Chapter 18

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why are you here? I asks.

is it wrong for me to vist my only daughter? she asks.

"uum i think it is when you told me and paid for the abortion for Taylor then you didn't come to my graduation and said i should have killed my twins" I said

"where is Matty? she asks, i do love that boy"

I bet you do" I mumbled, "we're over"

oh i warned you that you'll lose him one day" she said, "did he finally found out Taylor isn't his?

fuck no mother Taylor is from his sperm" i said, "anyway umm he cheated on me before i gave birth"

mmm, so umm who's this boy? She asks.

oh umm mom this is Hunter" I said, he's the girl's father and my fiancee"

oh no wonder Matty left you" she said shaking her head, "I thought I told you before even though your a bastard doesn't mean you should be a slut"

shut up" I said holding in my tears.

I mean Matty had a future but you" she said, "oh honey im surprise you even graduated"

shut up" I repeated.

"and now your with another man with this guy's baby" she said, your hurting Matty with your whore self and soon to be whore of a daughter."


everyone was quite as they all stared at me. I took in slow breathes calming down.

for your information mother Matty fucking cheated on me" I said, he gave all his rights of being a father to Hunter"

oh honey you must wasn't doing your job right" she said, "a wife or baby momma in your case is suppose to clean, cook and shut her fucking mouth while in the bed room do what pleases her guy"

excuse me" Hunter said finally, "umm i don't like how your speaking to my future wife"

"please she is my daughter and i can talk how ever I want to her" she said.

well your in my fucking house and I say you can't" he said walking to the door as he open it and said politely, " May you please so kindly get the fuck out my house"


I'm so sorry"  I sobbed on his shirt. the girls was sound asleep. Taylor was at Matty's and Hunter's family was out of town.

fuck her" he said, it's all about us"

I smiled then heard my girls finally crying. I got up and took then both on our room.

I think Hope wants her daddy" I said handing her to him as we laid in bed.

so are you ready for school? he asks.

i already signed up for online class at the Y for my major drama and minor in education" I said, I'll go to school two days a week and take two classes in the morning and take two classes at night...You?

Im going to school to major in Art and photograph" he said, When do we start?

umm the last week of this month" I said but i looked down at my girl's sleeping face and eyes water up.

what's wrong? he asks concerns.

the twins are only five weeks old a and I'm scared to start school and...and leave them" I stuttered.

Its only two days a week and besides my mom will watch them while we're at school"

I said nothing looking at my girls were gone from the world. I looked up at Hunter and whispers,

"I love you"

He chuckled then said, I love you too my little tiger"

and now i know...this is what love feel like...damn i was misunderstood my whole life but now i know i see clearly..

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