Halloween Candor or Dauntless

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Bea's POV 

"Today is his party?" I ask.

"Yeah, later on tonight." Tobias responds. Zeke and Uriah's Halloween party is tonight and of course Tobias, Cas, and I are going. Zeke would kill Tobias if he didn't go, I'm just going because Tobias is going, and Cas has never been to a Halloween party. 

"I still have to finish my costume." I comment.

"What else do you need? You already look like an angel, I don't see much more that is needed." Tobias says with a grin. I roll my eyes and press my lips to his. 

"Well, I still have to get wings." I say. He shrugs. A loud knock rings through the house, and I think Cas opens the door. 

"Bea, Christina is here!" Cas shouts and pattering footsteps rush over to the sofa, where Tobias and I sit and Cas goes back into her room to finish her homework. 

"You, up. We need to get ready. You, go away." She points at me then at Tobias, who just glares. She glares right back. 

"Hey, no stare-downs." I step in between them and they both roll their eyes. They hate each other and I have no idea why. 

"Tris, we have got to get ready!" Chris whines. 

"I still have to get the rest of my costume." I state and she goes behind the sofa and pulls out a pair of large, feather white wings. My jaw drops. "never mind..." 

"Come on, go get your dress and shoes. I'll do my makeup while you get dressed." Chris demands. I know it is futile to argue, so I go get my dress and shoes. 

My dress is pure white and comes down to my knees, kind of like a small wedding dress. It is tight around the chest but fans out when it hits my waist line. My pale skin looks even paler when I have my dress on. My shoes are simple sandals that strap around my ankle and over my foot.

The door creaks open slowly, and Tobias slides in. I grin when I see him in a soldier uniform. He looks good. 

"Hey," He says and walks over to me and kisses me slowly.

"Does Chris know you're in here?" I whisper against his lips.

"Nope, and I would like to keep it that way." He grins into the kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck. He kisses the soft skin bellow my ear and I sigh slightly, praying he didn't here me. 

He leans down farther and whispers, "You look good, Tris." 

"Tris!" Chris shouts from the doorway. "This isn't getting dressed!" I roll my eyes. She storms over and grabs Tobias by the ear and drags him out of the room. Muffled shouts come from the living room. 

Cas walks into the bedroom, looking confused and asks, "What just happened?" 

"I have no idea." I admit. "Come on, get your costume on, party's in about and hour." 

"Okay." Cas says happily and rushes into her room to get her Spider Man costume. 

"Alright, time for makeup." Chris says, clapping her hands together like she didn't just drag my fiance out of the room by his ear. 


* * * * 

"Tris, you look beautiful!" Chris squeals once she's finished with my makeup. She curled my hair in loose curls and put light makeup on. I look into the mirror, and for once I agree with her. I have sparkly silver eye shadow on and light pink blush, along with light red lipstick. 

"Thank you, Chrissy." I say and hug her. Someone knocks on the bedroom door. Tobias stands in the doorway, arms crossed, and a smirk on his face.

"You about done?" He asks sarcastically.

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