Love Game | Escape to Labyrinth by Keiriin01226
Love Game | Escape to Labyrinthby cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) The badasses thief in their city (Takaki Yuya) will swapping soul with the only son of the biggest bank company on their nation (Inoo kei). How does i...
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Kiss Diary (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction) COMPLETED ⭐ by SyusurieFujino
Kiss Diary (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfict...by Yana Aquino (Yamada)
~ That smile of a KISS, I want to share it, when it's just the two of us. The happiness is just here. That tears of a KISS, I want to get hold of it, so that. I can embr...
  • romance
  • friendship
  • father
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DEAR by masamuneRei
DEARby Rei
Dear. Is the you today, and the you tomorrow Laughing or crying? Did my voice reach you there? For the me today, and the me tomorrow There's no one else in my heart but...
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Give Me Love (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction) COMPLETED ♥ by SyusurieFujino
Give Me Love (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfi...by Yana Aquino (Yamada)
~ Yes, Give Me Love Give Me Love. I'll go anywhere, under this endless sky. Give Me Love Give Me Love. Someone important is waiting for you somewhere. I've always yelled...
  • love
  • marriedlife
  • 山田涼介
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Blackguard by braverin
Blackguardby Riiiiin_
Pasangan anak dan ayah yang terlampau bajingan. WARNING!!! Cerita ini terinspirasi dari salah satu webtoon yang dibuat dengan versi hsj dan dibedakan beberapa bagian.
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Missing You by braverin
Missing Youby Riiiiin_
Kau menciumku dihiasi kembang api yang kita lihat bersama dipinggir pantai.Namun tak ku sangka itu menjadi sebuah salam perpisahan yang sama sekali tidak aku sadari.Sele...
  • romance
  • heysayjump
  • yabunoo
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Unwavering Love | Inoo Kei by PuriPuriPrettyKei
Unwavering Love | Inoo Keiby ♡
"It's the one thing I'll never tell him."
  • japan
  • cute
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My One And Only Chibi [Yamachii] by PandaLiene
My One And Only Chibi [Yamachii]by ♤Elly Liene♤
In this fic Chinen is a girl
  • fanfiction
  • heysayjump
  • chinenyuri
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Gold in the Air of Summer by Lady_Michiru
Gold in the Air of Summerby Micchan
[Pairing: Yuto x Yamada] Yamada thinks he knows what he wants. [Photo by kazuend on Unsplash]
  • fanfiction
  • hsj
  • yutoyama
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Bring Me To Life by blackpink_lover
Bring Me To Lifeby blackpink_lover
Title: Bring Me To Life Pairing: TaDaiki (hint of AriYama pairing) Type: Chaptered Genre: Frienship, SMUT, Rape, Romance Rating: NC-21 Summary: Lost his parents in such...
  • heysayjump
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You Are Mine by Mika_Aoi
You Are Mineby Mika_Aoi
Have fun reading this fanfic ^_^
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Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Stories by FRS-LDI
Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Storiesby FRS-Luna Di Ilios
*This book written in Indonesian* Open request untuk para penggemar Hey!Say!JUMP. Request akan dipilih kembali. Request dengan format: Nama (Reader), Member (HSJ), dan t...
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Where the admins supply you with recommended HSJ fanfictions Admin in charge of this book: n/a
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3 Kali Chinen Berpikir Yamada Cocok Menjadi Ibu Rumah Tangga by ryori_desu
3 Kali Chinen Berpikir Yamada Coco...by YamaChii Hardshipper
'3 Kali Chinen Berpikir Yamada Cocok Menjadi Ibu Rumah Tangga' Judul sudah mendeskripsikan semuanya... Pairing : YamaChii Genre : Humor, Romance Rated : G
  • fanfiction
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  • chinenyuri
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Johnny's Brothers Conflict (Hey! Say! JUMP & Sexy Zone) by PandaLiene
Johnny's Brothers Conflict (Hey! S...by ♤Elly Liene♤
Please enjoy the fanfiction! Starring: (Hey! Say! JUMP) (Sexy Zone) 😍😍😍
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Love Game | Unwanted Love (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Love Game | Unwanted Love (Complet...by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) A story of normal highschool boy who accept the job that the stranger offer to him as a housekeeper, to agree on the job, he demand an advance salary...
  • yuyatakaki
  • inookei
  • yabukota
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