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Cassandra's POV

This is the day. The day of my big brothers aptitude test. I know he won't stay in this h***hole.

If I had the chance, I would leave this place in a heartbeat.

My thoughts are interrupted by the light knocking on my bedroom door.

"Cas? Please open the door," a shaky voice calls.

"Yeah, come on in, Toby"

He opens the door, slowly, and walks in. He has a limp. Must be from the most recent beating.

"Hey, are you ready to go?" He asks, wincing as he has to shift his weight to the other leg.

He tries to look strong, to keep the appearance of a small, loving Abnegation family.

That couldn't be farther from the truth.

This family may be small, but in no way is it loving. With the senseless beatings and the mental abuse. From the outside, we are no different than every other Abnegation family. But if you truly know, which only one other person knows about, our friend Bea, this 'family' is nothing but secrets and lies.

"Yeah, come on." I say grabbing the only thing I have left of my mother, a small necklace with a single jewel, a blue diamond.

I tuck it into my small pocket. And follow Toby out the door.

We get to the ally way, where we always meet Bea, and wait.

No longer than a minute later, Bea comes running down the cold, damp ally way.

"Toby! Cas! How long have you guys been waiting?" She exclaimed while catching her breath.

The cool thing about Bea is we don't have to act like little Abnegation children, we don't have to act like anyone in particular.

"Not that long," Toby says while pulling Bea into a tight hug.

They kind of have a thing going on that only I know about.

She tucks her head into his neck and closes her eyes.

Their relationship is beautiful and secret. I hope one day I will find someone to hold me, talk to me, and love me the way Toby loves Bea.

Beatrice's POV

I run down the dark ally way, trying to get to Toby and Cas. This place always makes me nervous; this is where the factionless live. They live in poverty and discomfort.

I push the thought from my mind, and run faster.

I reach the area where Toby and Cas are and call out their names. How long have they been sitting here?

"Toby! Cas! How long have you guys been waiting?"

I reach where they are standing and walk over to Toby. Today is the day of Toby's aptitude test. I know he will leave, and I know he knows that I know that he will leave.

Everyone knows that I'm not made for Abnegation; I'm not good enough.

What he doesn't know is that whatever faction he chooses, in two years, I will choose the same faction.

I have to be with him. I love him.

"Not that long," Toby says while bringing me into a hug.

I hold him close and squeeze my eyes shut. I breathe in his scent. He smells like fresh air, soap, and apples.

He smells safe; he smells like home.

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