Chapter 19

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Four weeks later

August 8

"So how you? I asks Jenna as we sat in her living. Jenna went to college as I started taking online classes for school.

being married is wow" she said, "Jake and I are both in college thanks of our parents who takes turns watching Jackson in the day time"

I'm a little upset that Matty doesn't even want to know Hope and Heaven" I said.

did he have his baby? she asked.

It was four week ago Brooke Lulu was born. he called three day later and asked if we can meet which we did. I still remember the conversation we had


"Thanks for coming" He said as I sat at the table.

How is Brooke? I asks.

he chuckled then said "Just like her mom"

"So what do you want? I asks.

I want to see the girls" He said.

No, you signed all your rights away and besides why haven't you watched Taylor?

what? he asks.

"Since Brooke was born she told me she's been staying at your mom's house, never seeing you and when she does see you your fucking Bailey  in the ass on your FUCKING kitchen"

is it wrong to have sex with my girl? he asked.

YES!! do that shit behind closed doors" I said getting up, oh yea i already called my lawyer and I don't want you near my daughter again"

"SHE'S MINE" He shouted once i got out the door.

NOT FOR LONG" I Shouted back.


Tamara" My new friend Amber said.

I've been in school for a week and I loved it.

So how is Hope and Heaven? she asks then joked, "Hunter feeling loney he's the only boy in the house?

I laughed. she was the only girl besides Jenna who knew I had kids because she was a teen mom too.

good, their crying sure keeps me up" I joked.

So I hear luke is having a party tomorrow night wonna come?

maybe? I said, Since school started I haven't seen Taylor in a while"

ok well I gotta go but I'll see you at work? she said jogging off.

later that day i trailed off to Danny's Tunes the school's radio station.

princess" Dan called.

Hunk" I said as he came up to me and kissed my cheek.

so your going to Luke's party? He asks.

Before I answered my phone ringed. I looked at the caller I.D and smiled.

Hey baby"

Hey look I'm going to be working late at the computer shop, my mom is keeping the kids for the weeknd so please be friendly i don't want you to be home alone"

I looked up at Dan then said "I love you" into the phone thrn hunged up.

so? He asks

Let's party" I said smiling

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