How much more Awkward can it get

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Their staring at me" I thought, their staring at me?

Senior year is here and everyone once was talking about the big break up with Collin and I but now the news of the lying rumor of Jake sleeping with another girl at Sadie's pool party on July firsta.

Hey bay" Matty said kissing my lips. At the party Matty and I got back together and lets just say the sex that night waa A..mazing.

What's up? i asks.

Nothing just Tamara crying about the rumors.

I told her they are lies" I said bitting my lip.

For the past three weeks I've been getting these headache, and this sickness and weight gain. I looked at Sadie who was divine her tongue down Collin's throat.

Ugh disgusting right" Tamara sniffled.

Aww you ok" I ask taking her in my arms.

Im fine now" she says pulling out a tuna fish sandwhich. The awful smell curled my nose throwing me to the bathroom. I bust through the stall and lean over the toilet throwing out my breakfast.

Here" Sadie said after i can out the bathroom washing my mouth and hands. I took the small brown paper bag.

What's this? I ask turning off the water.

She smirk walking to the door then turned back to me and said, A pregnancy test.

I stared at her then at the test. Could I be?

I thought back to the last time I had sex

Sandie's party

Why" I cried seeing Collin getting dress in Sadie's room.

Look it was fun but she is why we broke up" he said looking at Sadie still wrapped in the sheets. I slapped him then as my eyes balled up with tears i ran into another room.

You ok? A voice ask.

Jake? i said whipping my tears.

Hey what's wrong? He ask sitting on the bed, tell me. bed....together" I sobbed.

Oh no" he said wrapping his arms around me, look at me; I'm hiding in this room becauae my girlfriend is mad that I'm umm kind of drunk"

We laughed as the room got quite and the music outside got louder.

Do you miss us? He asks

Always" i said then covered my mouth, im soo sorry your...your with Tamara"

But right now in this room I'm with you" he said leaning in pressing his lips deep on mine. I tried to push him back but his hand creeped up my back undoing my bra. He squeeze my chest making me moan. He lean forqard causing him to hover over me.

"Just this once" he begged kissing my body he brought his lips down and kissed me lettinghis right hand trail down my body His hand felt so good as it glided down my chest, brushing over my nipple and down to my thigh. My body felt warm and electric where every he touched.

"Oh god" I breathed then thought, no jenna it's Jake you know your best friends boyfriend".

He gazed into my eyes for a moment more and it seemed like he wanted to say something but then he lowered his head.He brushed his lips down my neck and across my collarbones.He kissed my breasts and then licked the tipofone.My back instantly arched up pushing my breast into his face,while a moan escaped my throat.

Hes drunk" I thoughy. But I didnt care. I accepted the pleasure,he brought my nipple into his mouth and suckled it gently,while I tried to push him back.

Jake" I beg as he unbuckled his pants.

You want this" he said pushing hai hard on deep against my now soaked panties. I moaned in response as I felt his fingers grazey folds, his head collapsed into my hair and he murmured so softly.Another finger slowing eased inside of me and he brought his lips back to mine.My body was trembling and aching,with a need that haven ever known before. That I only thought Collin or even Matty can make me feel...umm...fanatic

"Jake,please no what about your girl best friend ."

Tell me to stop them" he said staring down at me waiting for my answer. But it never came.

I,should have; I wanted to i mean he ia taken but I couldn't find it in my head to say n instead I pulled his lips to mine.

"Jake,now...I want you in me now" I,screamed at him as my hand gripped his shoulder,my nails digging,in his,shoulder leaving small scratches.

"Jenna no he is your best friend boyfriend remember? my thoughts warned.

Jake growled and,brought himself up over me, gently puahin his erection,,quickly and forcefully thrust into me in one stroke bringing himself all the way to the hills and stopped as I cryed out a loud moan of,pleasure.

"Oh,God..."he said with pleasure.

No abort, abort your having sex with jake; you remember jake Tamara boyfriend"

He sowly pulled his throbbing erection out of me and then ever so slowly,pushed it all the way back in. He groan into my mouthright then as we were kissing amd I lost it. Frantically, I began topush my hips into him; my hands were rubbing and,clawing at his back. Taking my cue, he gradually began to,pump into me faster,my body,me this eachtime,and we worked into a rhythm.

I cried out,"I'm...oh,Jake."

We looked at eachother and Jake moaned, "Jenna,God,you are so hot,so tight.I'm not going to last much longer."

With our eyes open and watching one another, he,saw me reach my climax,my back arched and I began to call out his name. Before His name fully escaped my lips, He clasped his lips,on mine kiss me as he moaned my name into my mouth and my body convulsed slightly I felt a delicious warmth enter inside my body. He collapsed ontop of me and said

"Jenna,you are a...mazing"

He fell sleep right after that so it gave me a chance to get all my stuff and walked out the room and as soon as i saw my house my phone ring.

You home? Matty asks.

Yea"I said walking into my room.

Open your door"he says hanging up.

I open the door to see a shirtless Matty.

Hey" he said before I tackled him pulling him to my bed. I pulled him over me staring at our reflection in the ceiling mirror my mom put in.

Ahh" I said as we pulled off he layers of our clothes. I stared down at his large erection and begged him to get in me, He nods thrusting in and out of me. Minutes past and soon our oragasm came. We feel asleep later after that.

Back to reality.

Oh shit"i said as the plus sign laughed at me. Neither one of them wore a condom..

Shit" I stared at it feeling like vomiting again even though I had nothing but breakfast today.

The BIG question that's running through my head is who's the Father????

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