Cas' Surprise

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**Sorry I haven't updated in forever!!**

Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Marlene got a visit from her scary ex boyfriend! Cas also had a crash course in shooting a gun from Toby!

Now, on with a story!

Tris' POV

After the whole mess with Mar's scary ex boyfriend, we just decided to go home.

We decided to convince Cas to hang out with Zeke and Uriah later while Toby and I decorate her new room, she still doesn't know about that.

**Time lapse- Lunch**

"So, that happened," Cas said.

She just finished telling us the story of when she kicked Peter in the shin.

A knock on the door interrupts our conversation.

"I'll get it," I say and stand up.

I adjust my K.C Royals ball cap, which is on backward. 

I open the door and both the Pedrad Brothers fall into our apartment. I cross my arms and look down at the brothers.

"What are you doing?" I say.

"Uh, we're here to pick up Cas, Four told us that you guys are doing some sorta surprise for her and needed her out of the house," 

"Cas, come here," I shout and little footsteps fill the apartment.

She is only thirteen but the height of a ten year old. We don't tell her that, though.

"Yeah, Bea?" she pipes.

"Do you wanna hang out with these idiots for a little while? They said they wanted to get to know you better," I say, hoping she buys my lie.

She squints her eyes at me suspiciously.

"Okay," She runs over and hugs Zeke.

Even though she hasn't been here long, she had an automatic connection to Zeke.

It's kinda weird.

He picks her up and places her on his shoulders, her laughing the whole time.

Tobias walks up behind me and puts his hands on my shoulders.

I look back and smile at him, he smiles back.

Zeke and Uriah started bickering about something and Cas is clearly on Zeke's side.

They say their goodbyes and exit the apartment.

"Ready?" Tobias asks.

"Yeah, but I'm gonna change into some older clothes," I say.

He nods and goes back into the living room.

I go into our bedroom and put on some older jeans and a black tank top. The tank top has a drawing of a pipe on it and says Ceci n'est pas une pipe, which I think means "This is not a pipe," which is correct, it is a drawing of a pipe. Apparently, it's from an old book.

I braid my hair in two tight braids that hang over my shoulders and put my K.C Royals cap on, again backwards.

 I strap on my combat boots and walk back into the living room.

Tobias already went into  Cas' new room.

I walk in and see him in deep thought.

I go over and wrap my small arms around his torso.

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