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Chapter 20

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"You made it" Amber said handing a red plastic cup.

i chugged it down as Fancy by Iggy played.

oh come on" Amber said as she pulled me on the dance floor.

we movee and swayed our his together. the night went by as i was on my fifth shot and i was a little sad i wasn't drunk yet.

can i have a dance? Dan ask pulling me to the dance floor pressing my back to his chest.

we danced to the song body party grinding into eachother as i turned in gis arms. we looked in eachother as and soon he was pulling me up the stairs into a room.

your so beautiful" he said Kissing down my neck as we fell on the bed.

only once" he sais as I nod in agreement. we closed the space between us as he gave me bliss.


I felt something move beside me. i looked over my shoulder and saw...

did we? I ask

yea but don't worry we used a condom" He said kissing my forehaed.

oh god i...I" I stuttered.

look what happened happened and maybe this can be something" He said brushing my cheeks then kissed it. we got dressed and went our separate ways. when i got home my phone vibrated.

*had a great night last night we should do that again*

fuck" I mumbled then text back

*It will never happen again*

I sign as i unlocked the door and press my back against the couch. I was alone,really fucking horny and regretted it but i dailed a number hearing it ringed.

Come over I need you" I said.


oh god that was amazing" I breathed.

yea, your coming to work tomorrow right? Dan said kissing my back.

always" I said turning around kissing his lips tangling my fingers in his hair.


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