My First Dauntless Dinner

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Previously on: The Forgotten Eaton:

Cas met Tori for the first time, and she collected evidence! Bea and Cas had a long two hour workout, which Cas is not used to. Bea also showed Cas the jeweled necklace that Toby gave her after she passed initiation, as a way of saying, "Congratulations! You passed Dauntless initiation without dying!"!

Now, on with the story!

Bea's POV 


"He (Max) said..." 

Recap over.

"He said that their would be a trial at Candor in two days time. He also said that Marcus, Cas, and I would all be going under the truth serum. Bea, don't be surprised if they have you also, you are a key witness," Toby said, placing a hand on my shoulder and stroking it gently.

"Okay, what will we do in the meantime?" I ask, kissing his hand softly.

He checks his watch, and looks up at me, "It's about supper time, should we go to the cafeteria, or cook at home?"

"Cafeteria, last time Bea cooked, she caught the stove on fire!" Cas shouts.

"Okay, you can also meet the gang, more formally,"

"The gang, creative name," Cas murmured.

**Page break... Why is my page breaking?!** 

Cas' POV 

We enter the cafeteria, which is filled with rowdy and screaming Dauntless members and dependents, making a beeline to the table that has familiar faces.

"Hey, Numbers! And... Mini Number?" A mocha coloured boy shouts.

"Uriah, shut up!" Bea shouts.

Oh, right, that boy's name is Uriah.

"Okay, tiny, your new nickname is M.N!" The boy who looks like Uriah shouts.

"What does that mean?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"Mini Number, duh. Ya know, sin you are the younger sister to a number," Uriah explains, pointing at Toby, or "Four" as everyone here knows him.

We get our food and sit down, tonights supper is hamburgers and fries, and something called "Dauntless cake,"

Everyone is talking and laughing, I wonder if this is what my life is going to be like: Laughing at the supper table, joking around with everybody, and having fun.

"Hey, M.N, you okay?" Zeke asks.

"Hm? Yeah, I'm fine, just... Thinking,"

"Thinking is a dangerous game, I prefer to not do it at all. Gets me out of a lot of trouble," he says, tapping his temple.

"More like into more trouble," Toby mutters and takes a bite of cake.

I try to contain my laughter, but fail, so now I look like I'm choking on something.

Which, only makes everyone at the table start laughing at me.

"Is she okay?" The boy with shaggy blonde hair and celery green eyes aks.

"She's fine... I think..." Uriah says.

"I-I'm fine, guys, really, I was just laughing,"

"Ohhhhhhhhh" Everybody says in unison.

"That's not creepy at all..." I mumble and bite into a fry. "Ya know, I've been here for about three days, and I don't know any of y'alls names. Could someone tell me who's who?"

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