Chapter 3

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Dude where were you? Matty ask as he was over my house playing my Xbox. Tamara was in the kitchen with my mom as they were discussing girl things.

You know what's been up with Jenna? He ask.

I couldn't answer so i just sent a text like a coward.

How do you know she went to the hospital? He ask

I text him again then i see him sign. He looked at me then everything went black. I heard a scream then i looked up and saw my mom try to hold Matty back.

Stay the fuck away from me" he said, you fucked me girl, got her pregnant and now i know why she sent me a we're over text....Because of FUCKING YOU"!!!!

Tamara looked at me. Her eyes balling up as she follow Matty outside.

Is it true? My mom asks helping me up.

Yes, mom i don't know what to do"i amitted, dad offered me a job at the Radio station to you know be the new Dj at night but that only pays twenty bucks an hours which is amazing since I'll work right after school three-forty until nin-forty but that's not enough for a baby or my car"

What is Jenna doing? My mom,ask.

She found a job working at Burger King but that stops once she like thirty-two weeks along so right now she's working after school my hours too"

What about home work? She ask.

Jenna has three of her classes are now thanks to the principal is online" he said.

As long as you know what your doing;oh yea my friend son owns a bar and looking for a bust boy and waitresses" twelve dollars an hours plus tips and work on either thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday"

Mmm, I'll talk to her about it"i said going into my room. It was nine when Jenna picked up. She like the job of being a waitress and agreed to work Friday and saturda at four-thirty until eight-thirty which she'll get  forty-eight dollars for one day and she loved it.

So i don't even have to quite my job at Burger King? She ask laying on my bed.

Nope, I'll work at my dad Radio station Thursday, Friday and Saturday while you can work at the bar Friday and Saturday and Burger King Tuesday and Thursday"

Ok that sound good but what about school? She asks worried

Your a C student right?I ask as she nods, "you take three classes online umm English, Scince and umm what was the last one?

Math" She says, "I have three major test for each of those subject and i have to take them online the same day before christmas break, after spring break and before graduation"

Wow, what about your other classes?I asks.

Basic finals but those i either have a mid A or a high B but im good" she said, what about you?

Same here"i said, so i heard you dump Matty"

She nod then i told her, "Tamara called yelling at me then we broke up and then before that Matty and I had a huge fight at my house with him punching me and my ex girlfriend crying"

So what are we going to do?She asks.

Monday, We'll go to school like always but we're together when we're there" I said.

I think i like that very much" Jenna said happy but her face and voice said what my thoughts are screaming at me,
"your a dumdass"



October first was here. Already a month and three weeks of my senior year past by. Jake picked me up from my house and today was the first day Jake and I went to school as a couple. I was  thirteen weeks and thank god o haven't gain weight or any morning sickness. Today before school we were heading to the hospital to know thw sex of the baby....yay im so excited.

Ms. Hamaltin" the doctor called as webjust sign in. The nurse took us to the room amd by the look of Jake's face we were both scared.

So Jenna are you ready to see your baby? She ask.

We both nod. She spread the cream on my belly and we all looked at the screen. Suddenly a picture pooped up.

See your baby, it looks so big" she says "do you want to know the sex???

We nod, she took a deep breath and...


Yes mom I just arrived to school" I said, mom you promise don't buy him too much stuff"

I heard her sign then she said ok then hanged up. Jake smiled as he took my hand and we walked inside our first period class.

Jenna where you been?  Tamara ask not looking at me

I gave her a look that said stop. I know she was pissed off but i was not in the mood. Jake look between us the sign and said,

"I'll give you some privacy"

When Jake walked away the anger between us was ao thick a steak knife. We stared,at eachother and for a minute I was going to say Fuck it and walk away.

Just tell me something" she starte, "Why Jake?

It was a mistake"i said, we were both drunk,and i just saw Collin cheat on me and Jake was a bit pissed off and we just kiss"

He's happy? She asl tapping her foot.

Yea, he was discussing If i should move in with him or just by our own place"

Tamar eyes balled in tears as she took me in her arms. Her salty tears staining my light blue blouse.

I'm happy for you; I really am" she said then sign, but can I ask you something.

Sure" I said.

Your young and stuff and I was wondering if i can put you on a show"

Sure" I said

Yay" she said dailing a number on her phone, hello? Yes sure come on"

Ok they said sure so they'll be here tomorrow to start filming"

She walked away and just remember she didn tell me the show I'll be on.

Hey wait" i called as she stopped then turned towards me, what show?

16 and pregnant" she said then walked away. screwed"

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