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The Fault In Our Love ::HIATUS:: by LukeMahBae
The Fault In Our Love ::HIATUS::by Mrs. Hemmings
(ERICxOC) Sixteen-year-old Luella Rolfe is born from the Dauntless faction and is the daughter of the Dauntless leaders, Melissa and Adrien Rolfe. Luella is always one f...
Divergent: No War by Divergent_Disney
Divergent: No Warby Divergent_Disney
Assume that the injection was actually a tracking device and there was no war. Tris will be training initiates with Tobias. The story will be better than the summary. th...
A Better Life-Divergent FanFic by Divergent_Girl1221
A Better Life-Divergent FanFicby Divergent_Girl1221
Divergent fan fic. WARNING, this is my first thing I have written on Wattpad so it probably isn't that good idk. This is one of those Divergent no War type things but I...
Waiting Four You by thecosplayingwriter
Waiting Four Youby Leviathan
Beatrice Prior and Tobias Eaton were dating before he transferred, but she had to wait two more years before she could follow him. The main question she asks herself is...
Separated, a divergent story by Qquuiinn6644
Separated, a divergent storyby Bella
What if Tobias had a little sister back in abnegation? Follow Isabelle Eaton as she faces the pain, love, life, and hardships that come with dauntless life. Will she ris...
Divergent No War by jmaertens5
Divergent No Warby jmaertens5
This story, follows the sixteen year old daughter of now Dauntless leader, Eric. A young woman, confused, trying to decide where she belongs while living up to her fathe...
The initiation: Met in abnegation sequel by eatonthatcake46
The initiation: Met in Maddie
It has been 5 years since my beautiful Tris passed away. She told me to move on, but all of this time I have been grieving. I didn't think I could love anyone as much as...
Growing Up Dauntless by thecosplayingwriter
Growing Up Dauntlessby Leviathan
When Natalie and Andrew unexpectedly get sick, four year old Caleb and three year old Beatrice Prior get adopted into the Dauntless family of Hana and Xilent Pedrad. How...
Tobias Eaton's Little Sister by Percabethfourtris46
Tobias Eaton's Little Sisterby mangojaguar 0408
Basically an AU where there is no war and Tobias has a sister. Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite which one will my brother, Tobias, choose? Dauntless? He has always been...
The Amity Born by damagederudite
The Amity Bornby damagederudite
!!! ALL RIGHTS TO DIVERGENT BELONG TO VERONICA ROTH!!! We all know that Jeanine did well in her initiation but what about the girl who came second? What about her girlf...
FALLING (Eric X OC) by PaholaRodriguez2
FALLING (Eric X OC)by P.R💙✨
!ON HOLD! What if Tobias Eaton had a younger sister? Grace Eaton. She is left alone with an Abusive father after her brother chose Dauntless, all her Fathers anger is n...
The Brute (divergent ff) by Totally_Dauntless_
The Brute (divergent ff)by Totally_Dauntless_
When you've changed your name, hair and everything about yourself, it seems logical to change your faction as well. When Scarlett reaches the age of 16, she has to decid...
Perfectly fake    (Four x reader) by lxXAnoNyMoUSxXl
Perfectly fake (Four x reader)by .
Y/n knows, that her futur is set if she stays in Erudite. But who is she kidding, she doesn't belong there, she belongs amongs the adrenaline junkies, the city's protect...
The Call of the Druids by GwenaelleNedelec
The Call of the Druidsby GwenaelleNedelec
Alarmed by the disasters occurring one after the other on earth, the last surviving Druids launch an appeal to the children of humans. Their goal ? Reform the ancient Ci...
Divergent-what now by Sarahschneider77
Divergent-what nowby Sarahschneider77
It's been four years since tris set off the memory serum. Since then the city has rebuilt the factions and made the initiates from the past four years to go though initi...
Free Four: The Full Story {Book 1} by Kelsey_Writes_AE
Free Four: The Full Story {Book 1}by Kelsey Lee
So the is'FREE FOUR' the full story.... Ms.Veronica Roths chapter 6 is here... everyone loves her 'FREE FOUR:Tobias tells the knife throwing scene' but what about KATO13...
The Forgotten Eaton (Divergent fanfic) by wait-thats-illegal
The Forgotten Eaton (Divergent Eliza/Emily/Emmy
Everyone knows about the he legendary Dauntless protoge Four. Few know the real him: a abused Abnegation boy known as Tobias Eaton. Everyone knows his story, but is ther...
Divergent:Tobias Eaton by bloodyhellharold
Divergent:Tobias Eatonby -j.
What if Tobias was the 16-year old Initiate and Tris was the Initiation instructor.Maybe this change would've stopped their love. Will the story be the same or will it b...
Burning Sunflowers by thedauntlessinblack
Burning Sunflowersby 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐮𝐧𝐭𝐥𝐞𝐬𝐬 𝐢�...
Violet Fairweather was never going to be the perfect Amity and all it took was the drop of her blood in burning coals to show people that. An Eric Coulter x OC fan ficti...
Weddings, Frat Boys, and Sorority Spies, Oh My! by bellav173
Weddings, Frat Boys, and Bella
With college and a wedding approaching fast, will Joshua and Ember be able to stretch their relationship anymore than it already has been? Eighteen year old Ember Rhineh...