Chapter 7

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Feburary: 37 weeks along

Tomorrow was my wedding and for some reason my stomach started hurting. I ran to the bathroom hearing vthe giggling behind me.

Ahh" I yelled feeling contractions. I grabbed my phone anf a minutes later Ming and Tamara saw me on the floor with a puddle of water under me, "my water broke" its to early" ming said.

I dont Jackson cares" I said, take me to the hospital; Tamara call Jake and tell him where we're heading to the hospital

Even though I wasn't due for five more weeks,Dr.Marks told me that it was normal for my baby to be born early but it might be premature. I was a nervous wreck as they got me into a bed and set up to all the machines. I know whay a lot could go wrong when a baby is born early and i prayed that none of those things happened to my son.

Jake called my parents and everyone but my dad was there. But i wasn't alone before that. Ming and Tamara sat by my side and held my hands and Jake stood by my feet with a video camera.

Our parents stayed with us for quite aqhile. When it was time to check how dilated I was, they left the room and promised

they'd come backina little while. All too soon, it was time to push. I had been in the

hospital for close to,nine hours,at the point my doctor told me it was time.Suddenly,I felt nervous. I didn't feel ready.

I stared at,Jake with wide eyes and he looked back at me with the same expression.We were going to be parents soon. Shit.

"Alright," Dr.Kellersaid,smiling."Jake,I want you to hold her legs for me...yes just like that..."

Jake handed the camera to tamar as she filmed us.

"Wait,"I squeaked out."I'm not ready."

"You,don't have to push until you feel a contraction," Dr.Keller said.

I nawed on my lip nervously. I sure felt it and it hurt like hell.

"Okay,Tamara I want you to push down as hard as you can when you to push down as hard as yoy can when you feel your next contraction,okay?"

I took a shaky breath,"Okay."

Whenvthe next contraction hit,I followed instructiona and pushed as hard as I could.l.

"Excellent" Dr.Kellersaid."Again."

I pushed again.That was the pattern for a couple minutes; ush,breath,push,


"I can see the head."Dr.Keller announced."Don't push for a second."

Jake shifted a bit and I could tell that he was about to take a look. His eyes widened slightly before hevturned and looked everywhere but my crotch. I bet that was horrifying.

"That bad?"Iasked.

He grimace then nod

"You shouldn't have looked." I said then smiled at the camera.

"Okay,ready,Jenna?" The doctor ask.

I gave a slight nod. Jake kiss my forehead as we both wave at the camera.

"Push,sweetheart." My mom encourage.

I gave another push and this time I felt a tingly burning sensation but my mind was quickly taking away from it when I

heard a tiny little cry.

"It's a boy!" Dr.Kellerannounced,happily.

My eyes landed on my little baby boy and the tears just,came on their own.

"Hi,baby boy" I cried."You're so handsome"

I looked,to Jake and watched him wipe away his,tears. The camera was facing us as we wavrd holding our son

"He's perfect,"Jake whisper,kissingme."I loveyou."

"I loveyoutoo."

Soon my little boy was taking from me to be clean and weighed. My eyes never left his, and neither did Jakes.

After eight months my little boy was here. He was small but surprisingly he was healthy.

My little Jackson

                   Jackson Robbie

                   February,13 ,2014

                      4 lb 7 oz 19 in long


Once both Jackson and I were cleaned up, and move into a differenr room our family looked happy. My mom and Jackie were both in tears watching Jake bounce our son near the window. I myself,was near tears as well as I watched him interact with him.

"Let me see my grandson,"Jackie sniffled.

Jake grinned and gently set Jackson in Jacie's arm.


"How are you baby girl?" Jake dad asked,kissingmyhead.

"I'mgood, Joe ,"I said,smiling."I'm really good."

"That's what like to hear."

"He''s alread got Jake'shair" I heard Jackie coo."I wonder if she'll have green eyes or brown eyes."

"I hopehhe looks just like Jake,"Ispokeup.

Hhe's got your nose,"My mom said,"And the shape of your eyes,"

"He's a perfect mixture of us," Jake said.

I nodded my agreement. Our family took turns,holding Jackson and snapping pictures. I tried to hide under my covers when they wanted picture of,Jake and I together but in the end, they got one. wheb it was time for them to leave, they passed him back to me and promised they'd be her bright and early tomorrow morning.

Jake and I got to spend a littke more time with our little boy before the nurse wanted to take him to the nursy so i could get some rest. But before he did so, I gotto change him and breast feed him. It was weird at first, the breast feeding, but,Jackson took at it like a,pro. I read sonewhere tgst some babies have s hard time bresst feeding so they have to beon the bottle. Once I finished feeding him Jake took him and the nurse instructed us how to burp him. Jake was barely tapping him. Back when the nurse told him it was it was okay to go harder. Jake lookedd terrified but started to pat him bavk harder.

When she let out a burp,he soothingly rubbed her back and gave her a big smile.

"Get some sleep,"The nurse told us when Jake placed him down into the plastic bassinet.

I'll,bring him in,as soon as you wake up,I promise." I nodded,and dettled back against my bed.

"We're parents,"Jake said,settling in the bed with me.

"We are,"I laughed,snugglingagainsthim.


"A goodweird,though."

"Yeah,a good weird."

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