Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric fanfic Book1-2 by Lokimakerofmischief
Seven Sins- Divergent/Eric Asgardian_Slytherin
#1- Divergent (09/07/2018) #2- Divergent (25/06/2018) Prue, a Candor transfer, enters Dauntless in the most disappointing way possible, she's the last jumper. However sh...
  • training
  • factions
  • initiates
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Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris Fanfiction) by springberrynights
Discoveries (Divergent Fourtris springberry
On the day after they shared their first kiss at the bottom of the chasm, Tris' fear of intimacy comes up during her fear simulation while Tobias is watching. Will the t...
  • tris
  • romance
  • dauntless
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High Stakes [Eric/OC] by PuddingAndPie
High Stakes [Eric/OC]by PuddingAndPie
[Eric/OC] Dani left Amity behind for the excitement Dauntless offered, but she gets more than she bargained for when she meets her trainer, Eric, and realizes initiation...
  • initiate
  • fanfic
  • nowar
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THE INITIATION  by -lipstickboys
THE INITIATION by k a s s i e
to survive, you must work together... can you survive the initiation?
  • initiation
  • roleplay
  • danger
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Tris Pedrad  by DauntlessCakeBaby
Tris Pedrad by Riley
Everyone has heard the story of the Dauntless Born legend Tris "Six" Pedrad. This is my version. Tris Pedrad is one third of the Pedrad Trio, and ½ of the Pedr...
  • fourtris
  • dauntlessborn
  • lynn
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Weddings, Frat Boys, and Sorority Spies, Oh My! by bellav173
Weddings, Frat Boys, and Bella
With college and a wedding approaching fast, will Joshua and Ember be able to stretch their relationship anymore than it already has been? Eighteen year old Ember Rhineh...
  • preston
  • newyorkcity
  • espionage
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HALE 1: Southvillain Academy by ZHANENAYOMA
HALE 1: Southvillain Academyby D E L I L A H
Welcome to the ruthless school of gangsters!
  • disk
  • blood
  • teenfiction
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Sold To My Dark Lover by xoSahanjifiaxo
Sold To My Dark Loverby Sahanjifia Friends
Genesis Violet Parker seems like the typical 18-year-old through the eyes of any pedestrian. However, no one knows she is torn apart and suffering as one night she comes...
  • axelnathanielhunter
  • lilyviolet
  • scared
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Dauntless Born by BlueBabyLeann
Dauntless Bornby full dauntless membrrr
what if Tris was dauntless born? what if life wasn't as hard as choosing a specific faction when she wasn't categorized as Erudite, or Abnegation? In a world where Tris...
  • uriahpedrad
  • fanfiction
  • inprogress
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All Over Again-A FourTris Story by fireheart_7
All Over Again-A FourTris Storyby harini puranic
//IN PROGRESS// What if the Beaurau faked Tris' death? What if she never died? Would Tris return to Chicago and reunite with Tobias and her friends? Would Tris come bac...
  • divergent
  • initiation
  • tobias
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Galaxio: The Dead City (Book #2) by X_Nightsteel_X
Galaxio: The Dead City (Book #2)by uzair1
After being returned to Exzhorzilis, Markus, Meena, Raina, Diego, Bernard, and Zsetzse are all attending Initiation normally, until an accident with two miners results i...
  • space
  • longstory
  • action
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Fourtris : The new Initiates by rachelolivia16
Fourtris : The new Initiatesby Rachel Olivia
4 & 6 are training another bunch of new transfer initiates.
  • beatriceprior
  • initiation
  • divergent
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Vetitum ∞ // Four's Sister// by DivergentWizardHunt
Vetitum ∞ // Four's Sister//by Lacey 😝
A vetitum (Latin for "Forbidden") is a prohibition, in the form of a precept, imposed by an ecclesiastical authority on a particular individual. Their Love was...
  • sister
  • peter
  • hate
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Divergent wolves  (Fourtris)  by Chicago1288
Divergent wolves (Fourtris) by Chicago1288
A modern fourtris AU
  • erudite
  • max
  • cristina
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LA COLLE by LilyR3White
Durant 4h, Hélie Martin et Jade Salez se retrouveront côte à côte sans possibilités de sortie. Après ils ne se reverront plus jamais. Ces deux personnes, que sont Hélie...
  • conversation
  • avenir
  • art
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Diary of a Freshman by alyssatlee
Diary of a Freshmanby Alyssa
Just like it sounds, this is the diary of a fifteen year old girl in her freshman year of highschool. That girl is ME c: This is my thoughts, feelings, etc. about specif...
  • relax
  • waitor
  • freshman
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Tobias's Four by Terminated_Nathan
Tobias's Fourby Nate ?
Four fears. Four moments of his past...
  • amar
  • fearlandscape
  • allegiant
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The Initiation by green_boii
The Initiationby green_boii
(HIghest rank achieved #63 in action) A collaboration with @dragonalpha ------- My name is Michael. I would give you my last name as well but who knows how many enemies...
  • wattpride
  • exhilarating
  • michel
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Initiation by DragonAlpha
Initiationby Nedkah Wild
A collaboration between demonangel123 and myself. -_- Scarlette didn't exactly get her normal childhood. To be trained as an assassin as a teenager, pushed to be leader...
  • collaboration
  • scarlette
  • action
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LIONHEART  by void-elle
  • eric
  • initiation
  • dystopian
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