Court Trials pt. 2

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Toby started reading a book called Cold Fury, which is a really good book (I'm reading it now) Cas *sorta* jumped onto a moving train for the first time! Also, the gang refused to let Toby, Bea, and Little Cas go to the trials alone, so they came dressed in their Dauntless best, demanding that they come!

Now, on with the story!

Cas' POV

We have been sitting on the train for who knows how long, when Bea stands up. She walks over to the train car opening, places her hands on either side of the door, and leans out the door, her feet firmly planted on the floor of the train. Her dirty blonde hair flows all around her and her skirt is flying around, but she has a pair of tight black shorts under, so it doesn't really matter. She is beautiful.

I look over at Toby, who pays no attention to anybody in the train car, his eyes are focused on Bea. His blue eyes are filled with nothing but love for the woman who is hanging half in-half out of the moving train car.

I hope I find someone who will look at me, the way that Toby looks at Bea, with eyes full of love.

He stands up, ignoring the looks from everybody else in the train car, and he walks over to Bea. He places one of his hands on her belly, the other on the small of her back.

He leans down, and whispered something in her ear. She smiled.

"NO PDA!" Uriah screams.

Bea shots him a dirty look, and kisses Toby.

"Yuck, love," Lynn mumbles.

"I think it's beautiful," I mumble in response to what Lynn said.

"Are you sure you're related to Four? You sound like an Amity," She replies.

"If I'm not, then he has some explaining to do," I joke, and she laughs.

"We're almost there," Bea says.

"How do we get off?" I ask, quickly regretting the answer.

"Well, someone will have to help you off, probably me or Zeke. Anyways, we will jump off, but whoever helps you, will hold you," Toby says.

"Oh," is all I reply.

"Come on, M.N, hop on my back," Zeke cheered, getting into a crouching position, so i can get onto his back.

I shrug my shoulders, and leap onto his back.

"Yay, a horsy!" I cheer.

Zeke makes a horse noise and runs around the train car, with me laughing hysterically on his back.

"Come on, Pansycakes, time to jump," Bea says, grabbing Toby's hand.

They jump out, hands interlocked, with the rest of the gang behind them.

"Ready, M.N?" Zeke asks.

"Ready as ever," I respond as I wrap my arms around his neck, holding on for dear life.

He backs up, his hands holding my legs, and jumps.

For a moment, it is like we are suspended in air; like time has paused.

But then, Zeke collides with solid earth again, and I go flying in another direction.

Probably not the best landing ever.

"Are you okay, Cas?! Why did I let that idiot help you?!" Toby says, though I think the last part was for himself.

"I'm fine, Toby. The most damage done is a little scrape on my knee," I say, pointing to my knee.

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