Got A Secret, Can You Keep it?

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Cas' POV

Thump, thump, thump.

I wake to the sound of pacing footsteps. The clock on my bedside table reads: 3:45 a.m.

Who would be up at this hour?

I slip out of the warm bed and nearly trip over the sweatpants, that are a little big, and tiptoe into the living room.

It's Toby.

He's pacing back and forth, and his hair is tousled, as if he's ran his hand through it multiple times in frustration.

"Toby?" I pause and rub my eye. "What's wrong?"

He stops and turns toward me. I now notice he has something in his hand, it's about the size of his palm.

"Cas," He breathes.

"Toby, why are you up at this hour? What's in your hand?" I whisper, not wanting to wake Bea, assuming that she is asleep and that's why Toby is in here.

"Um, it's a... Surprise. For Bea," He says and smiles down at the box in his hand.

My eyes light up. I've always loved surprises, especially when there for someone else.

"What is it?" I ask, my voice raised a bit with curiosity.

"Are you sure you won't tell Bea? It's a real big deal, and you and Bea talk about everything. Everything," He narrows his eyes at me, the way he does when he suspects someone of duplicity.

"Promise, Toby. I won't tell a soul," I pretend to zip my lips shut.

He walks toward me and holds his hand out, pinkie outstretched. It's Toby, Bea, and I's code. 

I lace my pinkie with his. "All or nothing,"

"All or nothing," He repeats.

"So... Are you gonna tell me or not?" I joke.

"Fine. This," He opens the box. It's a ring box, with a beautiful ring inside. "It's an engagement ring,"

My jaw drops.

"You're gonna propose?!" I whisper yell.

"Shhh! Keep it down! Bea's still asleep. I was gonna propose on her birthday, which is in a couple of days," He says.

"This is amazing," I marvel and hug Toby. I pull back and point my finger at him. "Though I don't want to be an aunt yet,"

His eyes widen and opens his mouth to say something, but nothing comes out.

I smirk and walk back to my room, him still silent.

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