chapter 13

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Two weeks along

Matty POV

I stared at the girl under me and knew what im doing

"Matty that feel so good" she moaned in my ear.

I went deeper inside her as i felt her pussy clench to my dick as we both came. I stared at the ceiling for breif second then i got up and put my clothes on.

Why do you always leave? She asks

Bailey, we talked about this" I said tired of repeating myself, "I'm about to be a father and you and I are just not working out"

So wait you can fuck me and leave" she said walking up to me, ok here's the deal we continue fucking and tamara won't know about us because i will tell"

I kissed her lips as she pulled me on the bed as we but again made love as she whisper me "she loved me" but I couldn't say it back because in all truth she is just a good laid, pussy or just a bitch I'll tolerate to fuck


Next day Jenna point of view

I walked into the grocery store to get the house some food when I saw Bailey walking into the pharmacy section and grabbed a pregnancy test. I walked over to her because one I haven't seen her since she moved and two I'm noisy.

hey Bailey what's up? I asks as she placed her box in the basket.

just checking if their is a bun in the oven" She said walking to the cash register then turned to me and said, Tamara will be very very upset"

Why? I asks as she gave the money to the cashier

"Because if I am the kid is Matt's" she said as she chuckled and walked out.

I stared at her as she walked out then pulled at my phone and dialed two words knowing Tamara knew what it meant.


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