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FOREVER IN ABYSS by AkimotoMiharu
FOREVER IN ABYSSby Akimoto Miharu
Chinen Yuri found himself on the world of his own nightmares where the fate of mankind lies in his hands and the rest is history.
  • heysayjump
  • nakajima
  • yabu
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Kaca Lemari dan Perjanjian Itu by bubu_panthalasa
Kaca Lemari dan Perjanjian Ituby Bubu Panthalasa
Keiko tiba-tiba meminta cerai dengan suaminya. Apa yang sebenarnya terjadi?
  • keitookamoto
  • okamotokeito
  • heysaybest
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Where the admins supply you with recommended HSJ fanfictions Admin in charge of this book: n/a
  • fanfiction
  • heysayjump
  • hsj
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Pet Shop Love Motion [Inoo Kei HSJ] by Geldig
Pet Shop Love Motion [Inoo Kei HSJ]by Geldig
Pet Shop Love Motion inspired fanfic. Inoo x Reader
  • jpop
  • jump
  • inookei
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Pet Shop Love Motion [Nakajima Yuto HSJ] by Geldig
Pet Shop Love Motion [Nakajima Yut...by Geldig
Pet Shop Love Motion inspired fanfic. Yuto x Reader
  • bunnies
  • rabbits
  • johnnys
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Highlighter Hero by EppyPhantomhive
Highlighter Heroby EppyPhantomhive
Chinen Yuri lost his highlighter, so he asked his roommate, Yamada Ryosuke if he can borrow his highlighter. Unfortunately Yamada lost his too, but he didn't want to dis...
  • morimotoryutaro
  • yaotomehikaru
  • ariokadaiki
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He is SHE? He is HE? ( Can I be your man?) by kathleenneko
He is SHE? He is HE? ( Can I be yo...by Kathleen Fernandez
"I think I would be glad and it would be better kung sayo na lang ako na in love at hindi sa kanya, bakit kasi ang laki kong bulag, kitang kita ko na nga oh! Malina...
  • romance
  • yamachan
  • japanese
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Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Stories by FRS-LDI
Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Storiesby FRS-LDI
*This book written in Indonesian* Sudah Di Tutup Regards, FRS-LDI
  • jump
  • say
  • takakiyuya
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Second Chance At Fate | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
Second Chance At Fate | Inoo Keiby ♡
This is basically [Once Again?] AU fanfic.
  • inookeixoc
  • romance
  • heysayjump
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He's For You (Several-Shot) by kokei_chii17
He's For You (Several-Shot)by kokei_chii17
Title : He's For You Type : Several-shot Characters : Yabu Kota, Inoo Kei, OC (Yabu X OC, Inoo X OC) Warning : Bad grammars and words XD Summary/Plot : Every pairings ha...
  • inooxoc
  • inookei
  • yabuxoc
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Kampungnya Janizu by MacoronSweet
Kampungnya Janizuby MacoronSweet
Menceritakan tentang sebuah kampung yang sehari pun gak ada tenang-tenangnya dikarenakan penghuninya kebanyakan cogan yang entah jatuh dari mana, monas mungkin. Akankah...
  • bahasaindonesia
  • sexyzone
  • tokio
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My Sunshine by AsakaShinju
My Sunshineby Amethyst
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You'll never know dear, how much I love you. Please, don't take my sunshine away.
  • hey
  • bl
  • heysayjump
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DEAR by masamuneRei
DEARby Rei
Dear. Is the you today, and the you tomorrow Laughing or crying? Did my voice reach you there? For the me today, and the me tomorrow There's no one else in my heart but...
  • chinenyuri
  • yamadaryosuke
  • boyslove
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Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfriend. (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfrien...by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) You're the only one who there for me when the times i'm alone sad and when i'm in danger, You're just like an angel who guide me whenever i go, you're...
  • okamotokeito
  • best
  • yaotomehikaru
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The Crazy Girls with the boys by miroandrewchi
The Crazy Girls with the boysby miroandrewchi
  • gdigg
  • hbgjhiuvh
  • hvdsdh
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Flower Talks by AsakaShinju
Flower Talksby Amethyst
A continuation from Miniature Garden.
  • jump
  • yabukota
  • inoobu
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Look Up to the Moon by ToriLeeFrisbee
Look Up to the Moonby SageChonk
Dani has loved her life of history and adventure. Throughout the years her and her family have searched ruins, explored jungles, and discovered ancient mysteries. This t...
  • hsj
  • witches
  • paranormal
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Demon's Love by Karina93
Demon's Loveby Karina93
A girl who just get into new school and she has to get ready for everything that completely different from other usual school. Who will become her savior?
  • ariokadaiki
  • hsj
SPARKLING EYES by stilldaydreaming1005
SPARKLING EYESby stilldaydreaming1005
Ketika Inoo Kei jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama
  • hsj
  • inoo
  • hey
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