chapter 5

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I stood in the corner and sipped on my sweet tea. Everyone was dancing, drink and mingling. I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and my mouth hit the the floor. This girl, was beautiful. She has ebony skin, brown eyes and curled hair that reach her back. She was skinny and wearing a red swester dress with the back showing.

Umm hi? I said.

Hi I'm Kelly" she said her hand infront of me; I took it and shook it saying, "Cool part huh?

Umm, I'm Jenna and, this party is hosted by my mom" I said as I felt an,arm wrapped around mt waist and a wet kiss on my neck.

I miss you" He said.

Jake? Kelly said shocked looking behind me.

Kelly? He said letting go of me,and takin this girl in his arm spinning her around and them laughing.

Umm" I said confused, How do you,know each other?

Umm Jake and I were best friends since kindergarten then we dated in eighth grade but sadly he moved away the summe before tenth grade" she said then looked at me, "how do you two know each other?

I pulled Jake next to me and entwined our fingers together abd said, "We're dating and having a baby"


January 1: 27 weeks pregnant

New years is today and Jake and I dexided to decarote Jackson room. I called Jake because I got done with my home work and again the third time today he didn't answer. The baby kept kicking and evertime Jake's not home I feel like he kicks faster and harder. Yesterday he kicked me so hard ge bruise my rib.

My phone ring and I picked it up not looking at the ID.

Jake" I said exhausted.

No, umm hey Jenna? He said.

Matty? I said shocked. He stopped talking to me when I found out i was pregnant and when he called i say well....a bit surprise.

Hey umm can i came over? He ask.

Yea" I said rubbing my belly feeling lonely.

It was an hour later when I heard the door knock. I wobble to the baby room showing i did nothing. He chuckle and we gor to work. It,was seven when we got two walls painted in green paint with a jungle design on it.

Hungry? I asks as he nods. He followed me to tge kitchen and told me to sir down,while he make us a peanut and jelly sandwich.

Mmm, this is good" I moaned.

I looked up saw Matty in mid chewing motion staring at me. Suddenly he took ny face and kissed me. I tried to push him back but he kept pushing me down on the kitchen floor as he got ontop of me.

Matty stop" i said as he kissed my neck and chest.

He ripped my shirt open and started sucking my nipples which as i got pregnant grew huge.

Matty stop" I cried then mumbled, "Jake help"

Suddenly the door was kicked open,Jake looked angry. He grab Matty by the coller and pulled him to the ground. He started punching him,abd kicking him. I had to stop him because Matty was bleeding.

Stay the fuck away from my girlfriend" he said then pulled him by the shirt and throwing him out the door.

Jenna" he said taking me in his arms.

I couldn't speak. He sign as he pulled me in the room. He help me get dress into his football shirt and my blue boy shirts.he tucked me in bed thdn walked out for a second.

When he walked back in he took my face and kissed me hard. I froze for a second as Matty kiss popped in my head but I had to remind myself he is Jake not Matty.

The Jackson's room looks great" he said, is that's why Matty came here?

Yea and then I thought of something, where have you been?

Oh yea umm I've been shopping with Kelly" He said looking shy

Why the hell was you with her? I asks ticked off.

He sign then went to his jacket pocket and pulled out a black box. He got on one knee then open the box showing me a 1 1/3 Carat Gold Diamond three stone Halo ring in 14k white gold halo setting.

I gasp. This ring was beautiful and it looked way out of our budget. much did this cost? I ask.

Well Since working with my dad I've made seven hundred dollar, our mom gave me five for just luck and my dad gave a raise and a Christmas bonus check.

How much of a bonus? I ask.

Seven hundred dollar bounas and I've been raises up to thirty more dollar" he said then smirk rising up his lips press to my ear, "And besides Kelly is fully gay; been that,way since we broke up"

I stared shocked at him. First at this beautiful expensive ring, awcond tp found out Kelly is gay and third feeling stupid I thought she was trying to take Jake fron me.

I wanted to ask you something?  He says, then took a breath, Jenna Hamilton will you take this ring and my wife??

I started at him shocked. Tears formed in my eyes sliding down my face. Fire works blast outsise as Jake smile grew covering half his face. I open my mouth and said.....

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