Love Game | Escape to Labyrinth by Keiriin01226
Love Game | Escape to Labyrinthby cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) The badasses thief in their city (Takaki Yuya) will switching soul with the only son of the biggest bank company on their nation (Inoo kei). How does...
  • hikaruyaotome
  • yamadaryosuke
  • takainoo
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Unwanted Love (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Unwanted Love (Complete)by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) A story of normal highschool boy who accept the job that the stranger offered to him as a housekeeper, to agree on the job, he demand an advance sala...
  • yabukota
  • heysayjump
  • inookei
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Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfriend. (Complete) by Keiriin01226
Lucky I'm Inlove with my Bestfrien...by cupKEI-k
Summary: (BoyxBoy) You're the only one who there for me when the times i'm alone sad and when i'm in danger, You're just like an angel who guide me whenever i go, you're...
  • heysayjump
  • jump
  • yabunoo
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My Baka by ykooki
My Bakaby ykooki
Suzuke Nagi, a common student that has always been unbothered to interact with people in her 'new' school...at least that is what she thought, until she talked to Yamada...
  • yamadaryosuke
  • hsj
  • fanfiction
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White song  by AyaChan8
White song by Aya Chan
I hope... snow will fall upon as soon, everywhere. the whole world veiled in white and I'll be reset ....to face the season, once again. Warning : Hey say Jump, Yaoi...
  • heysaybest
  • heysayjump
  • hsj
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Double pack [OneShot] by OnigirisFics
Double pack [OneShot]by Onigiri's Fics
Es el cumpleaños de Takaki por lo que Yabu decide llevarlo a celebrar, al volver a su casa se acuerda que sus padres se han ido de viaje así que deja que su amigo se que...
  • takachii
  • hsj
  • yabu
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Second Chance At Fate | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
Second Chance At Fate | Inoo Keiby ♡
This is basically Once Again? AU fanfic.
  • romance
  • inoo
  • heysayjump
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Blackguard by braverin
Blackguardby Riiiiin_
Pasangan anak dan ayah yang terlampau bajingan. WARNING!!! Cerita ini terinspirasi dari salah satu webtoon yang dibuat dengan versi hsj dan dibedakan beberapa bagian.
  • blackguard
  • yuto
  • okamotokeito
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Once again?  | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
Once again? | Inoo Keiby ♡
"And...why do you care..?" I looked at him with a bitter feeling in my heart. "I..." He bites his lips. "I don't want you to be with him!"
  • jpop
  • johnnys
  • jump
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Yamada Ryosuke x Chinen Yuri Yabu Kota x Inoo Kei Yaotome Hikaru x Okamoto Keito Takaki Yuya x Arioka Daiki Nakajima Yuto x Morimoto Ryutaro
  • hsj
  • love
  • yamachii
Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Stories by FRS-LDI
Hey!Say!JUMP Fanfiction Storiesby FRS-Luna Di Ilios
*This book written in Indonesian* Closed Regards, FRS-LDI
  • inookei
  • xreader
  • say
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DEAR by masamuneRei
DEARby Rei
Dear. Is the you today, and the you tomorrow Laughing or crying? Did my voice reach you there? For the me today, and the me tomorrow There's no one else in my heart but...
  • yamachii
  • yaoi
  • yamadaryosuke
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Secret in My Heart by Hee_Dachan
Secret in My Heartby Hida
[Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction] This fic use english language Cast : for now only Arioka Daiki Genre : Romance, Drama Rate : PG Summary : Arioka Daiki fall in love to someon...
  • ariokadaiki
  • inookei
  • hsj
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One Touch Away | Inoo Kei by SeventhEuphoria
One Touch Away | Inoo Keiby ♡
He's your best friend, your study buddy and pretty much just your everything but...you have a crush on him and he doesn't know about it. Note: [This is my 2nd attempt a...
  • romance
  • japanese
  • inooxoc
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NEW HOPE by masamuneRei
What do you see in this empty night? Even though I want to protect you I wonder if there are things I can't protect You showed our hearts, That sometimes goodbyes can r...
  • yaoi
  • menxmen
  • yamachine
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LOVE GAME by Kiwokchwan
LOVE GAMEby Kiwokchwan
Namaku Yamada Ryosuke. Cowok paling keren sejagad. Putra presedir ternama. Pintar. Berkarisma. Memiliki karakter pangeran. Kalau kalian menganggapku narsis kalian salah...
  • yamada
  • yamadaryosuke
  • hsj
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Fire meet gasoline by Lady_Michiru
Fire meet gasolineby Micchan
[Pairing: Yuto x Yamada] Yamada is a brilliant mechanic with a past, who just wants to race. Yuto is a spoiled child who is running away from everything. When they meet...
  • yamajima
  • yutoyama
  • hsj
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White Love (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfiction) by SyusurieFujino
White Love (Hey! Say! JUMP Fanfict...by Yana Aquino (Yamada)
~ If there's only one wish that can come true I only want you. Lady, you're the starting of my first and last love. I only have one person I dedicated my love to with al...
  • romance
  • 山田涼介
  • yamadaryosuke
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