Gokusen 3 Remake by HezaSaitou
Gokusen 3 Remakeby Heza Saitou
Gokusen 3, but with one twist: Saitou, Heza. Not only does this girl go to Akadou and reside in Class 3-D, she is the childhood friend of Kazama, Ren. How will Class 3-D...
  • yuyatakaki
  • action
  • fanfiction
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Confession | Inoo Kei x Takaki Yuya by InyanKei00
Confession | Inoo Kei x Takaki Yuyaby InyanKei00
Genre: fluff/romance This story is inspired by the concert reports about Jouken Hansha (Inoo's solo) last 11.11.18 where apparently takaki and inoo was so fluff, i just...
  • boyxboy
  • takaki
  • keitookamoto
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In another time by InyanKei00
In another timeby InyanKei00
"What if you found someone at a wrong place at a wrong time? Will you continue pursuing that person who makes you happy even though the universe doesnt seem to alig...
  • romance
  • yabukota
  • inookei
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Hey! Say! JUMP Scenarios by Kentototo
Hey! Say! JUMP Scenariosby Kento trash™
A collection of Hey! Say! JUMP scenarios, mainly written by request and reposted from Tumblr and AFFA.
  • hey
  • jump
  • nakajimayuto
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Hsj x Hsj one shots stories by Keiriin01226
Hsj x Hsj one shots storiesby cupKEI-k
Random Hsj Fanfictions. Genders: Bl, gender blending, romance, comedy, drama, fluff, angst, school, work, etc
  • heysay7
  • hsb
  • takakiyuya
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Love Game | The fallen Angel (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Love Game | The fallen Angel (Comp...by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) I've been living in this world for almost 11 years being nothing, knowing nothing just rei sound that always repeatedly blowing into my ears, knowing...
  • inookei
  • takakinoo
  • heysayjump
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My One And Only Chibi [Yamachii] by PandaLiene
My One And Only Chibi [Yamachii]by ♤Elly Liene♤
In this fic Chinen is a girl
  • chinenyuri
  • yurichinen
  • yamachii
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Unwavering Love | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
Unwavering Love | Inoo Keiby ♡
"It's the one thing I'll never tell him."
  • jpop
  • unrequited
  • inookei
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Vending Machine | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
Vending Machine | Inoo Keiby ♡
"I'm not used to it." "Used to what?" "Anyone talking to me, or being nice to me like this.." "Get used to it then." "Hu...
  • heysayjump
  • romance
  • fluffy
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Sakura, Saita yo (桜、咲いたよ) by SyusurieFujino
Sakura, Saita yo (桜、咲いたよ)by Yana Aquino (Yamada)
This is a story of love and friendship ~ Friendship that will never leave each other's side no matter what happens... And Love that will conquer everything, fight for ev...
  • keiinoo
  • keitookamoto
  • morimotoryutaro
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Kiss Diary (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction) COMPLETED ⭐ by SyusurieFujino
Kiss Diary (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfict...by Yana Aquino (Yamada)
~ That smile of a KISS, I want to share it, when it's just the two of us. The happiness is just here. That tears of a KISS, I want to get hold of it, so that. I can embr...
  • comedy
  • heysayjump
  • son
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Wish Upon a Kiss by RicePlum
Wish Upon a Kissby Annis Aini
Happy birthday Inoo-chan! Blows the candle and make a wish!
  • heysayjump
  • otp
  • yabunoo
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Secret in My Heart by Hee_Dachan
Secret in My Heartby Hida
[Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction] This fic use english language Cast : for now only Arioka Daiki Genre : Romance, Drama Rate : PG Summary : Arioka Daiki fall in love to someon...
  • heysayjump
  • nakajimayuto
  • yamadaryosuke
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White song  by AyaChan8
White song by Aya Chan
I hope... snow will fall upon as soon, everywhere. the whole world veiled in white and I'll be reset ....to face the season, once again. Warning : Hey say Jump, Yaoi...
  • heysayjump
  • takanoo
  • agst
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Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfriend. (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfrien...by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) You're the only one who there for me when the times i'm alone sad and when i'm in danger, You're just like an angel who guide me whenever i go, you're...
  • inookei
  • yabukota
  • keitookamoto
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Yamada Ryosuke x OC Fanfiction Chapter 1 by AkaiRin777
Yamada Ryosuke x OC Fanfiction Cha...by AkaiRin777
Genre: Drama/Romance Rating: G Warning: - Length: Chaptered Bad english and grammar mistake, because I'm not english native speaker. Plot: Himeku get a Job to become a...
  • yamadaryosuke
  • fanfiction
  • hsj
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[FANFIC BAHASA INDONESIA] Cast : Arioka Daiki Genre : Drama Disclaimer : tokoh disini bukan milikku, hanya alur ceritanya saja milikku Summary : Valentine, menghabiskan...
  • valentine
  • takakiyuya
  • ff
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NEW HOPE by masamuneRei
What do you see in this empty night? Even though I want to protect you I wonder if there are things I can't protect You showed our hearts, That sometimes goodbyes can r...
  • hsj
  • yamachii
  • chinenyuri
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My Life as a Fangirl by catie106
My Life as a Fangirlby Catie ^~^
This is just a book that I write in when I'm bored or when I just want to chat with fellow fans. I'll have a chapter for each of the bands in the picture. BTS, Hey! Say...
  • da-ice
  • daice
  • heysaybest
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My Baka by Lkooki
My Bakaby Lkooki
Love is unfair. There is always a person that loves and cares about the other more.
  • heysayjump
  • youth
  • johnnys
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