The Night Before

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Cassandra's POV

I'm under my bed. The sounds of belt slaps fill my ears and my body shakes in fear.

Is he okay? How much longer will this last? Will he come in here?

"This is for your own good!" The Monster In Grey shouts.

"The choosing ceremony, dad!"

The belt slaps, the moans of pain, the snarling insults stop.

The place of residence, I refuse to call this place my home, fills with silence.

"Get your sorry a** up and get ready." A voice hisses, breaking the tense silence.

"Yes, sir"

The sound of falling footsteps fill my body with fear.

"Open this d*** door now!"

I scurry out from my hiding place and open the door slowly.

I'm pushed back with impeccable force and I fall flat on my back.

I scream out in pain, the fall aggravated the welts on my back.

"Get. Up," The Monster In Grey snarls.

I stand up and face the man whom I've come to know as 'The Monster In Grey' 

"You are worthless and shame to the Eaton name," He snarls

Don't listen, he's just trying to get under your skin. He is worthless, a monster, he is the real shame to the Eaton name.

Toby's voice rings in my head.

Wear the name as a battle scar; it will show the battle you survived.

He told me these words the day my mother died, and the beatings got worse. I remind myself of these calming words when The Monster In Grey comes at me.

Listen to Toby... My subconscious tells me. Is he okay?

I can't hear him anymore. That means he is either 1) Keeping himself quiet so i doesn't get any worse 2) Is unconscious 3) I would rather not think of the third possibility...

Then my body is filled with a pain like fire, as if someone stuck a white hot branding iron upon my skin.

"Worthless," "Liar" "Shame" Ugly" "Disappointment" are only some of the agonizing words that come out of The Monster In Grey's mouth; each one earning their own belt slap.

After what feels live forever, in reality, it couldn't have been more than a half hour, The Monster In Grey leaves my bedroom and slams the front door, signaling that he left.

I pick my bloody and beaten body of the grey carpeted floor and, slowly, make my way to Toby's room.

The sight horrifies me.

He lays on his stomach, unconscious, with a crimson red substance coating his back, turning is grey shirt a red colour.

"Toby!" I sob as I collapse onto the grey floor beside him, my own wounds forgotten. "Please move, talk, something! Please! You can't die! You are the only family I have, I love you! Please, don't leave me!"

I am sobbing. He has never been this bad. I cradle my big brothers head in my lap as I continue to beg him not to leave me; not to die.

He is my big brother. He cannot die at the hands of his own father.

I feel his neck, he has a weak pulse.

At least he's alive...

Tobias' POV

After Marcus left, I can feel nothing but the warmth of my own blood escaping my body.

He goes down the hall and bangs on Cas' door

No! I think to myself.

I have to help her, she is my little sister. I'm supposed to protect her.

But I'm to disoriented to do anything but lay there and feel the life leaving my body.

No! You will live through this! It's not that bad... Just a few belt slaps...

I fight to keep my eyes open and focus on the small whimpers that escaped Cas' mouth as the belt comes in contact with her skin. 

The belt slaps that I could not stop...

A few minutes pass and it's getting harder to keep myself from falling asleep, and not waking up.

I fight with all that I've got.

Blood. A strange colour. Darker than expected.

I give into my heavy eyelids and close my eyes and see everything go black.

Cassandra's POV

Will he wake up?

I'm still sobbing and cradling Toby's head in my lap, begging him to wake up.

His eyes flutter open and stare at my with his deep blue eyes, he was lucky with the eyes. His are dark blue, like the ocean at midnight. While mine, are just a dull blue, the colour of a cloudy sky.

"What happened?" He croaked, his voice dry and scratchy, nothing like his usual voice: strong and clear, with a hint of humor.

"The Monster In Grey came at you, but worse than normal. You've been out for about a half hour." I explain.

"Can you-" he coughs "-get Bea? Please?"

Bea always helps when the beatings get real bad. She would help wrap our wounds and talk soothingly to us.

"Okay, Bea will be here soon," I whisper, kissing his forehead.

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