Chapter 15

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one week later May

Seven weeks along

I laid on the bed as they checked my baby. I looked up and saw Hunter looked into the monitor as he stared at the screen in awe.

your about seven weeks along and the heart beat is good" she said cleaning me up, "so I'll see you in about five more weeks so you can see the sex".

I nod thanking her as she left. everything in my life was going by so fast. I mean, first Matty and I got pregnant, next we broke up, second I started talking to Hunter and now we're here looking at my baby.

you ready to graduate tomorrow? He asks.

I nod feeling my baby moving in me. it felt strange this time around without Matty by my side by at the same time less stressful. after I signed all the paper we got released and I didn't want to see Matty so Hunter took me to his place which he stayed with his mom.

"Mom" he called as four little girls run up to him as three young ladies ran behind them

Uncle; cousin" they said in unison.

hey Hunter" a young lady with brown hair, she looked at me and asks, who is this?

"Oh, this is Tamara" he said, "Tamara, this is my older sister Holley and her daughter Hannah and Kate, this is my second older sister Heaven and her daughter Ashley and this is my aunt May and her daughter Morgan"

"Hi" I said feeling a little shy. all at once they started asking me questions, staying thank god hunter found me etc.

"So how far along are you? Holley asks

"Seven weeks" I said, "I'm in still in school and I'm hoping to find a job after college.

"Oh good" May said, where is the father?

"He sadly left" I said, "I just found out that he's been cheating on me since I found out I was pregnant"

"the bastard" a women said coming from the kitchen, she looked just like Hunter but he had Jet black hair as she had blonde, "Men are pigs that's why I trained my only son to not be one"

"he's not" I said, he's been to kind to me"

"Oh hush dear my son see something in you that hold him to you" she said smiling, I'm Carrie.

"So what are you doing after graduation? Carrie asks

"mmm, well nothing" I said, my mom really doesn't like me much after I found out I was pregnant"

Oh, then come with us" his mom said, "we're spending the summer in Chicago to vist their uncle and it would be a pleasure to have you there. You can even bring your daughter"

"Oh, no I cant" I said, "I can't interrupt your family time"

Please" Hunter said.



Today was the day. Taylor was at Jenna's house getting dress while I got dress at Hunter's house. I felt his lips trail down my bare back. I felt a moan ready come out.

"Come on we have to be ready" I whined, "graduation is today"

"Umm Tamara, school is fifteen minutes away and graduation starts at eight and it's six so we have time"

"WHAT!!! I shouted, it's only six"

"Yea, so umm I have a plan to fill in that time" he mumbled into my neck.

"And what is that? I asks smirking.

He laid me down on the bed and assaulted my neck with open mouth kisses down my neck to my pulse spot which increased my heart rate. his hand roam down my body while my fingers as my fingers tangled in his locks. when his lips trail down my belly my shirt was suddenly ripped off my flesh.

"HUNTER" I shouted but he press his lips on mine stopping my thoughts.

"Hunter" I said, Time?

he looked on my desk then said "six-ten"

I smiled as I forcefully pushed him down on the bed and thanking myself for not putting on clothes from our last night "activites". he chuckled as he flipped us around putting him ontop as his lips trailed down my stomach.

"Hunter" I moan as I heard a tear, "HEY I JUST BOUGHT THEM!!

He chuckled then said, I'll buy you new once"

soon his tongue flickered my clit which turned my brain to mush. my hands tangled in his hair as he drink in my wetness. his lips trailed up as he position himself in my entrance.

"Wait," he thought said then asked scared, "umm we can still have sex with out a condom when your pregnant right? Umm, nothing's going to happen to the baby?

"UGH" I yelled sexual frustrated, "your clean, i'm clean, the baby will be fine NOW PUT IT IN ME"

He chuckled again plunging inside me. we both moaned as he started to move.

"Faster" I said as I felt the his movement speed up, "Faster"

He was soon pounding inside me. my back jumping off the bed as he held my legs to his waits my head bobbing off the pillow yelling out his name as he did the same with mine. soon I felt a warm feeling enter me as I soon came after. we laid their catching our breath.

"who is better Matty or me? he asks out of breath.

"you" I said nodding, "definitely you"

We soon felt tired as our eyes started to close. soon I felt a vibration under me. I search under my arm and felt my phone dancing.

"hello" I said gaudily.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU" Jenna yelled, "it's seven-thirty get your asses here"

I sign as I pushed Hunter's off me as I pulled his shirt I throw on the floor last night over my head and some panties. I tied my hair in a neat pony tail then turned to Hunter and said, "We have thirty minutes to get dress and ready before they start calling names.

Hunter grunted as he turned in bed. I chuckled closing the bathroom and into the shower to get ready, the shower was hot as it burned into my skin trailing water down my chest.

when I got out the bathroom after I dried off and got dress in the ugly cap and gown Hunter awe at me as he kissed my lips.

"Read? I asks.

"with you with me? He said then kissed my cheek, "I'm ready for anything"

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