My Brother Is An Idiot....

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Toby and Bea made Cas' new bedroom, with the help of the gang! 

Now, on with the story!

Bea's POV

It's time for supper now, and I'm going to try and not burn down the kitchen... Again...

I find the ingredients needed to make three steaks and mashed potatoes (yum).

**Time lapse- Thirty minutes** 

I did it! I cooked a meal without burning down the kitchen!

Toby and Cas are out doing who knows what, but Toby texted me and said that he'd be home in about thirty minutes, and that was about twenty minutes ago.

"Hey, we're home," a deep voice calls.

I wipe my hands on a dishrag and walk to the front door.

Cas runs in and hugs me.

"Good to see you too," I laugh.

She giggles. (She may act a little younger than her real age because she never really got to be a kid, and now she has a chance. Also keep in mind that she's thirteen)

I take my hand and smooth down the top of her head.

she sniffs the air and I laugh.

"Did you cook something?" She asks.

"Yep, steaks," 

she tilts her head in confusion.

"It's meat," I explain and she makes an 'O' with her mouth and runs into her room.

I smile and walk over to Toby.

"Hi," I say, though it's muffled by his shirt.

"Hey," He says and hugs me and kisses the top of my head.

I smile and kiss him back.

He smirks, bends down, and puts me in a fireman's carry! (Over the shoulder)

"Put me down, Eaton!" I shout and bang my fists on his back.

He laughs and runs to Cas' room.

"Hey, Cas, have you seen Bea?" He jokes and I imagine him smirking.

"Nope!" She says, popping the 'P'.

"I'm right here!" I try to kick my legs, but he crosses his arm over my calf.

I groan in frustration and give up, knowing I won't win and he won't give in.

He is as stubborn as a mule!

He walks into the living room and throws me down on the sofa, on my back. he walks over and lays down on top of me, so I can't move.

"Can't. Breathe. Need. Air," I gasp.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little bit.

"No," He smirks and buries his head in the crook of my neck.

I hear little footsteps come into the living room.

"Uh... Nevermind..." Cas mumbles and walks out of the room swiftly.

"Cas! Cas, come here!" I shout.

"Yeah?" She whispers.

"Can you help me? He won't get off!" I complain and feel him wrap his arms around my waist.

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