Chapter 22

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Three months later

February 20

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Taylor Happy birthday to you"  we all sung.

Today was Taylor's third birthday and me being an adult I invited Matty, Bailey and Brooke who was now eight months old.

so how are you? Matty ask as i was cleaning the kitchen.

pregnant" I said chuckling, I feel more bloated and sick then i was with Taylor and the twins.

mmm, you were hungry you were

pregnant with Taylor" He said.

well I'm six months and I feel fatter then ever" I said.

suddenly i was in Matty's arms as his head laid on my head. i was shocked but returned the hug.

thank you for taking care of Taylor" he said as Taylor ran into the kitchen laughing, "look Mommy, see what aunt Bailey bought me" she said showing me a princess tiara, "and look what daddy gave me"

There on her wrist was a charm bracelet that Hunter gave her. Matty didn't like it much that Taylor calls Hunter dad and liked him better but he had to deal with that.

Daddy look what daddy gave me" Taylor said to Matty. I was happy she understood that Matty was her real dad but she really liked calling Hunter dad.

its pretty" He said faking a smile.

daddy thank you" She said as Hunter walked in with seven month old Hope and Heaven.

Anything for my little girl" He said kissing her forehaed then walked up to me and whispers, please let this one be a boy because these girly party every year will kill me."

I laughed as I took Hope kissing her on the belly.

Mommy got one of you in her belly" Taylor told Hope rubbing my belly.

Are you ready for the new baby? I asks.

is it going to be another girl? Taylor asks.

I hope not" Hunter said coming behind me wrapping his arm around my waist, Please I need a boy because I'm the only boy in a house full of females"

But you love us daddy" Taylor said sticking her tongue out as she kissed my belly.

Later when everyone was alseep I placed the headphones on my belly as Now Behold The Lamb played.

what you doing? Hunter asks as he laid in bed.

relaxing while the baby listening to music" I said relaxing in bed.

you ready to marry me" He asks as he turned off the lights.

"That's all I've been dreaming about" I told kissing his lips.


Two months later April twentieth

today was the day...MY FUCKING WEDDING DAY.

"stop moving" Jenna said fixing my hair.

My wedding was today and I was happy it was a small wedding.  Jenna was my maid of honor and Jake was the best man. The twins was the flower girl, Jackson was the ringbarrel and my little Taylor was one of my bridemaids infront of Ming and Keke who i found out was a couple.

you ready? Matty asks.

I don't know why I asks him to walk me down yhe aisle but it just since Taylor's birthday we've been close like rebuilding our friendship.

I am" I said. the wedding was simple. everyone was wearing their church attire as I was wearing Carrie's old wedding dress which was a dark blue skin tight dress with a train and vail. it was long sleeves and the back was a lace design that go all the way down my back that stopped above my butt.

we walked down as we arrived to the backyard which was decorated in a nature theme that covered thr backyard with flowers. the walk towards Hunter felt so i couldn't get to him fast enough.

dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman if anyone disagree speak now" the pastor said taking a quick pause, ok, these two lovely couple would like the traditional vowels"

Do you Tamara take Hunter to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health as long as you both shall live? The pastor asks

I do" I whispers.

and do you Hunter take Jenna to be your lawfully wedding wife in sickness and health as long as you both shall live? he asks.

I do" he whispered.

soon the children walked down the aisle as we took the rings off the pillow placing it on our rings.

"By the power invested in me infront of your lovely family and friends i now pronounce you husband and wife; You may kiss the bride"

we all cheered as our lips touch. we all laughed as we walked down the aisle into the house.

are we going to be a family? Taylor as getting picked up by Hunter.

I looked at Heaven and Hope in my arms and Taylor in Hunters then grinned.

forever" I said as Hunter lean into us as he kissed Taylor, Hope and Heaven forehead then looked at me

forever" He repeated kissing my lips then hugging us all.

wow forever? maybe we can have that or maybe this the start of something big and the feeling I felt in my stomach told me somtething is about to happen...Something big....Something that's not.....


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