Chapter 4

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One month later

Hey I'm Jenna Helmatin and im eighteen. My boyfriend Jake who is eighteen as well met my sophomore year. We broke up in August before my Junior year and back together the beginning of my senior year for now four months. We live in our own apartment that was Jake's mom old place. We're both Seniors and still in school. He is a Dj at his dad radio station and I'm a waitresses at a bar. We use to date each other best friends until we both broke up with them and do you know why?

Well im pregnant.

November: 22 weeks pregnant

"What did you do when you found out you were pregnant?" Ming ask as we sat on the swings. Im happy her parents decided to home school her even though she wasn't allowed outside the house.

"I did know who the father was,"I said."he went to the doctors with me and that's when i told him"

"how he take it?"she asks.

"At first he was shocked and scared because at the time we were in separate relationahip but now he couldn't be any happier."I said.

"Wow?"Ming said, have you talked to Matty since?

I shook my head. I was sad that he isn't answering my calls or replying to any of my text but i did understand why but it didn't mean i was happy with it.

"To say,I was,surprised that Jake took it so well an understatement.I wasn't sure what was going to happen when I called him and everything seem...chilled right now.

"Did you tell his,mom first or yours? She ask

I told my mom and his mom gave us her apartment but my dad well he's really upset"

She nod. We walked out the store and I chilled on the couch I decided while thinking I decided to name my son Jackson because i wanted too. It was quite at the house so I decided to do some homework.

"I'mhere," Jake said walking into the room then started rubbingmystomach, I'm so happy to be a dad"

You sure? I joked around.

"Forgood.I don't even want to think about Jackson calling another guy dad and filling my role".

"That'll never happen as long as you stay with us,"Isaid, seriously.

"I'm here,"he repeated."Even if you suddenly decide you want me to leave you alone."

I laughed,"That'll never happen."

"You never know." He said laying on my belly

I rolled my eyes,"Even if it dis, I wouldn't hurt Jackson by sending you away."

"That's good to know,"he said kissing my nose.

I giggled and gave him a quick kiss, "I love you."

"I love you too,Jenna"

He lean down to kiss my stonach and said, "And I love too, Jackson."

After my talk with Jake, I,relized that i need to sit down with my dad and talk this out. I need him more then ever now and when i told him he said i was an ungrateful daughter. He need to know that it's my decision about me keeping Jackson and I'll never change my mind.While my dad wants Jake and I to choose adoption, my mom and Jake mom Jackie stood behind us a hundred percent with it when we talk about keeping Jackson. My mom was disappointed,and sad at first,but she knew we could do this. Now, I just had to get my dad on board with Jackie and my mom and things would be good.

"Hey, dad" I called as he walked into the house then closed the front door.

"Yeah? He said

"Can you come here for a second?"Iasked.

"What's up? Dad asks as he sat on my bed.

"So, I have thought about adoption,dad honestly I have."

"And?"he sked,hopefully.

"And I've decided that I'm keeping my baby" I said firmly, "I know that isn't what ypu want to hear but dad I can do it. I know I can.I'm not saying its going to be a walk in the park, because it'll be far from it but I'm determined to do this."

"You're so young, Jenna. I don't want you miss out on things" dad said, I know how a young mother feel being a teen and a mom. Being young, settling down, having a family even before your graduatio. Your mom was young and she could have done more teen things."

"I understand that,"I said."But I choose to keep Jackson which means whatever comes I'll live with it. Sure, I'll miss hanging with my friends and going out with mh friends and going out but at the end of the day, I know I'd much rather be home with Jackson then out somewhere getting in trouble."

"What about the money situation? He asks,"How are you going to buy diapers, formula,wipes,toys or hell clothes"

For a matter a fact dad, Jake and I live here which was Jake's mom old place which she paid the rent for four months and we both got good paying jobs"."

"and the money mom gave me I'll pay her baxk I swear" I said.

"I dont care about the money ,Jenna,"He said,wiping his tears away, "The biggest thing is that I don't want to watch you struggle.But your going to have a child at such a young age."

"I know it's not going to be easy but I want,to raise,my son. I just hope that you will be there to support me when I neef you."

December: 26 weeks

Today I was going shopping with my mom as Jake went to work.

So how's the job? My mom ask.

It's ok" I amitted, I've saved a lot of money and we are happy"

So, your dad is still not talking to me" she says.

I'm sorry I told him your on mu side but he need to deal with me not being a little girl" i said rubbing my belly.

You know your aunt is coming" she said giddy.

A women who calls me lil bitch shouldn't have the liberty to be my aunt" i said under my breath.

Be quit" she said looking at clothes, we're hosting a Christmas party umm you should come"

I looked at her then looked at my belly. I was about five month along and my lil man was kicking a storm.

Maybe" I said, I have another appointment on the foeuth of next month"

Do you have any name? She ask as we checked out.

Yep Jackson" I said,

She nod and said, "I like that"

So can please, please come to the party? She asks.

Maybe" I said as we got in the car feeling a little tired.


Christmas party

Please no, no" I said as we pulled up my mom house.

Look on New years we'll spend time with my mom deal" I said as he nods kissing my forehead.

We walked to the front door and fucking great my aunt opened the door.

Little bitch the rumors are true" She said looking up and down, who's he?

This is my boyfriend Jake andvthe father of my son" I said ss i pushed her aside and walked in.

Lets get this FUCKING PARTY STARTED!!!!!

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