A Not So Merry Trip Down Memory Lane

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Cas' POV 

Beep, beep, beep!

"Ugh," I groan and slam my fist on the stupid alarm clock.

I was barely able last night after my talk with Toby. I hope Bea says yes, if she doesn't, Toby will be devastated. he loves her with all he has, and even what he doesn't. She is the one who he would lay down his own life for. She completes him.

I jump out of bed and pull on my usual attire, a burgundy tank top and black leggings, with my black converse, of course.

"No way, I could beat you," I hear Bea shout, probably at Toby, in the living room, humor in voice.

"Bea, we've been over this, I would so beat you," Toby counters and I can imagine Bea smiling and rolling her eyes.

"Who would beat who at what?" I jump onto the sofa, beside Bea.

"The fact that I could beat this idiot in a fight," Bea says and points to Toby, who rolls his eyes.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, baby," Toby jokes and Bea jumps and pins him to the floor.

"Don't 'baby' me! I so got you down!" Bea shouts and swings one leg over Toby, so now she has one leg on either side of him and looks straight into his eyes.

I can see nothing but love and laughter between the two of them. 

As I had said before Toby transferred, I hope to find someone, someday, who will: hold me, talk to me, and love me, the way that Toby loves Bea. Now, I've always been a sucker for a good love story, but I've never really seen one. I mean, my childhood was filled with nothing but abuse and hatred. Toby was the only person who ever really loved me, my father couldn't care less about me and my mother is dead. Until we meet Bea, Toby was the only one who showed me love and compassion, and I to him. We were all each other had. 

But when we meet Bea, everything changed, for the better. She showed Toby real love, that kind that I couldn't. He was happier after he met her, he would wait anxiously waiting for our morning meetings, and he loved the way when we meet up in the alleyway where he could run up and sweep her off her feet, without the care that someone may see him. Or how he would kiss her nose as he sat her down and she griped his forearms as she's being spun in the air. 

Most of the time, they didn't realize I was watching. I've learned from Toby how a man should treat a lady, and I know when I have jump from my seat, slap them in the face and kick them in the nuts. My brother taught me well.

"Okay, well, you caught me off guard! That doesn't count!" Toby shouts and places each hand on her hips.

"What was it you had told me? Always keep your guard up?" Bea smirks.

"Whatever, and, Cas," He looks at me, Bea still on top of him. "We're gonna have to get you in school,"

My eyes widen. I've always hated school.

Not for the learning and homework part, that part isn't bad. It's the people. The people who will look at you with spiteful glares and judge you for one mistake. The ones who will bully you and shove you into walls. The ones who will whisper threats in your ear that make you always look over your shoulder as you walk, or hunch in your seat when they pass. The ones who will pick out every single flaw that you have, and point them out. As if I couldn't see them already. The ones who will stare you down in the lunchroom, or trip you one the way to the classroom.

Toby would always stick up for me, but nobody would listen. "He's just a little Stiff, with a little Stiff sister. That's all he is, all she is, all they ever will be," They would say, but Toby would stay strong. Words could never hurt him. No matter how deep the dug, they could never find the thing that would set him off. 

To them, he was a ticking time bomb. They thought that if they poked and pulled and prodded, that they would set him off. That they would make him snap. That they would break him.

They never broke him. No matter how hard they tried.

How could they? The words and threats and rumors all went to his heart. To the heart that has taken so much s*** from the world, it learned how to ignore it. For, you cannot break a heart that has already been broken.

They always kept at me, when Toby wasn't there. Then, it was worse. They would corner me. In the bathroom, the hallway by the lockers, the cafeteria. when Toby wasn't there, I couldn't stand up for myself.

I wanted to, I really did. But I... Couldn't. The words wouldn't come, my mind was blank. I couldn't think straight. They would laugh at me, that was the worst kind.

There was always these two who was the worst of them all. Hollie and Bethany, they were both from Candor. Bethany was rather pretty, but only on the outside. Inside, was nothing but darkness. Hollie was a rather short girl. She was the one who tormented me the longest. She had the brightest red hair I've ever seen. Bethany had deep brown hair and deep brown eyes. Her skin was tanned and flawless. Though, her face had nearly three pound of makeup on everyday. 

They would pick out every flaw I had, and cornered me.

Toby had seen once, but that didn't stop. If anything, it made it worse. I couldn't go to the teacher, they would make up some lie about me. And since they were Candor, they couldn't lie. Couldn't lie, my a**! 

I guess I was in 'memory lane' for longer than I realized because Bea is leaning back, so she is now sitting on Toby's calfs, and is snapping her fingers in front of my face.

"Cas? Cas, you in there? The light is on, but it seems like nobodys home," Be says and lightly slaps my forehead. 

"I'm fine, chill with the slapping. I was just... Thinking," I look down at my hands.

Bea never knew about Hollie and bethany, and I hope she won't. I look up to her, not as much as Toby, but she is the only girl role model I've got. And I don't want her to see me as weak.

"I think I can get you registered at school, there is one here for the dauntless kids so they don't catch the normal one on fire," Bea smiles.

I force a smile upon my face as well, but I know that Toby can see right through me. He always could. To him, my face is an open book. He can tell when i'm happy, sad, confused, hurt, or lying.

Toby will probably say something later, like he always does. Every night, he will come into my room, sit on the edge of the bed, and ask me if I'm okay. If I like it here.

As always, I would nod my head, say I do, and he would kiss me on the forehead and go back to his room with Bea.

I love dauntless, I love the people at dauntless, I just don't know what to think of the people that are that same age as I.

Okay, this is a real long chapter. 1289 words (not including this A/N) But I have heard, that you should never anger a writer, for they get their revenge in writing. And that's just what I did. The memorys of Cas being bullied? My own experience, except no physical contact. The names have been changed, but if they are reading this, you know who you are. Though, the likely hood of them reading this is real low, but still. Remember: READ, VOTE, and COMMENT! Bye, Pansycakes!

-Love, Emily
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