Chapter 21

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If anyone asked me how I would pictured my life i would say perfect but in reality it wasn't.

Mommy" Taylor said.

It was Thanksgiving and let's just say i wasn't in the mood.

where is your daddy? I asks.

Three months ago my boyfriend caught me in bed with my friends. Now til this day we haven't spoke.

Right here angel" Hunter said picking uo Taylor twirling her around. he looked at me and mouthed "We need to talk"

we walked into our old room and clossed the door.

how Many times? He asks.

huh? I ask.

did you fuck him? He said.

twice" I said looking down.

did you not love me? He asks, did i not make you happy?

"I..i was weak and lonely and...Im a fucking bastard" I cried.

Do you love me? he asks.

yes" I said, I understand if you want a break or...or

I don't want a break becuase I love you" He said pulling me in his arms kissing my forehead, But the wedding  is on a hold until I...I mean we are really into eachother"

Ok" I mumbled takin off the ring.

keep it" He said, i said the wedding is on hold i didn't say i didn't want to marry you and your quitting your job"

Already did that two months ago" I said wrapping my arms around his neck, I love you"

I love you too" He mumble kissing my neck, "But I don't trust you"

he walked down stairs leaving me with my thoughts. remembering the night between Hunter and I two months ago on September only made my decision not to tell Hunter even harder.


I still dont trust you" He said kissing my bare shoulder.

I know" I said watching him get dress.

Remember I'm at Jake's house of you wany me"  he said walking out the door.

days past by and I've been feeling lightheaded, weight loss and a little nauseous.

Tamara you ok? Jenna asks carrying

No" I cried running towards the bathroom throwing up.

your not?? Jenna startes which I nod.

she squeled loud then jumped for joy then took me in her arm's.

oh my god Tamara me too" she said, I haven't told jake yet because well Jackson is only eight months and Hope and Heaven is almost three months and well.."

How about we tell them together? I suggested.

she nods as we looked down at my pregnancy test we squealed agaon even louder then before

End of flashbacks

now today on Thanksgiving which is the day we will never forget.

when we went down stairs Jake, Hunter, Taylor and the boys were all sitting at the table.

oh good your here" Hunter mom said pushing us to the table. we all went around telling eachother what we're thankful for. when it was my turn i took Jenna's hand and smiled as she nods.

we're pregnant" We said in unison.

gasp, applause and laughter surrounded us. we giggled at their expression but it stopped once we saw Jake's and Hunter's face




and lastly in the twinkle of their

with all these emotions my heary speed fast as i felt lile i was falling. I fell hard on the kitchen floor as around me i heard yelling of



Tamara, Tamara" I heard someone called me name. my eyes fluttered open to see i was home in bed.

w...what happened" I jolting up earning a massive headache, aww, where is Taylor?

at my mom's" Hunter said, i had a doctor come vist us because i was scared. but he said all you need was sleep."

how long was i out? I asks.

well in ten a.m. right nowon a friday" he said.

what so I...I missed Thanksgiving? I said sad.

you've been out for thirteen hours" He said then smirked and said, the doctor says your about four weeks pregnant"

I....I'm not ready" I said, we already have the twins and Taylor are we really ready for another baby?

with us together yes we're ready" He said, and we will get married"

you still want to get married" I said excited, when?

April" He said rubbing my belly.

hopefully the baby is out before then" I said kissed his cheek as he kissed my belly.

hopefully" He said as our eyes stayed glued staring at eachother.

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