Chapter 11

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March: Jackson one week old

What's wrong with you" Tamara asks as she drove us to her house.

A month has past as no one knew what Collin did to me.  I've been in a zombie zone. I couldn't eat, sleep, talk or even close my eyes. If my eyes even shut for a second I see him.

Jenna" Tamara ask as she pulled up to her house. When we walked in I saw Matty's car in the drive way. And i wonder

Why the hell is he here??

When we got out the car and into the house a little girl ran up her she looked young and familiar. She had brown long hair, her eyes were and skin light caramel.

The little girl ran up to Tamara and wrapped her arms around her leg and laughed, "Mommy, mommy"

Tamara? I ask but suddenly Matty walked in and said.

"Taylor wait until i park the car before getting out" Matty said tired.

Sorry daddy i just really miss mommy" she said holding tighter to Tamara leg.

Daddy? Mommy? WHAT THE HELL!!

Come on Taylor umm let's give daddy and his friend privacy to talk" Tamara said taking the little girl up stairs.

Ok I'll start" he said, remember when we broke up and when you went to the dance with Jake?  Well for some reason Tamara called me asking if i can come over and when,i did we talk and suddenly we're having sex. She was pregnant and Taylor live with my mom until i get my own place"

What about Tamara? I asks.

She vist her every morning on week days and get her the first week of ever month" He said, "she sends money but she says she like her time she got with her daughter"

So mornings and umm twelve weeks out of the year to see her daughter? I question.

"Yep, I want more with her and I want her to have a relationship with her damn daughter" he said then Tamara came down stairs and said she wants daddy.

You disgust me" I said

What? She question.

You don't see your daughter" I said, what do you have to say for yourself??

She busted out crying; her body flying to the couch.

She doesn't love me" she said, I want to see her more but I don't know id I'll be good"

Just try" I said getting up anf walking out the house.



Jenna left? matty asks

Yea"I asks, matty I need to tell you something"

OK" He said.

Sit down" I said, What I'm going to tell you will piss u off, umm Im pregnant.

Bring on MTV

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