Chapter 12

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Hi I'm Tamara Kaplan and I'm eighteen. I go to Palos hill highschool and I live in California with my one and a half month long eighteen year old boyfriend Matty Mckibbean with our two year old daughter Taylor. We met when my best friend Jenna and him were dating. One night after they broke up Taylor was conceived an even though that was wrong I wouldn't change Taylor birth for the world. Let's say my best friend Jenna was shocked about Taylor but Matty was more shocked because....

I'M PREGNANT...again


first week of April

At Tamara house.

Have you told your mom? Matty ask as we watch Taylor run around.

Nope, I might not tell her" i said receiving a sour look from Matty, "Oh come on you remember how she acted durning the first pregnancy?

Damn that was hell" Matty, "She kept saying i destroy your life"

I stared at Taylor. She was two now and at the age of eighteen i was surprise i was going to be a mom again.

so what about college? Matty ask, have you apply to anything?

I shook my head and said, "i droped off that idea when i found out i was pregnant and started getting my GED but I want you to go to college"

Well i did get accepted into University of California, San Diego state University and California state university for track and or football scholarship" he said.

That's great" I said, "since i dropped out i could still get all the credits i need to graduate this month and in July start my online classes to become a weather girl"

That sound amazing" Matty said soon feeling my phone vibrate. I looked at the caller ID and groan.


"Tamara, where THE HELL have you been? She ask, "one mintue im talking to you while I'm on a six month curise and the next i come back home and ALL your stuff is GONE"

Mom i moved out" I said biting my bottom lip.


Mom you never notice but i did and...and I'm staying where im at" I said.

Whatever" she sign, "did you find a good home for your brat?

My brat? My thoughts wonder then i sobbed knowing who she's talking about. Matty looked at me snatching the phone from me as i shook my head no.

What did you say to Tamara? He said.

Oh, Matty I thought you were with Jenna? She said.

"Look woman my past relationship is none of your bussiness but what is my bussiness is why my girlfriend is crying" he said.

"She's pregnant again isn't she? She said then spoke under her breath, "I think you should get an abortion this time one little bitch is enough"

Bitch never call us again" Matty said shutting the phone.

I looked up at Matty as he held me as i sobbed on his shoulder. My mom was always this mean since I had Taylor.

Later that night while Taylor was alseep I called Jenna and ask her if she would like to hang out and she agreeed.

Next day at Jenna's house

You look so cute pregnant" Jenna awwed as she saw me walking in with Taylor behind me.

"I know" i said as we both plopped on the couch. Jake suddenly came down stairs with Jackson all dressed at now a month and a half old.

"We're heading to the doctors" Jake said as he kissed Jenna lips. Even though we're over it still hurts he had a baby and is married to my Bestfriend"

"Hey Tamara" he said then hugged Taylor and said, hey cutie"

Taylor blushed then ran behind me staring at jake as he walked out the house.

"So how are you with everything? Jenna ask as Taylor ran to the back yard to play.

"My mom isn't please about this but she's taking the news worst then the last time i told her I was pregnant" I said feeling sad and a bit sick.

You know Jake and I are here for you" Jenna said, we can help you and I'll get you a job"

How? I ask.

Well the bar is hiring and since I'll be quiting this September for school i can get you a job but um how far alone are you?

a week" I said, "i have a doctors appointment in three weeks"

"So let's just say you'll be due in Janurary maybe" Jenna said.

Maybe" I said, What am i going to do? Prom is in two weeks, Graduation is in five weeks, and and I don't know"

Calm down, look you have a check up in three weeks" She said, don't worry your baby and you WILL be fine"

I nod but in my head I didn't feel fime....

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