Chapter 2

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Where were you? Tamar ask as I arrived to lunch seeing her on Jake's lap.

Bathroom, I'm not feeling well" I said feeling my head pound.

No shit" she said kissing Jake cheek, "I'm ova that stupid rumors"

You ok? Matty ask sitting next to me. I nod keeping my head down.

You know there is no school tomorrow due to a teacher and student who got caught having sex in the stairwell"

Mmm" I said not caring.

So everyone my house for a kick back" Matty suggested.

I...I can't" I stuttered, My mom and I are busy"

Doing what? Tamara aks

Stuff" I said ticked off walking out of the cafeteria and into the hall.

So does Matty know? Sadie ask out of the blue.

Know what? I Asks confused.

She smirked then pulling out of toilet paper my pregnancy test.

Mmm I wonder if Matty knows? She teased.

I snatched the test out her hand then turned to the other hall, hearing her annoying voice as I turned the hall

Oh yea tell Matty hey daddy"


How did this happen? My mom ask shocked.

I had sex unprotected" I said.

Do Matty know? She ask, "I mean the father should know if he's havin a baby"

I bit the inside of my mouth as my eyes drifted to the floor.

It is Matty's right? She question and sign , "oh jenna no tell me Matty's the father"

"Iook i only had sex with matty and ummm Jake that night but at different times" I said, "Neither was protected"

Ok look how about you stay home next week and then if well tell Matty" she said then got up and walked away.

Its been two weeks since I've been gone from school and today is my doctor appointment.I called Matty and ask him about that night. He told me we were protected and he didn't come inside me so that left one person...I called Jake to meet me and not tell Tamar about it.

So what's wrong? He ask as we enter the hospital room.

Ok so are you ready to see your baby? The doctor ask as Jake looked shocked.

She put the cream on my belly and the looked at the screen, "yours about seven weeks along so in about five more weeks you can see the sex of the baby and the baby is healthy"

After she was done cleaning me up she congratulated me then left the room.

A baby? Jake said, umm congratulation did you tell Matty?

Its not Matty's" I said under my breath, it's your baby"

Around ten we my parents were out Jake and I stayed in my room. did this happen? He ask.

Remember, Sadie's" I said, but don't worry im breaking up with Matty when i get back to school, I'm keeping the baby and you don't have to be in it's life"

But what if i want too" he ask.

You cant" i said, your with my best friend"

I'm not leaving my kid" he said, we can be friends, Tamara and i will break up and you and I WILL take care of our baby got it?

I was a little bit shocked Jake would think this but this is his baby and maybe we can be a family.

What about school and our friends? i ask

Ok so your seven weeks along and by earlier or graduation you'll have the baby and me and you forever together"

I nod pressing my lips on his..i didn't feel bad nor disgust...i felt inlove...inlove with my best friends boyfriend...the father of my child. Damn it i wonder if im a bitch for doing this???? Oh my

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