chapter 14

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PROM April four weeks along

"Matty, where have you been? I asks.

He looked at me for a second then dipped his head on my stomach whispering sweet words to the baby. I was now a mh along and prom was today. I was a bit huge for being a month old. Mattyb lifted his head off my stomach then looked up at me strange and asks

What's wrong?

do you love me? I asks

of course" he said concern.

Do you want to be a family? I ask, with me, Taylor and our new baby?

Yes, Tamara you know I love you and never will hurt you

I chuckled getting sick and tired of his lies and excuses he had for being late, or tired or just plaid fucking smelling like perfume.

I sigh then asks bluntly, "then if you say you'll never hurt me then why the FUCK are you cheating on me?

He looked at me stange but he never answer it yes or no or even dinied it, I then got my answer as I wobbled up the stairs and grabbed two suit cases and a duffle bag and when I went back down stairs i throw taht shit in his face.


huh..what why? he asks

 You fuclked while I'm...I'm pregnant with your FUCKING CHild" I shouted, Get the fuck out my house please"

he looked at me hurt and ashamed at himself as he took the bags I throw at him and slowly walked out the house

"please if you call don't involve the kids in this" I said as i closed teh door.


Tamara POV six weeks along

So how long has Matty been gone? Jenna asks

"t's been three weeks" I said feeling sad, "in two days we'll be graduating and I'm almost  two months along and a doctor appointment next month and I'm...I'm scared" I thought back about prom and how much fun I had

Prom night

Jenna, Jake and I walked inside the gym which was decorated as a ballroom. you couldn't even recognize it as our old smelly gym.

Oh, you guys came" Vale said as she pulled us on the dance floor. I saw Matty walking in the gym with Bailey in his arms. they were dancing like they were the only two people here.

Don't mind them it's our night to shine" Jenna said dancing into Jake front.

Yea" I said joining the dance. soon a slow song started to play and this was my cue to sit my ass down. suddenly a minute after I sat down I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I looked up and saw Hunter. he was in my English, drama and Social studies class. I waved at him as he sat next to me.

why are you sitting? he asks a bit loud over the music.

My feet hurt" I said. his eyes drifted to my stomach ad nod. No one in school knew I was pregnant but my close friends and for Hunter to know just by looking at me was a bit scary.

Don't worry" he said, "my mom, aunt, grandma  and sisters were all teen mom and let's just say my granddad and I are the only male's in the family"

I chuckled and asks "so how girls are their in your family?

He thought for a second then said, "My grandma, my mom and her sister, my two sister and nieces"

wow, so no boys? I asks shocked.

Just me and my granddad" he said, my dad left before I was born, and my sisters baby daddies left them when my nieces were able to talk"  

mmm, I wish my child father was like your granddad" I mumbled.

where is he? he asks.

On the dance floor" I said, this is my second kid and for some reason he's not very supportive of this one".

"Why the hell a I telling this to him? he doesn't even know me???

he looked at me then at my belly and got up.  I was waiting for him to do that...just walk away from me. I mean who wants to talk to me anyway. my thought disappeared when I saw his hand out to me.

Take a walk with me" He said.

I looked at him baffled and shocked but he looked amused and serious to I took it and he took me outside to the senior parking lot.

You know being pregnant isn't a bad think" he said, it's quite lovely knowing your being a human being into this world to protect, love and train to be better than you are now"

You know I never thought of it that way" I said. soon the time went by. it was half past midnight as my phone ringed with text messages from Jenna asking where the hell I was at.

My friends are worried about me" I said slowly walking back not wanting to leave.

Wait" he said pulling out his phone, "Give me your phone"

I looked at him strange but huff giving him my phone. he typed away then handed back to me and started walking away.

when every your bore call me" he said soon disappearing in the darkness. I arrived at the car as Jenna gave me a serious look asking me thousands of questions of my whereabouts. but I couldn't hear her. All was on my mind was Hunter but what got my mind out of the clouds was my phone vibrating.

x I thought that prom would suck but you lighten the mood thanks x                                      Hunter

I smiled feeling a little better about....well me

Tamara" Jenna said shaking  me, Tamara"

Huh what? I said.

where you listening? she said a bit annoyed.

Umm no" I said blushing, "Umm what did you say again?

"Ugh, I said when do you think you'll know the sex? Jenna asks.

I'm about eight weeks along and I'm going to asks If i can found the sex in two week" I said

Is Matty going with you? Jenna asks, and is it a bit early to know the sex?

I don't want Matty their and umm I don't think so I'll just asks" I said then looked at the time, you should be at work"

oh shit" Jenna said rushing out of the room saying a rush, "bye"

I chuckled then thought I was going to be alone at the doctors and  then someone popped in my head that I haven't talk to in a while. maybe I won't be alone after all.

Hey, umm I was wonder if you could go to the doctors with me in two weeks" I asks.

"Sure, I'll be there"

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