Chapter 16

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three months along

We arrived at the football field as everyone else was arriving to their sets. it was bad Hunter was in the G row while I was in the k row. I sat in my seat and as I looked up I saw Matty leaning over a blonde to his right whispering in her ear as they both laughed. I looked away from then and caught Jenna giving them the evil eye. in the crowed. Jenna's, Matty's, Jake's and Hunter's parents were there. I wasn't surprise to not see my mom their but I couldn't say I wasn't hurt by her absent. row after row names was called and I felt a little sick. Suddenly my head jolted up as the principal called

"we would now have our class president and valedictorian, Tamara Kaplan to speak".

I tear fell down my cheek as I saw the parents jump up and cheered for me. when i walked up the stage Hunter mouthed "I love you" I blushed as almost tripped on my gown trying o walk up the stairs. I walked up n the stage. I gave the Principal a nod then took a breath then started speaking.

"Today is the day. the day we leave high school behind and begin our life as adukts. some of you douted youll get this far cause let me tell you i sure did. Today is the day we forget about the past and walk into the future. never looked back and keep moving forward... poeple there will be bumps in the roads but smoother roads will come soon just believe and keep walking. Never say I give up but say I'll show you"

I shook the principal as I shook her hand and took my diploma in the other hand. I was glad I didn't trip going down the stairs. when I arrived at my seat it seem the ceremony was going by quickly. After the ceremony I ran towards Hunter who was standing with his family. They chuckled when I landed in his arms kissing his cheek. I looked over my shoulder and saw Matty and his family scowling at me. I signed and ignored them.

"Tamara, we're leaving tomorrow to Miami and we would love it if you'll come with us" his mom ask.

I looked at them then at her like she was crazy but I gave them a nod and knew this would be a great vacation.




Miami was really relaxing. We've been here for a month now and I feel like I don't want to leave. I was bored as the family went shopping so I just went on Facebook. There in my face was a picture of MATTY with his arms around a pregnant..... under the picture it says,

"Mommy and Daddy ready for our baby."

I was pissed off. He had a daughter does He not know that. Fuck!!!

"Hey baby " Hunter said with Taylor running behind him.

"Mommy, daddy and I got you these "Taylor said giving me the roses.

"Daddy? I ask.

"I hope you don't mind" He asks shy, "I was kind of wondering after her fourth birthday we can immediately change her last name " He asked.

Why that far away? I asked, "I mean I am five months along so immediately maybe after the baby is born"

He kissed me then went to my belly and said, "Hello baby this is your daddy"

I chuckled as I felt the baby move. We both smiled as Taylor press her ear to my belly and said, "My little brother or sister is moving "

We looked at each other then at Taylor and nod as we both kissed her on the cheek. Suddenly there was fireworks. I looked at Hunter and we both said,

"Happy Fourth of July "

Later that night around ten ten I felt something wet between my legs. I pulled the covers over me and saw water. I shook Hunter who was knocked out next to me and he woke up.

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