How Do I Even Explain This?!

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Bea and Toby sang an AWESOME duet in front of the entire Pit on faction day! Bea's mother, father, and brother showed up at faction day as well as Marcus and Little Cas! Chrissy also figured out what faction Four is from, and her being a previous Candor, his odds for keeping his secret are not to great... We also learned that Uriah knows how to count (surprisingly... JK)!

Now, on with the story! (That is seriously so fun to write!)

Bea's POV

I have my face in my hand as Chris ran into the other room with the astonishing discovery of what the Legendary Four's previous faction was.

I can hear bits and pieces of what they're saying,

"What?... No way... A STIFF?!... You're messing with us..."

Pretty soon the entire gang is in the living room staring at Toby and I in awe.

Zeke is the first to break the silence,

"How the h*** didn't I remember that you were a Stiff?!"

Right... They were in the same initiation class...

"Because you're a Pansycake?" Toby replies, sending Cas into a fit of laughter.

Toby wraps his arms around Cas' waist and lifts her up, so she's now sitting on his hip. She has always been rather small for her age, so she is only about 5'2. (If anybody's wondering, she's only 13-14 right now, depending on when her birthday is. No, I did not make a birthday for her, so choose an age)

"Tobias!" Marcus yells rather harshly and you can visibly see Cas tense up at the sound of her nightmares voice.

Cas wraps her arms around around her big brother's neck and buries her head into the crook of his neck.

"So THAT'S your real name!" the gang says in unison.

"Wait, Tris, have you known all of this? Ya know, his name, the little girl-"

"I'm not little!"

"-his sister," Chris corrects and Cas goes back to holding onto Toby for dear life, "And that one guy, whom I'm assuming is his father,"

"Biologically, yes. Mentally, no," Toby says and my eyes widen.

"What do you mean?" Shauna asks while placing a hand on Cas' back, and she winces.

"Should I tell them, or you?" Cas asks while looking Toby dead in the eye.

"I will,"

"Okay," And with that, she buries her face back in his neck.

"His name is Marcus-"

"Wait, Marcus Eaton?" Will buts in, "The one who was accused of beating his son, and that was why he transferred to Dauntless? What was his name? Oh, right, Tobias, I think,"

"Will, we now know why you transferred from Erudite, 'cause boy are you dumb! Have you not been paying attention at all? He," Uriah gestures to Marcus, "Said that Four's real name was Tobias!"

I roll my eyes at their stupidity.

"Anyways, yes, that is Marcus Eaton, and I refuse to call him my father. The Erudite reports were not accusations," Toby says and his eyes are glossy with tears, but I know he will not cry in front of anyone but me and Cas, who is now visibly shaking.

The gang, my parents, and Caleb are all gobsmacked.

"My real name is Tobias Eaton, and this is my little sister, Cassandra Eaton," He says with confidence.

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