Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris Fanfiction) by springberrynights
Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris springberry
On the day after they shared their first kiss at the bottom of the chasm, Tris' fear of intimacy comes up during her fear simulation while Tobias is watching. Will the t...
  • fourtris
  • divergentfanfiction
  • intimacy
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Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric fanfic Book1-2 by Lokimakerofmischief
Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric Asgardian_Slytherin
#1- Divergent (09/07/2018) #2- Divergent (25/06/2018) Prue, a Candor transfer, enters Dauntless in the most disappointing way possible, she's the last jumper. However sh...
  • four
  • ericcoulter
  • factions
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Tobias's sister by blover99
Tobias's sisterby Megan
Rosemary Eaton thought that the hardest challenge she would ever have to face was living with her abusive father, Marcus Eaton. She thought that she could transfer to Da...
  • lynn
  • zeke
  • transfer
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Chasm by xtrisandfourx
Chasmby trisandfour64
"There is a chasm between us, a gaping schism that only seems to widen as hard as we try to close the distance. Someday, our combined efforts to reach each other ag...
  • initiation
  • trisprior
  • fourtris
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The Leader by havenadams_
The Leaderby Haven
He's a little rough around the edges, but he's not that bad. I don't care what anyone says. **Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters or ideas except for the ones...
  • leader
  • initiates
  • candor
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Tris Pedrad: Dauntless Born  by Rebekah1721
Tris Pedrad: Dauntless Born by Rebekah1721
What would happen if tris was a dauntless Born
  • fourtris
  • humor
  • dauntless
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A Divergent Story: Lauren by fourtris_xx
A Divergent Story: Laurenby fourtris_xx
About a 16 year old Dauntless Transfer called Lauren. Lauren is Jeanine's daughter. Who will be her allies? Who will be her friends? Will she find love? Find out in this...
  • dauntless
  • daughter
  • divergent
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Reptilia Regina by LauraEsculape
Reptilia Reginaby Laura Esculape
Le Roi est le maître incontesté du désert de Pearl. Rien ne s'y passe sans son aval. Chaque homme doit courber l'échine et lui offrir sa force tandis que chaque femme do...
  • combat
  • fantasy
  • voyage
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All Over Again | FourTris by fireheart_7
All Over Again | FourTrisby harini puranic
//IN PROGRESS// ON HOLD What if the Beaurau faked Tris' death? What if she never died? Would Tris return to Chicago and reunite with Tobias and her friends? Would Tris...
  • initiation
  • love
  • divergent
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Divergent No War by jmaertens5
Divergent No Warby jmaertens5
This story, follows the sixteen year old daughter of now Dauntless leader, Eric. A young woman, confused, trying to decide where she belongs while living up to her fathe...
  • nowar
  • daughter
  • four
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Dauntless Born by hx7680
Dauntless Bornby multifandom
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Tris was born dauntless instead of abnegation? Tris Pedrad, a dauntless born. Brown hair, tan skin, and cloudy grey eyes. Sh...
  • initiation
  • tris
  • uriah
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LIONHEART  by void-elle
  • ericcoulter
  • eric
  • divergent
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Divergent No War:Initiation by jmaertens5
Divergent No War:Initiationby jmaertens5
Four and Six are initiation instructors, and are having fun scaring the living daylights out of the initiates. If I get into it, the story might continue to be a prequel...
  • divergent
  • trisfour
  • training
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I Love Him (Eric Divergent) by randomfandom18
I Love Him (Eric Divergent)by randomfandom18
Eric is a tough leader. But, he has a soft spot for one certain girl. Flora is a tough girl, but has a soft spot for a captain leader. Being the twin sister of Tobias...
  • eric
  • action
  • eaton
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Southvillain Academy by ZHANENAYOMA
Southvillain Academyby Neliah
Welcome to the ruthless school of gangsters!
  • assasin
  • blood
  • phoenix
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Divergent: A Time For Inititaion ( Continued ) by KateEatonFourEaton
Divergent: A Time For Inititaion ( KateEatonFourEaton
This is a Divergent: No War story, Tris and Tobias train new initiates while solving problems of their own.
  • atimeforinitiation
  • divergent
  • fourtris
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Initiation by tamoja
Initiationby tamoja
Moving from city to city has taught me one thing. Belonging to a group comes at a price. Sometimes it's more than you bargained for.
  • teens
  • belonging
  • tnthorrorcontest
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Fourtris : The new Initiates by rachelolivia16
Fourtris : The new Initiatesby Rachel Olivia
4 & 6 are training another bunch of new transfer initiates.
  • initiation
  • trispregnant
  • fourtris
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An Unfortunate Love by TrissssssPrior
An Unfortunate Loveby Lara 🌸
What if Tris had chosen differently? What if she chose Abnegation? Tris is beginning her new life in Abnegation when they are attacked by mind-controlled Dauntless. Tob...
  • initiation
  • tobiaseaton
  • fourtris
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Tris Pedrad  by DauntlessCakeBaby
Tris Pedrad by DauntlessCakeBaby
Everyone has heard the story of the Dauntless Born legend Tris "Six" Pedrad. This is my version. Tris Pedrad is one third of the Pedrad Trio, and ½ of the Pedr...
  • sixandfour
  • lynn
  • initiation
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