Chapter 17

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twins 2 week old

knocked on the door as I held the twins on my hips and Taylor wrapped around my leg. I decided Taylor is old enough to see her dad and be mature. Soon after the fourth knock the door open. There in only a large jersey was Bailey with her fucking pregnant belly.

is...umm is Matty here? I asks.

nope, he had summer football practice" she said, "What do you want?

look can you give Matty this paper and make sure he signs it"

she stared at me then nod rubbing her belly, Look umm Tamara right? he's not worth your time he's with me and only me"

look i can't say this infront of my children but honey stop lying to yourself because if you look deep in the mirror your just a pussy on legs not a person to put a ring on"

she looked down and stared at my ring then smirked, "who's the idiot guy who ask you to marry him?

"The question is why hasn't Matty asked you? I asks then stared at her belly and pray it doesn't get it's parent's genes.


1 week later

Why weren't you there? I yelled into the phone.

"look I had practice" Matty said, did you get the letter?

i nod opening the big yellow folder. Matty gave all his rights to Hunter as long as Taylor can spend the nigh at his house the first and third weekend of every month and for me to stay the FUCK AWAY FROM Bailey.

Ok I agree with your terms and I thank you for doing this" I said about to hang up but then he called my name.

what? I asks.

so umm they won't know who I am? he ask.

"The paper in my hand that you signed gave Hunter all rights to be the girl's dad so they won't know who you are but they'll know your Taylor's dad"

ok" he said then hanged up.

so? hunter ask.

The children are now Greens" I said.

mmm, oh yea umm you do recall you saying yes to my proposal" He said smirking.

when? I asks, Im ready when ever?

Christmas" he said, i mean we can wait until after Taylor's third birthday next year"

when? I asks.

umm let me think what about the last week of April? he suggested.

I want to wait until after the twins first birthday" I amitted.

"Oh ok what about Christmas in the snow? he asks, "I know its like seven months away but I'm sure we're ready?

That's to early" I said, "What about the eighth of July? the twins would be one and Taylor would be three so they can be in the wedding"

That's a great idea" he said thinking, "That gives us eleven months oh great"

as we were planning there was a knock at the door

coming? I said then open the door as i stared at a my vistor...fuck.

aren't you going to fucking invite me in?

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