The Court Trials pt. 1

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Little Cas had her first Dauntless dinner, and.... Her first bite of Dauntless cake! She also got a new nickname from the Pedrad brothers, she is now known as M.N, or Mini Number!

Now, on with the story!

Time lapse: Two days (She knows everybody in the gang's names and stuff)  

Bea's POV

I wake in Toby's strong embrace.

Today is the day that we find out if Cas will stay here, or go back to her nightmare.

The rest of her life will be decided in the courtrooms of Candor.

I lightly kiss Toby's nose, in an attempt to wake him up.

His lips curl into a smile and he kisses my lips.

My left hand gently caresses his cheek and his right hand tangles into my dirty blonde hair.

"I love you," He says into the kiss.

"I love you, to," 

He kisses my jawline and takes my hands into his, our fingers fitting together, perfectly.

"Hey, are you... I'll leave now..." Cas says, opening the door slightly.

"Ugh," Toby groans. And I laugh slightly, and stand up, our hands still knotted together.

"I'm taking a shower," I say as I approach the bathroom door.

I hang my towels on the rack and fold my clothes, a tank top and leggings, and place them on the counter.

I step into the shower and let the hot water flow down my back.

I step out and wrap the soft towel around my small body.

I throw on my clothes and blow dry my hair.

When I step out of the bathroom, the smell of breakfast foods fill my nose.

Walking into the kitchen, I see Toby leaning on the counter, book in hand, and Cas stands beside the stove, cooking something.

"Hey, what's going on?" I say as I lean my head on Toby's shoulder, glancing over the page he is reading.

   Uncle Buddy smiled but didn't look happy as Willy went on to say how my dad's build made him the ideal size for a light middleweight. Uncle Buddy's short thickness made him a little too heavy and a little too slow to be a boxer. Then Will patted Uncle Buddy's shoulder and said, "But no one ever tried as hard as Buddy. And no one was tougher. You sure could take a punch, kid. You sure had a chin,"                                                                                                                                                                Uncle Buddy rubbed his jaw and grinned at me, saying, "I sure took enough of them in the ring with your dad, Sarah Jane. I sparred with him day and night. If it wasn't for me, he never would've won that championship,"                                                                                                                                   "That's right," Willy said. "He couldn't have done it without Buddy's help,"                                                This time when Uncle Buddy smiled, he actually looked pleased. He put his hand on my head and said, "Well, Willy. What do you think?"
     I would learn later that Willy Williams had on of the sharpest--

(I just typed that, I did not come up with that! credits to: T.M Goeglein, author of Cold Fury)

He turns the page.

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