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I know, Jin oppa knows, my other brothers know, Mina's parents know and Eunwoo knows that that kiss isn't Mina's first kiss, but it looks like she received the first and sweetest kiss right now. I don't know why, but I smiled upon seeing the scene. Jin oppa smiled at her and went back to his seat. Mina is still immovable after what happened, so many of us laughed at her. She blushed even more and held her head low.

"It's okay, Minaring," her parents told her, still chuckling of how their daughter handled the situation.

"E-Excuse me," she said, stood up and exited the hall. We just watched her walk away and then our eyes turned to Jin oppa.

"Maybe she's still gushing." Mr. Myoui said and laughed. My eyes went back to the door and decided to follow Mina. I excused myself as well and looked for the nearest loom there is. Once I entered the loom, I searched for her, but I can't find her.

And then I saw her at the terrace of the hotel. She's standing there with her elbows resting on the rail. I smilingly entered the terrace and stood beside her. She must've noticed me because she felt my presence.

"W-Why are you here?" She asked me. I faced her with a smile on my face.

"Don't be embarrassed." I told her and held her shoulder. She looked at my hand and then back to my face. "It's a normal thing that couples will do once they get married."

"I-I'm not used to it."

I chuckled, "You're making out with Jimin before, but why can't you handle a single kiss from my brother?" I asked her and she held her head low once more.

"I-It has a different feeling. I felt something strange inside me when your brother kissed me." She answered and looked afar. I smiled. Maybe it's the feeling that I felt for Jimin when he said that he loves me, too.

"Maybe you're starting to like him, too." I told her. "You will not feel something like that if you don't feel anything for Jin oppa." I want to be closer to her and I don't know why. Maybe because in the future, we'll bond even more.

A question suddenly hit my head, so I asked her. "Mina, do you still love Jimin?" It's okay for me if she still does because they became too attached to one another before. It's okay if she doesn't, but if she still does, I'm feeling sorry for Jin oppa.

"I-I told him before that I'm going to let him go this time." She whispered, but I heard it clearly. "I still love him--"

"You don't." I told her. She then looked at me with her eyebrows crossed. "You won't like Jin oppa back if you still love Jimin, right? You can't ever love two people at the same time." Her mouth closed and then she sighed. I don't want to be biased, but that's how I see the situation. "It's not a big deal for me if you love Jimin. The deal for me is that my brother doesn't deserve someone who doesn't love him back." I want to make her realize that she should meditate and think of what she's feeling for whom. "But for the mean time, I think we should go now. They have been waiting for us." I told her and turned my back on her.

"Dahyun," she called out my name, so I faced her smilingly. "Thank you." She said and we both headed back to the hall.

Once we entered the place, they are all looking at us as if we're strange women. I smiled at them, "Everything's fine. You don't have to worry." I glanced at Mina quickly before returning to my seat. I felt Eunwoo's lips near to my ear.

"What did you do?" He whispered.

"We just talked. No trouble happened." I assured him with a wider grin and we all continued eating.

I'm wondering what is Jimin currently doing right now. I'm worried that he might not be eating properly because there are punks inside his cell. I wish he's not beaten up again. His face might not heal anymore if he kept on receiving such punches.

"Dahyun-ah, it's your turn to give a message." Dad mentioned my name, so I looked at Jin oppa. I smiled sincerely.

"Happy birthday, oppa. Thank you for accepting me as your sister and thank you for treating me like your real sibling. Thank you for the kindness and I'm sorry for making you worry most of the time." I paused and handed him my gift. He took it sincerely. "When you get married, I want a niece and a nephew, better if they're twins." The elderly laughed while Jin oppa and Mina blushed. I turned to Mina. "Minaring, fighting!" She giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. She acts so elegantly and she never forgets to act with manners. "Happy birthday again, Jin oppa."

"Thanks a lot, Dahyun." He said and Namjoon oppa started giving his own message until it reached Taehyung oppa. After those messages, it's Jin oppa's turn to thank us and tell his message for us. No one cried because everyone is just so happy for this moment.

After that, we all bid our goodbyes to each other. Jin oppa wanted to take Mina home, so dad let him. Meanwhile, Eunwoo took Doyeon home together with his family. Tae oppa was forced to walk Tzuyu unnie home because her parents are there and all gentlemen are acting kind. After all of that, dad, me and Namjoon oppa headed home.


Our family is doing a countdown because Christmas is coming. It's just a week away before Christmas and I'm at the toy store with Hansol and Chaeyoung today. They're on their Christmas breaks as well, so we have time to bond together. After all, it's been days since we spent a day together.

We're here because the three of us, plus Doyeon and Eunwoo, decided to give orphans some gifts. We wanted to reach out to them. Doyeon and Eunwoo can't go for today because they have important walks.

"How many kids are living at that orphanage, by the way?" Chaeyoung asked while checking out a doll.

"Maybe a hundred since that orphanage is large." Hansol answered and placed three robot dolls on the cart. "We might buy the whole toy store if they're that many." He laughed at his own pun while me and Chaeyoung continued looking for some toys.

"Don't you guys have any schedules for today with your family?" I asked them as I push the cart.

"We'll be flying to Los Angeles tonight." Hansol answered. I suddenly felt a little bit guilty because I dragged him with me today. He should be packing his clothes instead of being with me and my best friend. "But don't worry, everything's settled already."

"You sure?" He hummed a yes and we continued checking out some toys. I suddenly saw this mochi toy and I thought of Jimin right away. Whenever I see, hear or even smell "mochi", the only thing that comes into my mind is Jimin because he's like a mochi.

I smiled and put it in the cart. I also thought of giving toys for my brothers, so I looked for some that will suit them best. I picked an alien stuff toy for Tae oppa, a Ryan stuff toy for Namjoon oppa and a burger stuff toy for Jin oppa since he likes to eat. I also bought dad a teddy bear as a Christmas gift. It's not bad to make them remember that they're once kids, too, right?

After filling the whole cart, we went to the cashier to check the items out. Good thing, Hansol is with us because he carried two mini cars while me and Chaeyoung is pushing the cart that is filled with tons of of paperbags. We went to the gift-wrapping section of the mall so we can get these gifts wrapped.



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