My First Candor Or Dauntless Party pt. 2

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Uriah got the word PANSYCAKE written across his forehead and swore revenge on Number Boy, Bea and Mar sang a Good Girl duet, Bea and Toby got dared to sing The Fighter in the Pit on Faction day, and Shauna got a vote to become spokesperson for the elephants!

Now back to the story!

Bea's POV

"What's faction day?" I ask with a hand on the doorknob, ready to get this dare over with.

"The day the other factions come to see how another is run. Today is Dauntless," Shauna says and I swear I see evil in her eyes!

"I really hate y'all..." I mutter, "Who's coming?"

"Why don't we all go?" Chris suggests and everyone agrees.

We get into the Pit and see a crowd of black, blue, yellow, red, white, and... Grey?

"I didn't know the Abnegation was going to be here!" I whisper yell.

"Yeah, the leaders of every faction are required to come," Chris says

"S***," I say

"THE STIFF CURSED!" Lynn yelled in fake awe.

"I would punch you, but you would punch me back twice as bad, so I'm going to ignore it,"

Lynn nods her head in approval.

"I'll go get their attention!" Zeke and Uriah yell at the same time.

"That's not creepy at all..."

They ignore my comment and rush into the Pit.

The grab a microphone and jump onto the stage.

"HEY, PANSYCAKES!" Uriah shouts, "Take it from here, brother," 

Zeke turns to the crowd of people and starts talking,

"Our number couple got dared to sing y'all a song! So... Wait... WHERE THE H*** IS THE NUMBER COUPLE?!" Zeke shouts.

We walk up beside the stage and shout at him.

"We're right here, and number couple? Really?" I shout.

He nods his head.

Uriah jumps down and grabs me, throwing me over his shoulder.

"Hey! Put me down, you Pansycake!" I hiss.

"No, I knew you wouldn't get on the stage without some... assistance,"

"How are you gonna get Four?"

"He'll follow,"

I roll my eyes and feel my feet fall back to the ground, but lose my balance and fall backwards.

"C'mon," Toby says reaching out a hand, which I gladly accept.

"Presenting... FOUR AND SIX! Don't ask why they are called numbers, because nobody knows..." Zeke shouts but gradually gets softer.

I roll my eyes, again, and scan the crowd.

I see my parents. And Marcus. And Caleb!

"Four! Look in the crowd!" I whisper yell.

He looks at the crowd and his eyes widen at the sight of Marcus.

I then see a grey clothed child standing beside Marcus.

Cas! Cas is here!

"Four! Look beside Marcus!" I exclaimed.

He sees Cas and I don't think I've seen him smile bigger.

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