chapter 8

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1 days old(next day)

I scooped my little boy out of the plastic bassinet and brought

him over to my bed so that I could change him and get ready to go hoe.

Yes,it was time to be dicharged from yhevhospital. I was more ready to go. The nurse have beeb so helpful and its been grear being able to sleep thought height but it was time.

"Alright, baby boy,"I cooed down at my son, "Time to get you dressed. Daddy will be here any minute."

I changed his diaper and dressed him in a blue onesievthat had a duck on came with the matching pants.,He looked adorable in his little outfit.

Once I was done with thst,I fed him one last time and then burped him. Jake showed up a couple minutes after burped him. Jaks showed up a couple mintues after that. I let him take him from me so that i coukd go get dressed. I would've loved to leavr the hospital in a pair of sweats and a lowset-shirt but Jake already brought me a dress and tennis shoes.

I.pulled on one of my maternity dresses and was happy to see that it partially hid my still swollen stomach.I brushed

through my hair as best as I could before pulling it up into a high pony tail.I deemed myself readyandleft the bathroom.Jake ,was rocking Jackson looking all kinds

of adorable.Holding a baby just added to his hotness factor.


"More than ready,"I responded.

I packed up whst little I had brought with me and then we were off.The nurses waved at me and congratulated me for the last time before we climbed into the,elevator and took it to the main floor.

We got in the car and headed home. When we arrived home i looked at the calendar. Today was my wedding nigh and to say i wasn't ready was sugar coding it; I was freaking out.

"Look the girls are outside so you with them and relax; get dress and I'll take Jackson and him with the boys can do the same and we'll all meet at the churche" he said.

I looked down at my little man and kissed his forehead. I kissed Jake cheek then ran outside into the car where we rushed to the store.


Today was my wedding. Jackson was a day old and Jake and I was eighteen. Mmm seems like paradise right?


I was a wreck. My dad wasn't her Jackson keeps cry and in one minute I'm getting married

You ready? Joe ask. I was happy he voluntary to walk me down the altar. My dad called this morning and told me he wasn't coming to say i was pissed...oh yea i was.

I took his arm and our song (All of me)  started to play. We walked slowly as it felt like forever before i looked up and saw my father in law place my hand in Jake's.

"Dearly beloved,we are gathered here today,and in the presence of these lovely famil members,to join together Jenna and Jake in the bond of matrimony this bind is eternal, never endinf for all the days of their lives."

I smil at thewords. It was the best part of the whole thing,knowing Jake was mine forever.

"Jake and Jenna have written their own vows"  he said and clear his throat

Jenna gave me daring look knowing I tend to write pretty daring stuff whrn i thought about my vows but this time around I want to surprise her.

"Jenna you know I love you and I would do anything for you. We have been through some pretty,insane stuff especially lately,"I smirked and looked at Jackson getting a smirk and wink from my parents.

"I know Im not exactly the greatest with words,but this is coming straight from my heart.You are everything tome and you gave me an angel and I can't imagine my life without out.There is no me without you. I can never,getvenough of you.You're my whole,heart,,and myvwhole life,I loveyou"

I was speechless,mission accomplished! He smiledproudlyat his affects on me. I looked up and saw my dad in the corner and he nods tell me he accelta and is very proud.

"Jenna"he cued me snapping me iur of my trance.

"Jake,my life before you was,to put it simply,nothing.Then some miracle you and I met.We have been through so much and I love you with all of my heart.I am so happy to be spending forever with you and here aren't enough words in the world to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you, and I am entirely yours" I smiled at the words nodding my head happily at the words'entirelyyours'.


The pastor mike showed us the woring sin his hand.I loved,Jake loved his ring

and I  was,extremelyvattached to mine.He tried together a new one but I refused.I had to amit the one i got was perfect.

"These rings are a symbol of the unending love that these two share. The moment they met, they began this journey together

and from this day on,they will continue together, side by side, as equals, for all time.May they be blessed with everyone of

thecgifts theyvso rightfully deserve.May their ove grow over time,may their love endure all thingsandmay they never part."

Ismiled as Joe spoke and put my hand to Jake's lips. Jake smike then spoke.

"With this ring I thee wed,and commit mysekf to you,forever,"

I smiled as he slipped the perfect ring on my inger.I placed his hand

back in mine.

"With this ring I thee wed,and commit myself to youforever," He nodded as I slipped his ring on his finger as well. I became lost in his eyes amd then i quickly looked up at the pastor urging him to hurry up. He lughed.

"Jake and Jenna,you have exchanged vows and rings, and consented to marry in the presence of your family and friends, by the piwer vested in me i now pronounce you husband and wife. Jake you may kiss your bride."

He didn't have to tell him twice!! He pulled me into his arms and kissed me passionately. I moaned and pulled him closer. I heard someone throat xleqr and I slowly pulles away to see my mom giving me a look and Jake's parents pulling Jackson to their chest chuckling shaking their heads. Everyone else was laughing and I shrugged.

"Sorry"I smiled happily and walked with my husband down the aisle.

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