Chapter 9

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I stood by my dad as I watch Jenna rocking Jackson then waved at me which didn't help what i was thinking:

Honeymoon,honeymoon,Jenna moaning,Honeymoon, honeymoon,

I was pulled out of my thoughts by my dad.

"The wedding is over why are you still,nervous?"I shook my head with a smile.

"I'm not it's just a good song especially I'm about to go

on my honeymoon, honeymoon, big bed,honeymoon, honeymoon"

He started laughing and my mom walked over tohim rolling her eyes atme.

"You are so sexually charged,"she giggled qnd I frowned.I looked down at a sleep Jackson. Man two weeks away from my newborn son was going to be tough but tougher on Jenna.

Oh don't yoh worry we'll take good care of our grandson" my mom said, but please don't come back with more.

I felt two arms wrap around my waist and I began to sway with the hips pressed against me.

"Honeymoon,honeymoon "sang Jenna in my ear and I nodded happily as my mom and dad laughed. My mom and surprisly my dad nodded.

"Well have fun,when will you ne back"asked my mom said and I sighed.

"Well at first we were going to make it a long honeymoon but since a certain person will be on my mind the majority of the time..." I stared at Jackson,"We'll be back in two weeks. That's as short as we can stay away fro him"

They all laughed and we smiled at Jackson knowing he was now our world.We gave them small hugs as I pulled Jenna to the door.

"Hey Jenna,youknow,how I,got bonus points for the cows?"

She slowly nodded then smiled then I said

"WellI plan on needing alot of bonus points so I decided to get you something special especially since you wouldn't let me get you a gift"

She lookedat me curiously and was pulled

outside. I stopped dead in my track and laughed at the priceless expression on her face. she think I loves being able to surprise her and I do. here infront of us was a sleek,black Aston,MartinVanquish.I place my arms around her waist,as the others walked out check itout as well.

"'t,"she tried to speak and I smiled as I


"I even tweaked the engine so it could,go the speeds you like baby,with the help of my dad of couse".

she hugged me happily before hugging my dad as well and then ran over to her new car. I opened the door for her and she quickly got in turning it on. We said goodbye to the others then got in the car. I kissed her passionately and gave her the sexiest look I could do. My eyes were full of lust and desire.

"Oh Jake,you are getting so lucky these next twoweeks,"she hissed out and my whole body stiffened with excitement. I

began to bounce in my seat next to her and then we took off.

"Honeymoon,honeymoon,bonuspoints,honeymoon," she ang as I laughed and we headed toToronto.I think I love my life a little bit more now!!!!


Fifteen minutes later,we were on a plane heading out over the ocean on our way to the islands.Several uneventful hours

later,we landed.It was still dark out,but you could see the sky beginning to lighten.Sunrise would becoming along within the


After disembarking the plane and fetting our luggage, we grabbed a cab and headed for a hotel near the airport. Upon arrival,Jake checked in,and we were shown to our room.

The room was nice.It was the most extravagantroom I'd ever seen.Off to the side of the livingroom was the bedroom and the colors reminded me of asunset.The bed itself was large and adorned with tan sheets and blankets.Itfit the atmosphere perfectly.

I stood at the end of the bed,infront of the double door leading to the balcony,enjoying the the sunset.

"Some view huh?" He said standing there with me for a moment.I was too nervous to do anything ut nod my head and agree with him.

He turned me aeound and gently lifted my chin to look at him and said,

"Comehere.I want to make love to my gorgeous wife."while reaching for my hand.

I placed my hand in his and followed him tothebed.He reached around me and pulled my long,flowing Burnett hair to

the side then moved behind me and,slowly pulled the zipper of my dress down. Once it was undone,he pushed the short

sleeves down,freeing my arms from the material and the dress fell around my ankles to the floor,leavin gme standing

there in next to nothing. Slowly,I turned around.Jake stood,there,his eyes dark

with lust and a smile onbhis face.I moved to undress him. I started with his shirt, pulling it up,so it was free of his pants

and one by one,unfastened the buttons.Reaching the lastone,I ran my hands back up his chest,to his broad shoulders, and

pushed it so it slide down his arms and to the floor.I then opened his belt,popped the button and lowered the,zipper of his pants before I pushed them to meet the floor.Once he was undressed,Jake picked me up gentky and place me in the middle of the large bed. He laid down beside me and sensing my apprehension, said

," Relax, we'll go sliw and take things little by littel."

"Okay."I whispered back,kissing him.

From there,soft kisses trailed down my throat to my chest.He started kneading my breasts gentlyand as Iarched up into him,he moved his hands to unclasp my bra and then,tossed it to the floor with everything else. His left hanf moved down my hip, brushing and massaging as jt went while his mouth moved to my breasts,licking andvsucking gently. All too soon,he slowly moved down my body and his hands moved closer to the place I'd wanted him the most while his

head moved back up my body.

"You're so wet"he whispers as he kisses me behind my ear.

"Only for you."

Slowly hepushed one finger into me and pumped in and out as my hips rose to meet him,needing more friction.


So he inserts a second finger and continues pumping in and out. Before long, mywalls begin tightening and my legs stiffen as I find my release.

"Jake,I need you,now!"I practicallygrowl.

He nods putting on a condom. In one swift move,he enters me,his pace slow and gentle at first, but soon starts to pick up.I match his thrust for thrust, a burning growing low in my belly causing me to see stars to burst behind my eyes I come hard. Jake got out of me and camd in my stomach. We chuckled as he got of me and got a wet rag cleaning me off.

"I love you" he whisper.,i nod as my eyes grew heavier and our body together.

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