The Verdict

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Cas and Zeke jumped off a moving train, but didn't have the best landing! Toby went under the truth serum. Not all the Abnegation believe that Marcus is innocent, the Priors side with Toby and Cas!

Now, on with the story!

Cas' POV

I walk to the podium with The Black and White Man standing by my side.

"Cassandra, I will inject you with this," he holds up a needle with blue-green continents, just like what the injected Toby. "It will make you tell the truth. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, sir," I squeeze my eyes shut and wait for the injection.

The tip of the needle pricks my neck and I can feel liquid flowing into my body.

What was I thinking about? 

"We will start easy, what is your name?" The voice sounds muffled, as if I was submerged under water and the voice is on land.

"Cassandra Eaton,"

"How long did, said abuse, occur?"

"Longer than I can remember,"

My head feels like it's packed tight with cotton balls (That's my girl! Tough as cotton balls!)

"What form of, said abuse, was used?"

"It changed over time. It could be just words, or fists, or a belt," 

"How bad were said injuries?" 

"They normally resulted in bruises and scars; our backs are enough to prove that. Though, the day before Toby's choosing ceremony, he beat him so bad, that he lost consciousness for about a half hour,"

"Thank you for your Candor,"

I feel hands wrap around my elbow and carefully pull me off the podium and back to Toby and Bea.

Toby stands up and hugs me, though I'm to disoriented to hug back.

The Black and White Man speaks with the judge for a moment before coming back to the middle of the room.

"Beatrice Prior, will you please come up here?"

Bea stands and places a hand on Toby's shoulder. He gives her a small kiss and she walks to the middle of the room.

The Black and White Man holds up a needle with the same blue-green liquid that they injected Toby and I. She doesn't even flinch, just like Toby.

"What's your name?" The Black and White Man asks.

"Beatrice Prior,"

I can hear the Pedrad's laughing behind me, but before I could say anything, Toby turns around and says something to them,

"You're lucky that we are in court right now, or you both would have a black eye!" Toby whisper- yells.

I snicker.

"How did you know, said abuse, was going on?"

"I saw Toby at school one day and he was limping, I asked him what was wrong and he told me what happened. Ever since, I would go to their house after and help them wrap their wounds,"

"Thank you for your Candor,"

She nods her head and steps off the podium and Toby stands up and walks to her, bringing her into a hug. Her face has tears streaming down it. The truth serum must have hurt her, somehow.

He leads her back to the table and they both sit down.

"Marcus Eaton, please come up here," 

The Monster in Grey walks to the podium and The Black and White Man injects him with the blue-green liquid.

He winces.


"What is your name?" The Black and White Man begins.

"Marcus Eaton," No, it's The Monster in Grey.

"Did you ever verbally or physically hurt your children, Tobias and Cassandra?"

"Yes, but it was for their own good. I was making them better; stronger,"

"So, the accusations are true?"

"Yes. 100%," The Monster in Grey.

Does he seriously believe that?! That we deserved this?! That it was for our own good?! 

The Abnegation exchange tense whispers and glare at The Monster in Grey.

I guess they never thought he was capable of such a thing.

Ha, proves them wrong.

I feel tears run down my face and fall onto the black table.

Bea wraps an arm around my shoulders and pulls me into a tight hug.

I just cry into her shoulder.

"Due to the evidence we have collected, we have decided that, in best interest of Cassandra, that full custody be awarded to Tobias Eaton,"

The gang behind us jumps up and cheers.

I wipe my tears and hug Toby, but then two strong arms grab me from behind.

I let out a yelp as I'm brought into a hug by none other than Zeke Pedrad.

"You can stay!" He cheers and places me on his shoulders.

Toby kisses Bea, again, and we all cheer.

My new life starts now.

The court trials are officially over and Little Cas can stay at Dauntless! In all honesty, did y'all think that I would make her go back? This is one of my shorter chapters cuz I got it all done without hitting 1,000 words, which my past few chapters have been like that. Do y'all like the longer chapters or shorter chapters? Remember: READ, VOTE, and COMMENT! Bye, Pansycakes!

-Love, Emily
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