"Cas... Chose Your Fate,"

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

The gang learned the truth about Four's past, will they still see him as a scary instructor or see him the way Bea does? Cas made the confession that she couldn't go back to Abnegation because she couldn't handle The Monster In Grey without Toby and Bea! Will Toby gain custody of his little sister, or will she go back to her nightmare?

Now, on with the story!

Bea's POV


I see...

recap over.

Tobias stands behind me, furious.

"Toby, are you okay?" I ask placing a hand on his chest.

His heart pounds against my chest.

"No," He gently moves me out of the way, I didn't even realize I was the only thing standing between Tobias and his father.

"You are wrong, Marcus. I will not be like you. Cassandra will stay here, be trained as a Dauntless born. You, will leave now," Toby says in his instructor voice.

Why am I afraid?

I've seen him mad before, but this is different.

"Fine, but I will be back. And you will regret doing this," Marcus gently presses a finger to the bottom of his nose, which is now covered in dried blood.

He looks Toby in the eye, and turns on his heel.

I hear the door slam and feel relief course through my body.

Toby turns around and wraps his arms around my small body, enclosing me in an embrace.

"I-is he g-gone?" A voice shakes.

"Yes, Cas, he is gone," I say walking over to her.

"Hey, Tris, there is still people in the living room who want to see you," Zeke calls.

"Okay," I call back.

I leave Cas and Toby to talk by themselves as I face my parents and brother.

I enter the small living room, and see my parents sitting on the sofa, looking pale, and Talking to Uriah and Chris.

Caleb stands in a corner, talking to Will.

"Hey, Mother. Father," I greet.

"Beatrice! Are you okay? What was going on? Why didn't Cassandra leave with her father?" My mother asks.

"Well, I'm fine, our friends just found out about Tobias' past, and I punched Marcus," I pause, letting the fact that I punch an Abnegation leader settle, "And Tobias and I will be looking after Cassandra from now on,"

"Are you sure that's wise, Beatrice?" My father asks.

I feel a large hand being placed between my shoulder blades.

"Yes, we are sure this is wise, sir. I have practically raised Cas, since neither of our parents were ever there," Toby says.

"Yeah, sir! Who do you think taught me how to cook? Or swim? Or tie my shoes? Or sew? Oops, wrong person, Bea taught me how to sew. They are already practically my parents," Cas says and I laugh slightly when she mistaken me for Toby in teaching her how to sew.

I don't think he knows how.

"Four knows how to cook?" Chris buts in.

"Duh," Toby responds with a smirk and she just rolls her eyes.

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