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The Forgotten Eaton (Divergent fanfic) by Invisible_Fangirl52
The Forgotten Eaton (Divergent Eliza/Emily/Emmy
Everyone knows about the he legendary Dauntless protoge Four. Few know the real him: a abused Abnegation boy known as Tobias Eaton. Everyone knows his story, but is ther...
  • hellion
  • candorordauntless
  • tobias
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Divergent High by Ispeaksarcasm123
Divergent Highby Ari S.J
Tris Prior lived in Chicago her whole life. As a kid she was always bullied by a group of kids who called themselves dauntless. Tris would't take it anymore and decided...
  • tobais
  • prior
  • tris
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DIVERGENT: Tobias (Watty Award Winner 2013) by amanda1price
DIVERGENT: Tobias (Watty Award Amanda
Divergent in Tobias's perspective! Have you ever wondered what is going on in Tobias/Four's mind while you were reading? Well you don't have to wonder anymore. I update...
  • four
  • tris
  • divergent
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The Crown by mariabolivia
The Crownby mariabolivia
Prince Tobias Eaton has everything he wants: a grand castle, fortune, devilish good looks... the only thing he lacks is a special someone to share his treasures with. Be...
  • royalty
  • four
  • royalfamily
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Divergent (a FourTris story) [HIATUS] by Three_Brave_Ravens
Divergent (a FourTris story) [ hamartianne
This story takes place after Tris' initiation but Tris and Four aren't dating yet. The gang went to play a little game of Candor or Dauntless at Uriah's place. Will Chri...
  • veronicaroth
  • tobias
  • beatrice
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Change | Robbie Robbins by whoarewereally1
Change | Robbie Robbinsby 2004
"People are capable of change." Or "Maybe this was the real him but we never noticed."
  • brooke
  • robbierobins
  • robbie
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FierroChase fluff by AlexFierroHamilton
FierroChase fluffby Ambrose
Just a bunch of FierroChase shit Disclaimer: I (obviously) don't own any of the characters. We all know Rick Riordan does. I also don't own the cover art nor any media...
  • beatrice
  • fierro
  • norsemythology
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Camelot (A Merlin Fanfiction) by poseidons_gurl
Camelot (A Merlin Fanfiction)by poseidons_gurl
Beatrice was an ordinary girl, until she discovers powers she can't control. After finding Camelot, she meets Merlin, who helps her control the strange powers. Then, sh...
  • merlin
  • magic
  • fiction
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My Story: Rosemary Eaton (COMPLETED) by llama_drama_2018
My Story: Rosemary Eaton ( RandomPerson
(Being edited) "Please Tobias just get out. I need to be alone." I said begging my brother. "No. Rosemary, no matter what Marcus says your beautiful. You...
  • hurt
  • divergent
  • eaton
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Re : Life In The Original World From Zero [A Re:Zero Fiction] by JoshuaHyuuga
Re : Life In The Original World Joshua Ja
Hey people 👋👋 This's a Re:Zero fan fiction! I only watched the anime and I haven't finished the novel yet so I don't know what happens after episode 25. This fiction i...
  • emilia
  • zero
  • roswaallmathers
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storm [fierrochase] by cherrypoohbear
storm [fierrochase]by changing.
"He was like a storm - wrecked up my life and the next thing I knew I was a mess." Flatmates Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase seem to be inseperable, drawn to one...
  • lgbt
  • pjo
  • rickriordan
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Toby & Bea by CharmedWords
Toby & Beaby Dude
Tobias and Beatrice when they were little. This is my own idea that I made And this is the first Toby and Bea fanfiction.
  • bea
  • divergent
  • tobias
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INSURGENT: Tobias by amanda1price
INSURGENT: Tobiasby Amanda
This second book of the Divergent Trilogy, but written entirely from Tobias's perspective instead of Tris's. Remember all those times you were wondering what Tobias coul...
  • tris
  • insurgent
  • eaton
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All for You.  •Book 3• by TrisEaton4610
All for You. •Book 3•by Kat
Book Three +++ This book is part of a series +++ Book One : The Truth After Allegiant Book Two : Learning to Trust Book Three [You are here] : All for You. Book Three...
  • dystopian
  • triseaton
  • tobiaseaton
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A Silver Star ▸ Steve Rogers {2} by Chione
A Silver Star ▸ Steve Rogers {2}by Sara :)
"Nice to meet you, ma'am." "You can call me Peggy, sweetheart," [winter soldier] [book 2 of the Sterling Silver series] [cover by bambi-182]
  • sebastianstan
  • steverogers
  • natasharomanoff
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Re: Zero Light Novel Arc 5: Stars That Make History by SlightlyChunkyMilk
Re: Zero Light Novel Arc 5: SlightlyChunkyMilk
  • zero
  • emila
  • beatrice
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Unfortunately Falling- A Series of Unfortunate Events by ASOUE_geek
Unfortunately Falling- A Series VFD
This is a continuation of A Series of Unfortunate Events written by Lemony Snicket. --------------------- Based on the the Netflix series, but because it has not releas...
  • klausbaudelaire
  • aseriesofunfortunateevents
  • snicket
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The Immunes |The Rain| by Jackisnotokay
The Immunes |The Rain|by Jackisnotokay
Before the rain came, hundreds of individuals across Europe got sick. And saving them came at a cost. When the rain came, their time has come to an end. These individua...
  • simone
  • beatrice
  • rasmusandersen
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Forever 10♥ {Book 1} by Kelsey_Writes_AE
Forever 10♥ {Book 1}by Kelsey Lee
[SEQUEL PUBLISHED] What if there was no war? (I know, overused) And what if Tris ran into Peter? What if Tris and Four started a familly? FIND OUT!!!!
  • divergent
  • zeke
  • four
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For Years To Come  •Book 4• by TrisEaton4610
For Years To Come •Book 4•by Kat
+++ This book is part of a series +++ Book One : The Truth After Allegiant Book Two : Learning to Trust Book Three : All for You. Book Three Parallel Scenes : All for...
  • dystopian
  • children
  • married
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