Old... Friends? Maybe Not...

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

They finished the court trial... LITTLE CAS CAN STAY AT DAUNTLESS! It also seems that Zeke and Cas will have a pretty close relationship. Cas, Marcus, and Bea all went under the truth serum.

Now, on with the story! 

Bea's POV  (I haven't changed POV's in a while, so here ya go!)

This is amazing! Little Cas can stay at Dauntless! We will be a real family!

We are all still cheering, considering the fact that we are still in the courtroom.

Toby wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me to his side. I giggle and kiss him.

"YAY, FOURTRIS!" the gang shouts in unison.

Toby and I just look at each other, then he kisses me again.

"Yay, FOURTRIS!" Cas shouts from atop Zeke's shoulders. (If you're wondering, she has shorts under her dress, I'm not sure if I mentioned that)

We all laugh at her words.

"Hey, how about a C or D party to celebrate?!" Zeke shouts with his hands on Cas' legs to keep her steady.

Everyone agrees and we take off out the door.

Just then, Toby comes behind me and throws me over his shoulder. Uriah and Will do the same thing to Mar and Chris. Shauna and Lynn run along side us.

"YEAH!" I cheer from Toby's shoulder.

Then, we suddenly stop, causing me to smack Toby's back.

"Uh, Trissy?" Uriah called.

"Yeah, Uricorn?" (TrisandTobiasForevs1 TWFF) 

"I think you know these people..." 

Toby turns so that he is facing sideways and I can see the people standing before me.

My parents. And... Brother?

"Why do they always show up?!" I whisper so only Toby can hear, he shrugs, causing me to bounce upward.

"Beatrice? Who is that man?" Caleb lectures.

"My boyfriend. What are you doing here? I didn't see you in the courtroom,"

Caleb looks furious as he shoots daggers with his eyes at Tobias.

"Why are you on his shoulder?" Caleb fumes.

"Because we are celebrating the verdict in the courtroom, I'm not the only one on someone's shoulder,"  I say, but whisper the last part, I don't want to sound as if I'm whining.

Caleb rolls his eyes. 

He's always been a little too protective of me, and I guess the sight of me on a man's shoulder angers him.

"Can I kill him?" Tobias whispers in my ear.

"No," I respond. "What are you guys doing here, anyways?"

"We wanted to congratulate Tobias, or Four, or whatever he goes by now," My mother says.

"Thank you, Mother, we have to leave now. We have to catch the train,"

"How do you get on the train?!" Father lectures.

He, like Caleb, has always been protective of me. Being the youngest, and only daughter, I see their point, but sometimes it's real annoying!

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