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Now, on with the story!

Bea's POV

The new initiates come today and Tobias and I are training transfers. He will be Four and I will be Six, even though I still technically have seven fears. Cas is going to stay with Will but may come to training every now and then.

I decide I've been thinking for far too long and decide to wake Tobias up. Slowly, I lean down and kiss him gently and I feel him smile.

"Good, you're up!" I jump up and leave him confused.

"Not nice, Bea. Not nice." He mumbles. I laugh.

I walk over to him and wrap my small arms around his torso and bury my face in his chest. He strokes my hair soothingly and holds me close. Whenever he holds me close, I feel safer than I ever have. In his arms is the safest place I could be. I move my arms and wrap them around his neck and he lifts me up so I wrap my legs around his waist. We stay that way for a longtime until he sets me back down on the floor, but I keep my arms around his neck; his around my waist.

"I love you." He whispers in my ear and kisses the skin right below it. 

"I love you, too. More than you could ever understand..." I hold him tighter, that is until we hear a knock on the door.

"I got it. I'll be right back, Bea." He mumbles and kisses my forehead. I smile and watch him walk out the door.

I hear the door open and yelling. Whoever is there must be angry. I hear Tobias yell, and the person yell back. That's when I decide I need to see what is going on. I step out of our bedroom and see Tobias yelling at the last two people I expected. Eric and Caleb. This is not going to end well.

Caleb stands behind Eric and stares at the floor. He looks embarrassed. Eric is trying to convince Tobias to do something, but I don't know what it is. I walk up behind Tobias and place my hand lightly on the Amity symbol tattooed on his back. The tattoo in which I know every bit and piece by heart.

"Hey, what's going on?" I ask Tobias as I lean my head on his shoulder. Eric looks amused now and Caleb glares at Tobias.

"I told you she was here," Eric mutters to Caleb and he rolls his eyes. "but anyways, we found this nose working with Jeanine, we brought him in custody, but we decided it was best if he was here with y'all. Being your brother and all." Eric grins.

"What?" I ask, shocked.

"Well, you don't have a choice. He is staying here whether you like it or not." Eric grins again and grabs Caleb by the collar and throws him at us. Literally. "Have fun, numbers." With that, he turns on his heel and walks out. Caleb struggles to regain his balance after Eric shoved him into our apartment. 

"What's going on?" Cas asks in a sleepy voice.

"Um, Cas, this is Caleb. He'll be staying here." Tobias says sarcastically so I jab him in the ribs and glare.

"Don't the initiates come today?" Cas asks.

"Yeah, Cas, would you mind staying here with Caleb?" I say and Cas nods sleepily. "Cas, you'rein charge. We have to get ready to scare the s*** out of some initiates!" 

Cas laughs and goes back to her room to change. Caleb looks at Tobias and I with confusion. I look back with anger. Tobias has his 'Four' mask on, so I don't know what he's thinking.

"Caleb, you'll be staying with Cas, Four's little-"

"I'M NOT LITTLE!" Cas shouts from the other room.

"-Four's sister," I correct "Four and I have to train initiates." 

"Initiates? What's an initiate?" Caleb asks with an Erudite curiosity.

"They are the people who are training to be Dauntless, they have to go through three stages of training." Tobias says in his 'Four' voice. "The first is physical, then mental, then strategical."

"Oh," Caleb nods. "Do you both train?" 

"Yes." Tobias sharply replies. He's annoyed with Caleb, and I don't blame him. "How long will you be here?"

"I don't know, that man came and brought me here. He said Beatrice was here, so I went with him. He didn't say anything about a boyfriend, or the child." Caleb says with a hint of anger. Just as he called Cas a child, she walked out of her room. She walked up to Caleb and kicked him in the shin.

"I am not a child," She growls and walks away. Tobias struggles to hide his laugh.

"We have to go, Cas, we'll see you at lunch?" I shout to her, I think she's in the kitchen.

"Yep, so I have to stay with the nose all day?" She comes back into view with a piece of buttered toast in her hand.

"Yes, have fun." Tobias smirks.

"Fine, but can Calla come over? I don't think I'll be able to survive until lunch with the nose without punching him."

"Sure, just don't kill anybody and don't set anything on fire." I say and grab my purse.

"Yes!" Cas cheers and jumps up and down.

"Bye!" I call.

"Bye! Tobias don't let Bea kill anyone!"

"No promises!" I shout back and Tobias laughs. Caleb stands with a confused expression.

Cas' POV

Toby and Bea just left to train initiates. I'll be choosing in two years, since I'm only fourteen. They also left me with a Nose.

"Why are you here?" I ask in a sharp tone.

"I don't know, they brought me here." He replies and I shrug. I grab my phone and text Calla, who is my best friend.

M.N (Mini Number): Hey, you wanna come over? Toby and Bea had to train initiates and they left me alone with a Nose!!!!

A/N If you're confused, Calla knows her past and Toby's real name. TrisandTobiasForevs1 came up with the character Calla. TWFF!

She replies not a minute later.

C: Sure, what time?

M.N: How about now?

C: Sure.

M.N: See you later

C: See ya.

I slide my phone back into my pocket and focus my attention on the Nose.

TrisandTobiasForevs1, I'm sorry it took me so long to get your character in the story, but she's here now! Hope y'all liked it! Remember: READ, VOTE, and COMMENT! Bye, Pansycakes!

-Love, Emily

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