This Is Different

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton

Cas played her very first Candor or Dauntless game! Marlene gave a stand-up comedy act. And... There will be a new member of the gang... LITTLE CAS IS STAYING AT DAUNTLESS, or, that's what everyone hopes... They haven't talked to Max yet...

Now, on with the story!

Cassandra's POV


"Cas... I dare you to..."

Recap over.

"... I dare you to prank call Lauren," Mar says.

"Who's Lauren?" I ask.

Everybody's eyes widen

"What? I've only been here for about twenty minutes, and I barely know y'alls names," 

"It's a girl who has a crush on your brother," Uriah explains with a smirk.

"Ugh! She is evil!" Toby shouts.

"She hits on him one more time, I'm gonna break her plastic nose," Bea says, emphasizing the word plastic (A/N I know they probably didn't have plastic surgery in the books, but bare with me, it's more of a joke, saying that she is fake)

"Yeah, Trissy! You break her plastic nose!" Zeke yells, I laugh.

"Okay, somebody gots a phone?" I say.

"Here," Uriah says and tosses me a small silver phone.

Zeke tells me the number and I put it on speaker, well, with some assistance.

"Hello? Who is this?" a fake perky voice says.

"Hello, this is.. Uhhh... Cas, is Mr. Wall there?" I say with a british accent.

"Uhh no, I live alone,"

"Oh, is Mrs. Wall there?"

"No, like I said, I live alone,"

"Well, how about Bobby Wall?"


"So, there are no Walls there?"


"Then what is holding up your house?"

"Who the-"

I hang up.

"How were you a Stiff?!" Zeke yelled.

"Dunno," I respond.

"Hey, Cas, we're going home, you coming?" Toby asks as he and Bea stand up, hands interlocked.

"Coming!" I jump up.

We walk down the hallway, my hand skimming the wall the entire walk. 

"Right here," Toby says, putting a golden key into a doorknob.


We get into a small apartment, everything is black.

There is a small kitchen, but rather nice, connected to a living area. There are two doors on one side if the apartment, and another on the opposing side. The bedrooms and bathroom, I assume.

"You can stay in here," Bea points to the door on the left side, the side with only one door. "I'll get you something to wear,"

She walks into a room, which I assume is hers and Toby's.

Toby walks into the room right beside it.

"Here, I think this will fit," She hands me a shirt that says Reds with a baseball. I think it was a baseball team a long time ago. We don't really have sports now, or at least there were none in Abnegation.

"I wonder why it was named after a colour," I wonder aloud.

"Dunno. But who am I to judge, I mean, my boyfriend is nicknamed after a number," She says with a laugh.

"Yeah, he could have chosen a better nickname," I laugh.

"I can hear y'all, ya know!" Toby yells.

We laugh silently.

I change into the shirt and it's a little big, but comfortable.

I go into the room, I think it's a guest room, and sit down on the edge of the bed.

The room is painted a deep red colour with a black night stand, dresser, and bed frame. The comforter is all black, with small grey patterns.

The room is beautiful, nothing like my room back in Abnegation.

I lay back and pull the comforter all the way up to my chin and close my eyes.

How much different will my life be?

 Bea's POV 

Cas walks into the guest room, which If Max allows her to stay will become her permanent room.

I go into Toby and I's room and grab one of his older shirts. I throw it on and climb into bed.

Toby walks in a moment later.

"Cas is already asleep," he says with a smile, "I think this will be the first time she will have been able to sleep through the night without worrying if 'The Monster in Grey' would come for her. I don't think there has been a time where she had him as a normal father,"

"He was a normal father at one time?" 

I didn't know that Marcus could have ever been somewhat of a father.

"Well, kinda. I mean, he was never the kind who would go to little league games, but he'd never hit us. Well, that was until I was about five, and Cas was two," he explains.


"It's over now. We got Cas out and I'm already transferred out. And I have you,"

He comes over and slides onto his side of the bed.

He wraps his arms around me, protecting me from the dangers of the world and enclosing me in a life preserving hold. 

The smell of metal and apples fills my nose.

I go to sleep with one thought on my mind:

  How much different will our life be?  

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