jungkook at the same time. How did that happen? I stood properly and smiled at her.

"You should get ready." I told her. She nodded and made her way to the shower room. She even took the blanket with her to cover her naked body. Last night.

I just shook my head sideways slightly and dressed myself up. I left her a note before going.


Changed the cover because Christmas is coming! 😂❤


Now Sana is engaged and she's making out with Taehyung, how would you think Jungkook will react?

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